One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/31/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/31/01

By Boo

Lindsay and Chad are in Cristian's apartment. Chad is installing cam's all over Cristian's apartment. Lindsay is really anxious for him to make it look like Cristian really put a lot of thought in to all of this. Man, she really wants to burn him doesn't she? She tells Chad that by the time she is done with him, there will be nothing left of him but his sneakers. Lindsay leaves. Chad finishes up his work, and leaves also. Cristian walks into the apartment and gets an apple from the fridge. He sits down to eat it. The camera spans to where the cams are hidden. 

Chad is on the phone in the Break Bar. He is demanding to know from someone if they are going live today. The Rappaport dame is really busting his chops about this. He is assured that they will be going live today. No, Cristian doesn't have a clue that he will be soon showing everyone on the net exactly what he's got. No, no way will he ever find the cameras. Not where Chad hid them. Not in a million years. 

Cristian is helping Jen work out at the gym. She did a really good job. Yea, she was pretending the bar was her mother's throat. Maybe she should move on to the punching bag. He would help her, but he needs to shower and get ready for work. Jen asks him to promise her something. They both know that Lindsay will try to break them up. Chris agrees that it is pretty much a given. Promise her that no matter what Lindsay does, they won't let her win. Cristian promises her that Lindsay will not wreck what they have. They want to kiss each other so much, but if they did, they wouldn't be responsible for their actions. They might get kicked out of here says Cristian. Jen thinks it might be worth it. They talk a little bit about how they might get away with it, if he made it look like he was spotting her. But, he has to leave to get to work. What, and leave her there all alone? He wants to get off early tonight, remember? So they can go to the Palace and then go take some tour in New York City? That must be costing him a bundle. That's okay. What are they going to do after the tour? Maybe end up back at his place. He kisses her and leaves. Al finds her and asks her to go on a date with him. She turns him down. So, are her and Cristian and exclusive now. Yea, pretty much. Well, if it doesn't work out, he knows someone that would love to take her out. Well, it is going to work out for her and Chris, but she knows someone else that is interested in him. They both turn to see Amber eyeing Al. Naw, she isn't his type. Amber approaches and asks Al to spot her on the bench. Al makes up a story about hurting his back. Amber offers a massage. It is so sensitive right now, he can't even touch it. She finally gives up and walks away. Jen laughs at him. What is so funny? He obviously is the kind of guy that likes a challenge. No, that isn't it, he just likes to be the one to make the moves. She tells him that things are really good with her and Cristian right now. Not even her mother can break them up. Al asks what their secret to success is? Does he really want to know the secret? It is no secrets. They went through a lot with the whole McGuyver thing. They learned to never keep secrets from each other. Never again. 

Nora is still standing at the bottom of the stairs. She is really freaking out. She yells up to Mary Anne that she is going out. She goes to the front door and opens it to find Bo standing there. Bo was just getting ready to ring the door bell. He scared her pretty badly. He asks her if she is okay. Yes, no, he won't leave her alone. Bo asks who won't leave her alone. Colin, Colin won't leave her alone. What does she mean by that. Nothing, she is fine. Why is he here? He just wanted to see how she was doing. She is doing fine, he shouldn't be here. He should if she needs him. Well, Lainey needs him, he should be there. Lainey and him are doing just fine. He knows how she was acting at the grave the other night and just wanted to make sure she is doing okay now. She tells him again that she is doing just fine. She glances towards the stairs. Bo strolls over towards the stairs and sees the baseball. He throws it up a few stairs and lets it roll down. She jumps and turns. He realizes that the stairs are freaking her out. Every time she looks at them, she sees Colin again. Well, keeping the Sun laying around isn't helping. She knows what she did, without the help of the tabloids. Bo tells her she needs to forgive herself. She has another problem. She almost let Sam go to prison for a crime that she committed. She will never forgiver herself for that, and she doesn't think Sam will either. Bo can't believe that she feels that way. Has she talked to Sam? He came by. Bo doesn't fall for it, she didn't talk to him did she. Just go see Lainey Bo. She can't let her imagination come between her and Sam. She did NOT imagine what she put Sam and his whole family through. Sam came by because he cares about her, he understands all that Nora went through. Does he wanna bet? No, he doesn't want to take her money. Bo hands the phone to Nora and tells her to call Sam, right now. Nora dials, the phone is picked up and put back down. She hands the phone back to Bo and tells him that Sam hung up on her. Bo is confused. Sam isn't in a forgiving mood. Now how does she know that? She didn't even say anything, how did he even know it was her. Well, he has caller ID, he could have told who was calling. She really appreciates what he is trying to do, but this is all her problem. Not his. She has never been his problem he tells her. She has already done enough to him and Lainey. What did she do to them? Well, if she had remembered sooner, they would probably be married. He doesn't blame her for that, and neither does Lainey. Stop that! She doesn't want everyone letting her off the hook, it just makes her feel worse. The door bell rings. It is Lainey also coming by to check up on Nora. Lainey asks her to have dinner with them tonight. No, Nora has a lot of things she needs to work out, and she needs to work them out on her own. She finally convinces the two of them that she wants to be alone right now and they agree to leave. Nora walks back into her living room and looks at the stairs again. Outside, Lainey wonders if Nora really should be alone tonight. Probably not, but what can they do Bo asks. Lainey asks if he has some time before he has to go back to the station. He has a little time, why? She wants to go look at some Country Inns. She thinks that a Country Inn will be a nice place for the wedding, say late summer? Don't want to wait much longer than that, the weather might start getting bad. She jerks Bo off the porch to go for a drive. Sam rings Nora's doorbell. She slowly answers the door. 

Sam answers the door to find Vicky there again. She had a message on her cell phone to call Starr's babysitter, and then the battery ran out. She wants to use Sam's phone. Of course. Suzanne obviously tells Vicky that she dropped Starr off at Asa's to find her mother. Vicky says she will be right there. Sam asks if there is anything he can do to help. No, she has to find Starr, and then find Todd. She leaves again. Sam calls Rae on the phone. He wants her to admit that she was covering for Nora and that Nora really was there. Finally Rae tells him what he wants to hear. She doesn't have to worry about Nora being mad at her, this conversation never happened. He hangs up, grabs his keys, opens the door to leave and Lindsay walks into the apartment, good she is glad he is still here. No, this is not a good time. She needs a favor. Not now, he has something he has to do. Just let her stay here for a few more days, the gallery is a mess. Why stay here? Why not get a motel or stay at Will's. Money is too tight for a motel, and staying with Will is not a good idea. Alright Lindsay, what is really going on here. Okay, there is something that she hasn't told him. Can we talk about this later Lindsay, he has to go see Nora. Nora can wait, their daughter is about to make the mistake of her life. What? Lainey prescribed birth control pills for her. Well, she is 18, that is the responsible thing for her to do. Lindsay doesn't think Jen is ready for this. She was lucky she got to Cristian's when she did. How did Lindsay just happen to be a Cristian's? Jen was unstable before the thing with Colin, and then Nora conveniently loses her memory. It will take Jen years to get over this. She is not mature enough to handle this at all. Cristian is a criminal. Sam tells her that she is completely out of control. Cristian is completely rude and disrespectable. The phone rings, Lindsay picks it up and sets it back down. That could have been an important phone call. Cristian is going to bring heartache into this family. Is this because Cristian doesn't like her? A lot of young men might fail that test. Or is it because he is from Angel Square. She is not a snob, she just wants her daughter to be with someone that can give her the life that she deserves. Sam tries to warn her to stay away from Cristian and Jen, she will regret it. She knew he would take Cristian's side. He always has the exact opposite opinion than she does. He isn't taking sides. He will talk to Jen. He looks down at caller ID and realizes that it was Nora that Lindsay hung up on. He goes to leave. Lindsay tells him they aren't through here. Well, he is through. He warns her again to leave Cristian and Jen alone, and leaves. Lindsay calls someone and tells them the coast is clear, let her give them the address. Chad shows up with a laptop. He assures her that the feed went live five minutes ago. He shows her the web site. She is over joyed at how good a job he has done.

 Gabrielle is in Todd's front room. He wants to know who she is. She introduces herself, and told tells her to get out. She a little stunned at that. Todd picks up the phone and dials. She tells him that if he is calling Blair, she isn't home. That gets Todd's attention, and he hangs up the phone. Does she always know where Blair is, or just today? Just today she tells him. Leave he tells her. They did say he was a prickly sort. Just leave okay. Is he always this rude to people? Only those he doesn't trust. Well, he could be a little civil, they are family. How's that? He is Vicky's brother, and she is married to Asa? His condolences. Now, where's Blair? Let's just say that she is somewhere that Todd doesn't want her to be. No, SHE is somewhere that he doesn't want someone to leave. Take a hike. Oh no, she couldn't possibly do that right now, when they are just getting to know each other. Todd goes to the front door and opens it for her to leave. Gabby strolls into the foyer and sees the portrait of Todd, Starr, and 1/2 of Blair. Does that mean that there was no more room for Blair in the frame, or in his life. Okay, that did it. Todd slams the door shut and tells her to get out of his house NOW. Really Todd, she is only here for family matters. He is not her family, he is her enemy. When she married Asa, she swore she was going to bring this family back together. He knows she isn't there to invite him to a family picnic, what does she want from him. Okay, she sees that he is a smart man. She is here to protect her son. Max is doing things that are gonna hurt Al. He doesn't care. Starr comes in the front door and runs to Todd. Where has she been? Vicky comes in and sees Gabby. She tells Todd that Starr is very upset about something, and asks Gabby what she is doing there. Todd wants to know why Starr is upset. Vicky tells him that something happened while Starr was at Asa's house today and she won't tell Vicky what it is. Wait a minute, Vicky, what was Starr doing at Asa's house today? Vicky tells him that she was gonna take Starr to see Blair. Todd is very upset. He can not keep her from her mother. That is too cruel. Starr tells Todd that Aunt Vicky didn't take her there. Well, how did she get there. Vicky tells him obviously another way, which proves her point. He can not keep her away from Blair. But, Aunt Vicky, daddy is not keeping her from Blair, Max is. Gabby asks her how Max is involved in all of this. Because he is marrying mommy. They are going to get married. Everyone in the room is totally shocked. 

Starr is still listening outside Asa's front room as Blair and Max are talking. Blair isn't sure that she heard Max right, what did he say? Yes, he will marry her. That way every one is happy, everyone butt Todd. Starr sneers at him from the hallway. Vicky walks in and finds Starr in the hall. Why did she come here, Vicky told her not to. Well, she did anyway. Did she get to see her mother? No, and she doesn't ever want to see her again either. Why? What happened. She just doesn't want to see me. Can we just go home. Starr walks away. Vicky is confused. Inside the room, Blair and Max are working out details. After they are married they will still live apart, but he will have full visitation rights. How long will they have to do this? Until birth do us part Blair tells him. But he will still have to pay child support. Well, of course he will. When will that start? Blair checks her calendar, looks like late fall. What does she mean late fall, he thought she was a little farther a long than that. Is that what she said? She was just mistaken. Well, they will have plenty of time to talk about child support later. Max offers her a drink of sparkling water. What if things heat up between her and Todd before the wedding. Oh that won't happen. That is a done deal. What about him and Gabriella? She knows that he is only marrying her to make Gabby jealous. Oh no, Blair has it all wrong, he is marrying her to keep Gabriella away from him. Blair doesn't believe Max. She doesn't want another crazy Skye on her back after they get married. No, he just wants Gabriella to know that she can't play in his yard anymore. He is gonna have an awful lot of fun telling her. He fantasizes about how he is going to tell Gabby. He enjoys the fantasy. Blair gets ready to leave, and tells him that she will call him with a date. What about an engagement ring? Doesn't he think he is making too big a deal about this? Well, they want to be convincing don't they? Who are they trying to convince, Max? Todd or Gabriella? 

Vicky has taken Starr to the park and bought some ice cream to try to talk to her a little bit. Starr just wants to go home, but agrees to eat the ice cream if Vicky will take her home. Vicky says she is gonna stop and see if Blair is at the motel before she takes her home. NO, Starr never wants to see her again. Vicky doesn't know what happened at Asa's because Starr won't tell her, but she never wants Starr to say that or think that again. Blair loves her more than anything in the world. How does Vicky know that, she isn't Blair. No she isn't Blair, but she is a mother and she knows how mothers feel. When Jess was a baby, she lost her. It was the worst thing that ever happened to Vicky.