One Life to Live Update Monday 7/23/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 7/30/01

By Boo

Todd is in Sam's front room looking at Blair's folder. He realizes that Blair still loves him. Sam walks in and tells Todd to put the folder down right now. They argue briefly about Todd snooping in the files. Todd asks Sam what is in the file is true. Does Blair still love him. Of course it's true Todd, you know that. Todd thinks this is a set up. Sam just leaves confidential legal files laying around for anyone to see? What kind of a lawyer is he? He is in his own home, that Todd snuck back in here to find the file. Blair does not love Todd, she loves Max. Sam is getting frustrated, he doesn't want to talk about this anymore. He picks up a box of files and goes to head out the front door. Todd is bitching at him all the way. He just knows that Blair doesn't love him. Vicky is at Sam's door ready to knock when Sam opens the door. Sam is happy to see her. Maybe she can talk some sense into Todd, he isn't getting anywhere. He turns to Todd and tells Todd again, Blair loves him. Then walks out the door leaving Vicky to deal with her brother. Vicky shuts the door behind Sam. She tells Todd that Sam is right. Blair does love him. Did Blair tell her that? No, she told Ben that in the attic the other day. She loves Todd, and she wants to be with Todd. Vicky doesn't know what she is talking about. He heard Blair say that she wants to be with the father of her baby. That is Max. No it isn't. Max is not the father of Starr. Ben thought she was talking about Max at first too, but she wasn't. She was talking about Todd. She wants to be with Todd. Todd finally starts to believe her. So this really isn't a set up? Of course not, she wouldn't 'set him up', and neither would Sam. Todd thinks that maybe Sam would. Vicky is getting frustrated now too. Damn it Todd, just go and talk to Blair. Tell her how you feel. Take this one chance to get back all that he ever wanted. He thinks she is trying to trick him into letting Blair see Starr, and it isn't going to work. No, she is not trying to 'trick' him, but now that he brought it up, what he is doing to Starr is horrible. She needs her mother. She will outgrow it. When? When you stop loving Blair? Look, Blair hates him. She told him that right after. Right after what Todd? After you took Starr away from her? Of course she told you that then. Todd, you are worthy of being loved. FINE! If he accepts that, will she get off his back? She tells him that she will. Fine, he accepts that Blair loves him. He needs to go to her and tell her that he loves her. No, he can't do that, he can send her a card. They each try to out yell the other in an argument, finally Vicky tells him to just shut up. That surprises Todd. That's it, he is keeping Starr. He starts to leave as Sam is walking in again. Todd tells him that Vicky just said shut-up and laughs as he is walking out the door. Sam asks if she got anywhere. She doesn't know, she thinks that she did. Where did he go anyway. To see Nora, but he was told that she wasn't there, by Rae. He knows that she was there thou, she was avoiding him. Vicky tells him that it is just because of Colin, she feels guilty. Sam agrees that is it. Vicky has to go, but when he does see Nora, give her Vicky's love. He will. Vicky leaves. The phone rings, it is Mathew. Mathew tells him about the home run. That is great slugger. Mommy gave him a high 5. Is mommy there? Can he talk to her for a minute? Mathew tells Nora that Sam wants to talk to him. She hesitantly takes the phone and says 'hi Sam.' He tries to talk to her, but she tells him that she really can't talk right now. There are a ton of reporters outside, and she can't just ignore them because they are scaring Mathew. She has to go, and hangs up on him. Sam is disappointed. 

Jess and Seth are in the classroom watching the film. Jess is really engrossed in the movie. Seth walks up behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder. It makes her jump, she apologizes and Seth puts his hand back on her shoulder. She stands up and asks him what he is doing. Outside the class room, Will is trying to open the door, but it is locked. He gets a maintenance man to unlock the door for him, he left his organizer in the room. The maintenance man asks why he is in such a hurry. Will tells him that he just doesn't want to run into someone. Just hurry up and open the door. Inside the room, Seth tells Jess that it was nothing. He was just trying to relax her with a shoulder rub. He wasn't trying to make a move, he just wanted to be a friend. Jess apologizes to him. It's just Will was always there with her, and she hasn't had many male friends lately. He says that it is okay, and talks her into sitting back down, watching the film, and letting him give her a shoulder rub. He gives a good shoulder rub. Well, if she is going to get this tense for every movie they watch, it is going to be a very long semester. She tells him it wasn't the film, it was Will. He was her whole world for so long, she was so afraid to have to make new friends all over again. He assures her that she didn't have much problem making friends with him. Finally the maintenance man opens the door. Will steps in and turns on the light to see Seth rubbing Jess' back. Will switches off the projector and asks what is going on. Jess tries to tell him that they were just watching a film. Will is being a jerk again. Jess asks him why he is acting this way. Well, maybe he is tired of walking into places and finding her with guys hands all over her. Seth tries to tell him that it isn't like that, they are just friends. Will doesn't believe it. Jess is trying to keep the peace, but Seth doesn't think Will should be talking like that to her. Jess asks him if they can watch the movie some other time. Seth is a little disappointed, but says sure and leaves. Jess asks Will if he wants to talk. Sure, lets talk about how much easier a time she is having getting over him than he is having getting over her. Jess takes offense and tries to explain to him that Seth is her partner for a class project. Yea, a class that we were supposed to take together. He dropped the class remember? She tries to tell him that she has to move on with her life. He needs to move on too. It isn't gonna help him by jumping all over Seth. Well, it's working for her. He tells her that he was really in love with her. What, he doesn't believe that she loved him? HE used to believe that she did, now he isn't so sure. Every time he sees her she is with another guy with their hands all over her. First Al now Seth, who will it be next time? Well, definitely not Will. She has told him over and over that they are just her friends. She is not going to let him make her feel guilty about moving on, and if he can't deal with that, that is his problem. Well, maybe he needs to find his own 'little friend' to hang out with. Jess has had enough. Fine, go ahead and do that. She grabs her back pack and leaves. Will is upset that he said the wrong thing. Seth has been listening outside the door, and quickly hides in another class room. After she walks by, he comes out and watches her walk away. 

Nora is alone in her front room. The phone rings. The caller says Hello Nora. She thinks it is Colin's voice and really starts to freak out. It is a reporter wanting to ask her some questions. She hangs up on the caller and is freaking out a little bit. The door bell rings and she yells for whoever it is to leave her alone and go away. She thought it was another reporter, but it is Rae. Rae yells at her through the door. Nora slowly crosses the room and answers the door. She tells Rae that she is fine, Rae can see that she isn't fine. Rae invites herself into Nora's house. Nora doesn't want any company. Rae can see what she is doing. Nora reminds her that she murdered a man. Rae tries to tell her that it was self defense. Her life was at stake. Nora isn't listening. Rae tells her that she is going to call someone that Nora will listen to. She picks up the phone and starts to dial. Nora asks who she is calling. When Rae tells her that she is calling Sam, Nora is very clear that she does not want Rae calling Sam. She grabs the phone away from Rae. Why doesn't she want to talk to Sam? Because she put him and his whole family through hell. Doesn't Rae understand what she did to him? Yes, but Sam knows her, he knows that she didn't do anything wrong. Well, he probably never thought she was capable of murder. Stop it! Stop using that term Nora. Rae, he doesn't want to see her. He doesn't answer her calls, he doesn't come by. He wants her out of his life. She owes him at least that much after all that she did to him. The door bell rings. Nora says to let it go, it is probably another reporter. Rae looks out to see who it is. No, it isn't a reporter, it is Sam. Nora starts to freak out again. She just can't see Sam right now, she can not handle it. Rae finally says okay, she will tell Sam that Nora isn't here. Rae answers the door, and tells Sam that Nora had to step out for just a little bit. Sam is worried about her. Well, yes, she has been through a lot. He doesn't want her beating herself up over this. Rae will tell her that Sam stopped by and to give him a call. Sam starts to leave then asks Rae why she is there if Nora isn't here. Well, Nora asked her to wait there just in case the babysitter brought Mathew back from camp before she returned. Sam offers to let her go and he will wait for Mathew. Rae assures him that she doesn't mind and he leaves. Nora thanks Rae, and Rae tells her that she totally understands, but did she hear Sam? He was worried about her. Nora just wants to be alone right now. Rae understands and leaves. Nora sits on the couch, and the babysitter comes in with Mathew. Mathew runs to Nora who picks him up. She has missed him so much. He hit a home run and they won. That is way cool, slide her 5. He wants to call daddy and tell him. Nora is at a loss for words. After the phone call from Mathew, the babysitter takes Mathew upstairs for a bath and to change into his pajamas. Nora follows them to the stairs and tells him she will make him a grilled cheese. After they get up the stairs, Mathew's baseball rolls back down the stairs. It scares Nora as it makes her remember Colin falling down the stairs again. 

Vicky rings the door bell at Todd's, and Starr answers the door. She is very excited and happy to see Aunt Vicky. She can't wait to see her mommy. Vicky tries to tell her that they can't go today. She knows that she promised Starr, and she plans on keeping that promise, but right now it is impossible. Vicky takes Starr into the front room. Starr is very upset. She starts to throw a tantrum. Vicky calmly tells her that those tactics will not work on her. Starr is disappointed to hear this, but it does calm her down. Vicky tries to explain to Starr that today is just not a good day to go and see her mother. They will try again tomorrow maybe. Starr finally figures out why it is not a good idea today. It must be because mommy is with Max. Reluctantly, Vicky tells her that is right. Her mommy is with Max. Starr is very sad. Daddy told her that if mommy was with Max, she wouldn't have time for Starr anymore, is that true? Vicky gets very angry with Todd, and tells Starr that isn't true at all. Mommies will always love her, and want to spend time with her no matter who she is with. That is what mommies do. They are heartbroken when they can't see their children. Is mommy's heart broken? No, because she knows that she is going to see Starr again very soon, with out Max being there. Starr agrees to wait till another day. Vicky gets up to go and hugs Starr. All of a sudden, Starr is in a much better mood and is in a hurry for Aunt Vicky to go. Vicky leaves. Starr yells for Suzanne, she wants Suzanne to drive her somewhere. Todd returns from visiting Sam, and comes in yelling for Starr. Rhonda the new maid, that Todd doesn't remember hiring last week tells him that she hasn't seen Starr but that there is a woman waiting to see him. Todd gets excited thinking it is Blair, but when he walks into the room, it is Gabriella. Hello Todd. 

Blair and Max are still in the front room at Asa's. Blair asks Max to marry her. He thinks she really is crazy now. Remember last time they were married, she shot him in the back? She tells him that she wants to make sure Todd can't take this baby away from her. He tells her that Todd has no legal claim on this baby. She knows that, but she also knows that he will try. He will take this baby away from Max, just like he took Starr away from her. Is that what he wants? For Todd to be the father of this baby? Todd is out to pay her back any way and all ways that he can. He also saw what it did to Max when Asa adopted Al. He would be getting even with both of them. Sam told her that if they were married when the baby was born, then Max would be the legal father. But he IS the father. Well, she knows that, but it would just make it a lot harder for Todd to get at the baby. He would be helping her keep the baby away from Todd, and she could help him. How would she help him? By giving him the strength not to fall back in love with Gabby. She asks Max if he really wants to fall into Gabriella's trap again. Gabriella has walked up to the door way and hears Blair asking Max this. She isn't too pleased with this new development. She asks why Blair is concerned with what Max feels for her. Blair tells her she isn't concerned, it was morbid curiosity. Max asks Gabriella to give them 10 more minutes. Gabriella doesn't want to do that. She wants to know why Blair cares what Max is doing with her. Blair reminds her of the baby she is carrying. Max wants to be a part of this baby's life. Especially since she let Asa take Al away from him. Again, Max asks Gabby to just give them 10 more minutes. Again, Gabby says no. Her and Max were in the middle of something too before Blair walked in, and it was very interesting. She wants to continue with that, and she wants Blair out of her house. Now Max is loosing patience. Why does Gabriella care what he and Blair are doing? Actually, she doesn't care. Well, she could have fooled Blair. Yea, well, that isn't hard to do. Max has had enough, and escorts Gabby to the hall. He wants to know what is up with her. Well, Asa will be home shortly and she thought that he wanted to be with her. He has to finish this up with Blair. Oh so he really doesn't want to be with her? He cares more for Blair than he does her? Remember? She is having his baby. Oh yea, she forgot, as he will too in a few years. She walks away and Max returns to the room. Blair was entertained. See, it is the perfect idea, wouldn't it drive Gabby crazy to see the two of them married? He will not marry her just to make Gabby jealous. Why not? He knows that it would be playing hard to get, and she knows he likes that kind of thing. What is she really doing? Is she trying to use Max to make Todd jealous? No she isn't. In the hall Starr walks up to the door and starts listening in on the conversation. Her relationship with Todd is buried. He did that. If he came crawling back on his hands and knees, she wouldn't take him back. She is not opposed to letting Max use her to get what he wants though. And what is that? Well, if he is married to her, and it forces Gabby to realize that she still wants Max, then how long do you think it would take her to convince Al to give his real daddy another chance? Max is interested now. He told her that he would do anything to take care of their child, and he meant it. What does that mean? Yes, he will marry her. Starr is shocked.