One Life to Live Update Friday 7/27/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 7/27/01

By Boo

Chris and Jen are in Cristian's apartment kissing passionately. Cristian finally realizes that Lindsay is sitting on his couch. Jen slowly turns around and sees Lindsay too. Jen asks Lindsay what she is doing here. Lindsay says more importantly, what was Jen about to do here. Jen starts to tell Lindsay that they were just hanging out. Cristian stops her, Jen isn't that one that needs to be defending themselves, looking at Lindsay. She says she hasn't done anything wrong. Cristian reminds her that she is in his apartment uninvited. He left the door unlocked and she was worried about her daughter. She tries to tell Jen that the trial brought them all closer as a family. Jen knows better it tore them all apart. In the end they all came together. Yes, Jen likes that. She doesn't want Lindsay to ruin that now. Lindsay has a right to care about how her daughter runs her life. Jen agrees, but she doesn't have the right to run it for her. Lindsay says she is taking Jen home, and grabs her arm. Jen jerks away and tells her she isn't leaving with Lindsay. Lindsay tells Chris that this is all his fault. Jen tells her it isn't. Cristian reminds Lindsay that he could call the police. Lindsay says he wouldn't do that. Oh yes he would, but he won't for Jen's sake if she leaves now. Lindsay would be happy to leave, with her daughter. Cristian grabs Lindsay and tries to escort Lindsay out. Lindsay jerks away and tells him to get his hands off of her, you 'bartender'. Jen is flabbergasted. Can she talk to her mother alone please? Just for a minute. Cristian says if he needs her, he will be downstairs, 'tending bar' and leaves. Jen is so embarrassed, how could Lindsay do this to her. Lindsay knows what he wants, she found Jen's prescription. How? Just tell her that it isn't too late. Jen grabs the prescription away from Lindsay. She just got this from Aunt Lainey. Aunt Lainey would never tell her about this. Never mind how Lindsay found it, she did. She doesn't want Jen to make the same mistakes she made. She is too young. Jen reminds her that she is 18, she can vote, she can join the army. Which is sounding pretty good right now. Lindsay tells her that legally she is grown up, but she doesn't have the experience of an adult. Cristian is trying to pressure her into something she isn't ready for. Does Lindsay mean sex? Lindsay doesn't trust Cristian. Jen thinks it is Jen that Lindsay doesn't trust. Jen is still very naive. Jen finds that ridiculous with a mother like Lindsay. How can Lindsay think that she would allow someone to pressure her into having sex. Lindsay was young once, she knows how wanting someone to love you so much that you would do something you would regret later. Jen says that she understands how Lindsay could do that, because she is still that way. But, Jen is not Lindsay. How does Lindsay know that she is still a virgin. All those years overseas. Lindsay doesn't know what she did, or who she was with. Lindsay is shocked. Did she have sex? No, she didn't have sex over there, and she hasn't had sex with Cristian. Lindsay is overly relieved. The first time is supposed to be very special, with a very special person. Jen knows that. She thought about it a lot when she was away at school. Cristian is the special person. Lindsay doesn't take that well at all. Jen tells her that she is truly in love with Cristian, and soon, she wants to show him how much. Even if she does love Cristian, how does she know that Cristian loves her? Jen knows in the same way that she knows that Lindsay loves her. Jen has just told her that she is in love with a criminal, how can she not be scared to death for her? Lindsay doesn't know the whole story. Well then, tell her. Jen says her word should be enough. Cristian walks in and asks if he should go tend bar a little bit longer. Jen says no, her mother and her are through talking. Chris offers to see her to the door. Lindsay says okay for now, but they will talk again later. At the door Lindsay tells Cristian that if he ever hurts her daughter. Chris asks how he could ever compete with Lindsay. He shuts the door. Jen is so angry he could scream. First thing that Chris is gonna do is change his locks. No, that is the second thing, the first thing is to tell Jen that Lindsay will never come between them. Is he sure of that? As sure as he is that his name is Cristian Alejandro Vega. They go out to the stairwell by the window and are sitting down. Thanks for not being scared away by her mother. She gets a little over protective sometimes. After the divorce it got so bad she had to go all the way to Switzerland to get away from it. Now she's back and it is even worse. So, Chris asks, is she going to go away again? Only into his arms. Well, they are open 24 hours a day for her. She thanks him and tells him she is sorry, she knows they had this all planned out. He says not to worry about it. The first time they make love, he wants it to be very special for them both. They tell each other of their love, and kiss.

Cristian comes into the Break Bar none too happy. RJ asks what he is doing there, his shift doesn't start till later. He was actually looking for the super. The super is the only one that has another set of keys to his apartment, right? Why? Did Cristian loose his key? No, he just came home to Lindsay sitting in the middle of his front room. Lindsay said that he left the door unlocked, but he knows that he didn't. RJ is finding all this very amusing. Cristian asks if he helped her get in there. No, he would never help her snoop on her daughter's boyfriend. 

Lindsay walks back into the Break Bar. RJ congratulates her for adding breaking and entering to her resume. She asks what he is talking about. He wants to know how she got into Cristian's place. She says his door was unlocked. RJ reminds her that that kind of door can cause her some serious time. She starts to say something else, but RJ cuts her off, he doesn't want to hear it. He tried to tell her that nothing stays off true love, not even mother-in-laws from hell. Well that isn't going to happen. He tells her there is nothing he can do to stop it. He walks away. Oh yes there is something she can do. Chad walks up and asks if he can get her anything. She thanks him for not telling RJ that he let her in to Cristian's room. He thanks her back. RJ comes to tell him to get back to work on the web page. He walks away. Lindsay asks RJ to fire Cristian. Then Cristian would just go to work for another bar and take all his female fan club with him. Lindsay says there must be some way to break up Chris and Jen. RJ says that Juliet's mother said the same thing when she started hanging out with Romeo. He then asks two young ladies standing at the bar if he can get them another round. No, they are looking for Cristian. Well, Cristian is starting to get a very good reputation. Lindsay thinks to herself that maybe she can give him a reputation that he doesn't want. RJ goes to the back. Chad walks up bussing tables. Lindsay asks him about his knowledge of computers. He says he knows a little bit. She says that might come in handy for some business propositions. He says no, the keys were a favor, that is as deep as he wants to get. Well, she does know that he helped to transfer the crate that had Colin's body in it, the police might consider that as an accessory crime. Okay, what is the proposition? It involves his knowledge of computers, and Cristian Vega.

Seth and Jess walk into Dr. Cummings class room. Jess asks why they are here? Just a little surprise for her. She has had nothing but surprises today, she will scream if she has another one. Thanks for the warning Seth says. Jess thought Seth had to work today. His shifts got canceled. She tells him she is sorry, she knows he needs the cash. As Seth turns to lock the door and shut the blinds, he tells her he isn't sorry. Jess asks why he did that. He says he doesn't want them to be interrupted, they don't have much time. Time for what asks Jess. Seth slowly starts to walk towards her. She is getting a little apprehensive. He walks very close to her, then suddenly turns to the side and sits down beside her. He asks her about the movie they are supposed to see this week for the class. Yea, she was going to pick up the video tomorrow. Video?????? As he is getting out a film projector, he tells her they had the film in the library and the projector. Remember what Dr. Cummings said? Half of the magic of a movie. Jess finishes the quote for him: is the theater of it. Right. So lets test her theory. Jess asks right now? Sure, if she doesn't have anything else better to do. Well, she guesses not. She just got locked in an elevator. Seth asks really? Yea, Natalie rescued her. Did she tell the maintenance men? As Seth is setting up the projection screen, she tells him yes, but they weren't worried about. She doesn't think the maintenance crew are too up with things. He is glad to hear that, then maybe they won't get caught. What they are doing isn't exactly legal. Jess thought he was supposed to be a law abiding citizen these days. He tells her that some laws weren't meant to be obeyed. Jess doesn't look too sure about all this. Seth is putting the film on the reel. Jess really doesn't like scary movies at all. Seth doesn't think it will be too scary, it was made in the 40's. It's probably pretty cheesy. Why would Dr. Cummings want them to watch it then? Well, Seth explains, he thinks she wants to see how Jess reacts as a woman, and how he reacts as a man. Seth goes to shut the window blinds, what does she think makes a movie scary. She thinks it is when people are in danger, and thinks pop out at you and stuff. He thinks it is when you take ordinary people, and ordinary places, and change one thing that makes people scared. Jess is already scared and they haven't even turned on the movie. Like this class room Seth tells her. It is ordinary until you change one thing. He turns the lights off. Jess is really alarmed now. She really doesn't like the dark it makes her very uncomfortable. Can he please just turn the lights back on? No, he can't, not for what they are about to do. They start to watch the film. Jess is totally engrossed in the film. There are screams and howls from the screen. Seth walks up behind her and crouches down on one knee. Jess jumps and turns to look at him. He has an unreadable expression on his face.

Sam is on his couch reviewing Blair's case. He is a little worried about it. He calls Blair and leaves a message on her machine. He already advised her as her attorney, now he wants to advise her as a friend. Just tell Todd the truth, he will find out sooner or later. When he does, all hell will break lose. Someone knocks on the door. He hangs up the phone and answers the door. Todd breezes into the room saying the truth is finally out. Sam is surprised and asks 'she told you?' Todd turns to look at him like Sam just put his foot in his mouth. She didn't have to tell him anything, half the town already knows the outcome of his trial and the other half is about to find out. He throws a copy of the Sun open in front of Sam's face. The headlines read 'DUH-FENDER DID IT'. Sam asks if he is having fun with this. Oh yea, he's having a blast, this is what being a newspaper man is all about. Sam says he is taking a tragedy and turning it into a travesty. Oh, but Todd is just getting started. Tomorrow he is running a story about how Nora got a whole family, Sam's family, to take the fall for her. Sam tells him he is going to have to let go of this thing with Nora that happened so long ago. Todd suddenly remembers what Sam said when he first walked in the door. What makes Sam think that Nora said one word to him about this. Sam is confused, Todd reminds him of what he said when he first walked in, he was talking about Nora wasn't he. Sam says that if Nora said anything to him, it was to bitch him out. Todd tells him that the copy of the Sun that he brought by is for Sam. He even spelled Sam's name right, S A M. Sam throws it in the trash. Todd tells him that he really should recycle. Trash stays trash, why did Todd come by anyway, just for this? Todd asks why else would he come by. Well, Sam thought maybe to congratulate him, ask how he or his family was doing. Any normal person would have done that. Well, Sam you are always telling me that I'm not normal. So Todd, did you just come by to gloat? Yes, well no. I came by to see what you know about Blair. Todd guessed that she came by to see him about this custody thing. Sam tells him that is exactly right, he is guessing. What she didn't come by to see you? Sam doesn't answer and Todd panics. That really scares him. She is being too quiet. That's not like Blair. She doesn't just let something happen to her, and not fight back. Sam tells him that Blair is just accepting what has been done to her. Starr is going to hold this against Todd when she grows up. Starr will not understand why he kept her away from her mother and her brother or sister. Todd thinks he has it figured out. This is Blair's plan, to have Sam keep hounding him and telling him what a bad person he is. Sam says that is crap, he is telling Todd this because it is what he feels. Not everyone is a devious as Todd. Well, Blair IS that devious. The next time Sam sees Blair, he should tell her that Todd knows exactly what she is up to, and it is not going to work. Sam tells Todd to go home and tell Starr why her mommy isn't there. Todd thinks he will go home and tell Starr again the truth about her mother. Enjoy these last few years Todd, until Starr starts to see through him. Hey, Todd isn't the bad guy here. Blair shot Max, Blair went to the looney bin, Blair can't see Starr. Well, Todd can undo that. Why would he want to? Well, maybe because of the only real reason that counts. Todd shrugs for Sam to go on. The phone rings, and Sam answers it. He tells the caller yes, he got the files. Then tells Todd that he needs to take the call. Todd says he will wait, he isn't through here. Sam is through. Todd shrugs as if to say whatever and goes into the foyer and pretends to leave by opening and closing the door. Sam tells the caller that the files are in the other room, and leaves the room. Todd sneaks back in and picks up Blair's folder and starts to go through it. He reads aloud a line that says 'it is clear that Blair Crammer is still in love with Todd Manning.' He asks 'what else am I missing Blair?' And starts to go through the file a little more carefully.

Blair has interrupted Max and Gabriella kissing in Asa's front room. Max asks what she is doing there. Blair tells them not to let her interrupt. Gabriella tells her that is not what it looks like. It's a pretty good imitation then, Blair says. She thinks Asa might like to know about all this too. Gabriella tells Blair to go ahead and tell Asa. He loves her, and believes her. Max and Gabriella both tell Blair to remember when she was married to Asa and how good her 'nursing skills' were. If Gabby were to tell Asa that Blair was spinning tales again, who would he believe? Blair realizes they are both really scared or they wouldn't be threatening her. Gabriella tells Blair that it isn't if she is scared, but if she is dangerous. Blair isn't moved, she doesn't care about Gabby, she is there to see Max. Gabby tells her that Max is in the middle of something. Yea, you says Blair. Gabby tells her that she can't just come into Gabby's house and expect everyone to drop what they are doing. Blair tells her to oh yes she can, just watch this. Blair plops down in a chair, props her legs up on the coffee table, rubs her belly and tells Max it is about the baby. Max wants to know why she didn't just say so, and tells Gabby that it will only take a moment. Gabby agrees to leave them alone, her and Max can talk later. Gabby leaves the room. Max tells Blair that it wasn't what it looked like, he was only giving Gabby some support. Blair tells him he is crazy, messing with Asa's 'wife'. Max denies that he is interested in Gabby at all. He's been there before, he won't go back. Blair says she knows him, they are alike. They both are the smoothest operators in town. She has a soft spot for Todd, he has one for Gabby, this week anyway. Max says he will never forgive Gabby for turning his son against him. Blair says good, don't get mad, just get even. Max asks how he is supposed to do that. Blair says she thought he would never ask. Max doesn't want to get even with Gabby, he just wants to stay away from her. Why doesn't he then? She is every where he goes. In the cellar, in the kitchen, even in his bedroom. Blair isn't surprised at that, he just should have kept his pants on. He did! Blair asks if he is starting to have feelings for Gabby. He doesn't know what he is having. She tells him that they are both alike, they have addictive personalities to people that are dangerous to them. She is starting her own 12 step program. He should just move out. Well, he can't do that. He likes Asa's money too much. He'll never change, he wants it all comments Blair. He tells her he just wants to be closer to his son. Well, maybe, they can help each other out then. How is that? She knows a way that they can help all three of them. Oh, the baby, that's right. That is why Blair has come by, any news? Blair knows that Max wants to be a good father, wants to be there for the first word, the first step. Okay, now that we have established what it is that Max wants, what is that she wants? She wants a healthy baby that is surrounding by love and security. Now drop the other show Blair, what's on your mind. An offer from her to him, an offer that he won't believe, and can't refuse. What is that? She wants the world to know that this child is his and hers. And if a birth certificate won't do that, what will? A marriage license. She asks Max to marry her.

Gabriella has gone to Asa in another living type room in the mansion. She is furious that Blair interrupted them. Asa isn't surprised, she just needs to get Max back to that point again. She knows that, and she can do that easy enough. They are just loosing valuable time. Asa says this could be a good thing. Now they have a witness. Blair can testify when Max goes to trial. Gabriella says they don't need her. Everything will work out just fine without Blair being involved. Asa asks her if that is what is really eating her. Maybe Gabby is a little jealous because Blair is carrying Max's child. That would mean that she has feelings for Max, and she doesn't. Asa reminds her that she did at one time. Well, so did he until he found out who Max really was, just like her. She just doesn't like the idea that just because Blair is carrying Max's child she can waltz into her home anytime she likes. Asa tells her that is a good thing, it betters their plan. How so asks Gabby. Asa adopted Al so that Max will know how it feels to loose a son. With Blair carrying Max's child, who will be born well after he is rotting in prison, he will be lucky to get a picture a year. Gabby smiles, oh, Asa is exactly right. Gabby goes to check on Max, and comes back to tell Asa that he and Blair are still talking. She doesn't know about what, it isn't that interesting. She just wants to get Max alone, so they can pick up where they left off. Good, then they can finally put Max down for good. He says they will open the finest champagne and celebrate. She tells him to put the bottle on ice, because it is only a matter of time.