One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/2/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/26/01

By Boo

Max has Gabriella by the throat up against the wall in Asa's front room. He wants to know exactly what she has up her sleeve. She breaks free from him and tells him she doesn't have any kind of plan going. He knows better, ever since he met her in Argentina, she has always had a scheme or two going. He backs her up against the wall on the other side of the room and tells her that he wants to know what is going on if he has to choke it out of her. She is really scared and blurts out alright, it was Asa's idea. What was Asa's idea? She breaks free again and tells him that it was Asa's idea to adopt Max. She is so sorry about that. He doesn't believe her. He wants to know what is going on now. She says that she is just confused. Gabriella Medina confused? Hardly. She is trying to make him feel something that he doesn't want to feel. She asks what is that, he says nothing. She won't accept that. She has told him way more about how she feels than she ever wanted to, now it is his turn. Don't make this about him, it is about her and all her plots. Damn it, she doesn't have a plot. She is only trying to survive and make some security for her and Al. She didn't think it would be this hard. He asks what wouldn't be this hard. She tells him living in the same house with him. Seeing him every day, reliving all the memories. He is the one with a plan, making her emotions so hard to handle. He grabs her and they kiss passionately. She gives in for a short time, and then pushes away. She can't do this. It never lasts with him. It doesn't mean that it can't. The money and the security are what lasts. He's not asking her to give that up. He just want's her. She asks what are they supposed to do. He tells her they aren't supposed to do anything, just give in to the want. But she is married. What if Asa were to find out? They will just have to make sure that he doesn't. Blair walks in and loudly clears her throat, scaring them both to death. They separate and stand looking very guiltily towards Blair. Blair is pleased with what she just saw.

Kelly and Blair are at Kelly's place. Kelly is in the front room yelling up to Blair who is in the bedroom. She is telling Blair that she can't go through with this stupid idea of hers. Blair says she doesn't want Todd taking this baby away from her. Kelly reminds her that he doesn't know the baby is his. Blair is convinced that he will find out some day. Well, then, they will take care of that when it happens. This idea of hers is the stupidest one she has ever had. Blair tells her to just be happy for her as she comes down the stairs in a wedding gown. Blair tells her again, for the 150th time, she can't marry Max. Blair insists that this is the only way to keep Todd from taking this baby. Kelly tries to talk some sense into her. Why Max, of all people? Blair finally gives in a little and agrees that it isn't the perfect solution, but it is all she has. It won't be a real marriage. When did Kelly start hating Max anyway. Kelly says she has always hated Max. Blair reminds her that she almost married him. He only wanted to marry her for her money, remember Blair, you put him up to it. Okay, they are getting off subject here. Kelly reminds Blair how Max treated her. She ended up trying to shoot him, and almost going to prison. This time is different. She doesn't love Max. The marriage will only last a short time. What makes Blair think that Max will want to marry her. Blair says the baby. He thinks it is his right now, then after the baby is born, and he is the legal father, she will tell him that it is Todd's baby. He won't want to have anything to do with her or Todd's baby. Then she will be free of Todd and Max. Kelly finally understands her way of thinking, but still, what if Max doesn't want to get married. Well, it's not like he has anything else going on is it asks Blair? Blair goes upstairs to change out of the wedding dress. Kelly asks her if she has made up her mind. She has. Why can't Kelly just wish her luck. Kelly wishes her luck, after all, she is gonna need it. Blair doesn't need that much, she is the queen of getting men to do what she wants. Kelly agrees with that. Blair leaves to put her plan into motion.

Jess and Natalie are still at the college. They are walking down a hall into a lounge. Natalie thanks Jess for the latte. Jess owes her so much more for getting her out of that elevator. Natalie tells her she gave her a whole lot more by explaining what a latte was. They should just call it a coffee with steamed milk. They couldn't charge a whole months rent for one cup if they did that says Natalie. Jess thinks she is exaggerating. We see Seth still lurking around watching Jess. Natalie goes to get them some napkins. Someone bumps into the back of Jess pretty hard, scarring her. She turns to see who it is eyes wide. It is the maintenance man. Jess tells him about the elevator that she got stuck in, he says he was just over there and it was fine, but he will check it again and leaves. Seth is still watching everything, and eavesdropping. Natalie comes back with the napkins. Jess tells her that the maintenance man said there was nothing wrong with that elevator. They sit down and argue again about whether Jess owes her more than a latte. Natalie says that Jess would have done the same for her. Jess says she couldn't have, she doesn't know how to change a tire. Natalie tells her she doesn't have a car anyway, unless she wants to count the Angel Square bus. Jess asks if she knows Cristian. Yea, she met him at the concert. Jess tells her that he was her first love. Natalie asks what happened. A lot, but it is okay, they have both moved on and are friends now. Except Cristian's love life is a lot better than hers right now. Jess takes out a lipstick and puts it on. Natalie loves the color and asks to look at it. She is impressed because the lipstick is very expensive. Jess says she splurged. Natalie would have to take a job on top of her scholarship to buy that. Jess asks about the scholarship. It is one that helps people that are interested in becoming a vet. Is that what she wants to do. Since she was five years old says Natalie. Jess tells her that maybe she can help with her horse. Natalie is more impressed that Jess has a horse of her own. Jess finally tells her that her grand father is Asa Buchanan of Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie remembers that Al's last name is Buchanan, is she related to him? Jess' grandfather married Al's mother, so that makes Al her uncle. Natalie laughs and thinks that is so cool. Seth moves a little bit closer to the two of them. How does Jess keep all this straight without a score card? Years of practice. Natalie has to go. Jess asks if she wants a ride. No, she is gonna take the bus. Jess decides to stay there for a while. Natalie thinks that is a little creepy. Jess says she will be okay, if she survived the elevator from hell, she can survive anything. Natalie thinks 'the elevator from hell' sounds like a movie they will have to watch in Dr. Cumming's class. Natalie tells her good bye and leaves. Seth comes up kneels behind Jess' chair, scaring her half to death. What is he doing here? He tells her she is coming with him.

Lindsay comes into the Break Bar demanding to know where Cristian is. RJ tells her he doesn't know. He should, he is Cristian's boss. That doesn't mean he has to keep Cristian in leg irons. She tells RJ to help her find him. Why should he? Doesn't she remember their last conversation at the court house? He does. Why does she want to find Cristian anyway. Because he is a low life criminal that is about to sleep with her daughter. She pictures Jen in some sleazy motel room or the back of a car. It is supposed to be special the first time. Now she is out there with that ... bartender? How does Lindsay know this is Jen's first time. She just knows. RJ points out that she was far away for a long time. That was at an all girls school. Well, even if Lindsay is right and she is still a virgin, what makes Lindsay think that she is out there having sex with Cristian right now. Because her sister, the new Dr. Ruth, gave her birth control pills. Well, isn't that a good thing? No, they aren't always fool proof. It is no secret that her and Sam had to get married. She was so young, and so in love with Sam. She thought of him all day every day. When he told her that he loved her, her heart melted. Oh, is that what happened to it, RJ asks. Then she found out she was pregnant. She doesn't want that to happen to Jen. RJ tells her there is nothing she can do about it. Well, she has too. Cristian is a criminal, he works for RJ doesn't he. He is also a....... RJ asks her what? A Puerto Rican? No, that is not what she was gonna say, not at all. Well what was she gonna say then. Just exactly why does this bother her so much? What does he think? She loves her daughter. Well so does Cristian. Remember, Jen saw her carrying Colin's dead body to take it to hide it. She is NOT a bad influence on her daughter! She needs to count her blessings. Colin is dead, the letters are gone, and her daughter has a boyfriend. How terrible that she might sleep with him. Well, if he had a daughter he would understand. Take his advice and just let this go. Just tell her if he is going to help her find Cristian. Has she heard a word he said? RJ tells her that she needs serious help.

Jen and Cristian are at the rock quarry. They are kissing, Cristian pulls away and tells her that he really does love her. He doesn't want to put pressure on her to say it back, he just needed to tell her. They sit down and he tells her that he is happy, he never thought he would feel this way again. She is happy for him. He lost himself when he lost his heart to Jess, Jen gave that back to him. She finally tells him that she loves him too, he is pleasantly surprised. They kiss again. Chris tells her that he wanted to tell her last night, and this morning. She thought that he was going to tell her that, but then thought she was just imagining it. She didn't think she deserved it. He asks her in his language is she is crazy, then tells her what it means. He tells her she is beautiful. He loves the way she looks, and tells her a few more things in his own language. She isn't just beautiful, she is smart and brave. She disagrees with that. He points out what she has just gone through with the murder trial. She is also loyal, and she believed in him even when everyone was saying he was a criminal. She new he wasn't a criminal. She wants to tell him all that she loves about him, but doesn't remember any of her French. They only thing she remembers is 'took'....which means everything. She loves everything about him. Jen tries to tell him that she went to see Lainey, but she is having a hard time. She gets embarrassed and keeps stumbling over her words. He finally figures out that she is okay, not sick or anything, she went to Lainey to get the pill. She asks if he is mad at her. Of course not, she is so brave. He loves her so much, he can't believe she would do this for him. She would do anything for him. Cristian lays down on the rocks, Jen lays down using Cristian's stomach for a pillow. She tells him that he is great, she was so afraid of how she was going to tell him about going to Aunt Lainey. He is proud that she did that. It is his responsibility too. He wouldn't want anything to happen to her, if and when they ever decide to. She has that covered too. She shows him the condoms and tells about her talk with Lainey about STD's. She asks if he thinks she is a slut now. Of course he doesn't. She says that her friends at school always told her that if you act like you want it, it makes you look like a slut. Does she want to? Well doesn't he? They don't have to, they can swim, or play another CD or something. Does that mean that he doesn't want to? No, he just wants to be with her. Would it make him happy if they did make love. Incredibly happy he tells her. It would make her happy too. They kiss. Al and a bunch of college age kids come up, Hey guys, mind if we crash the party? Al sits down next to Jen and asks if she is taking any classes now. She should look into the film class, it is really cool. Jen says she is going to wait till the fall. Al asks if her and Chris want to swim or something. They have already made plans Cristian informs him. Well, maybe they can hang out some other time. Chris and Jen say that would be fine, and get up to leave. They decide to go back to Cristian's place where they can be alone. Al watches wistfully as they leave. Some of the kids ask Al and Amber if they want to go for a swim. They both decline for now, maybe later. The other kids go to swim. Amber asks Al if he really likes Jen. After trying to deny it, he finally admits that he does. They have a lot in common. Both of their parents are divorced. Amber is sorry to hear that. No, it's okay. His mother is better off without him. His dad is a real jerk.

Cristian and Jen are back in front of his apartment. He asks her if she is sure she wants to do this. She loves him, he loves her too, and he wants to show her how much. They continue to kiss as he unlocks the door and they move inside the apartment. Still kissing the camera spans around the room to show Lindsay sitting with her arms crossed on the couch watching them.