One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/25/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/25/01

By Boo

We see Jess in the elevator at Llanview College. It comes to a stop and the lights go out. We then see black gloved hands flipping breaker switches. Jess tries to stay calm. Jess beats on the door and starts screaming for someone to hear her. We see the gloved hands shut the breaker box door, then go to the elevator and touch their gloved hand to the outside of the elevator door while Jess is yelling 'hello' from the inside. Jess tries to stay calm. She tells herself not to panic. The bright side is you can breath. She gets the phone out, but it can't pick up a signal from inside the elevator. Suddenly the power comes back on and the doors open. Natalie is standing there, and they both scream. Jess tells her that she was stuck in the elevator. Natalie was screaming because Jess was screaming. They nervously laugh and try to calm themselves down while someone watches them through a door. Jess thanks her for rescuing her. She only pushed the button. Why is Natalie back here, is she trying to ditch Al? Natalie forgot something and came back to get it, no she isn't trying to ditch Al. Jess offers to switch partners with her. Natalie asks if she is trying to ditch Seth. No, Seth is a nice guy. Jess asks Natalie if she would like Jess to go with her to get what she forgot, Natalie says she would like that. They decide to take the stairs. They leave the hallway. The person watching from behind the door, comes out and follows them. Natalie thanks Jess for coming with her. It was nothing compared to Natalie getting her out of the elevator. All Natalie did was to push the button. Jess wants to buy her supper, Natalie says no, but agrees to a cup of coffee. They leave, and we see the person following them come out from another door. It is revealed to be Seth.

Cristian and Jen are in his apartment. They watch the thunder and lightning storm out the window for a short time. Cristian tries to convince her that she is beautiful. Then he asks her if she meant it when she said she was ready for anything. She did mean it. They move to the couch and start to make out. He could kiss her all day. She would like that, but she is looking forward to the date. Cristian had some really neat things planned but the weather isn't cooperating. Jen thinks maybe the storm will pass. They tell each other how much they enjoy each others company and how cute they think each other are. Cristian wants this day to be one they will remember forever. Jen says they will remember it forever no matter what they do. They return to making out and lay down on the couch. They sit back up. The sun is finally coming out. Looks like the storm has blown over, but they really don't care about going out anymore. They have been waiting to be alone together for a long time. They decide to go ahead with the date, so they go to the rock quarry. That is their special place. He reminds her that he promised to take her dancing. He turns on the radio and asks her to dance. She is very pleased. They dance. This is exactly how they both dreamed of this date. Chris tells her that he is in love with her. They kiss.

Bo and Melanie are reading the newspaper together on the couch in their apartment. The door bell rings. Bo doesn't want to get it. If it was the station needing something, they would have called. He just wants to spend a nice night with his fiancÚ. The door bell rings again, then knocking on the door, then the bell again. Melanie says she will get rid of them. It is Lindsay. She comes in and tells them that she has made a very important decision. She has decided to forgive them. Both of them. Bo asks for what. Lindsay says for falsely accusing her of murder. Bo reminds her that she confessed. Lindsay says so did Lainey and Sam, but she was the only one they believed. Bo tells her that she had the best motive. Lindsay doesn't understand what the difference is. She tries to pull them in with her in blaming Nora, neither of them buy it. She says whatever. She is trying to turn her life around, that is why she has decided to forgive them. Bo asks her with Lainey's approval, what if they don't forgive her for what she did to them? Bo says for trying to send Lainey to Statesville when she knew that Lainey didn't kill Colin. Lindsay didn't know that for sure. Bo tells her that she certainly knew that Lainey didn't bury Colin's body. Lindsay says why are they doing this. Nora murdered Colin, it is all over with. Bo and Lainey both defend Nora, she didn't murder Colin, it was self defense. The phone rings, it is the station. Bo has to leave. He asks Lainey if she will be okay here with Lindsay. Lainey assures him she will be fine. Bo leaves. Lainey tells Lindsay that she doesn't want an apology. She was just as mean to Lindsay during all this as Lindsay was to her. She is sorry. Lindsay is a little shocked. She doesn't know what to say. Lainey says they should just get back to being sisters. She will make some coffee and they can see what happens. Lindsay is pleased with this. Lainey goes to the kitchen. Lindsay picks up Lainey's doctor bag and starts to snoop thru it. She finds the condoms and a copy of the prescription that Lainey wrote for Jen's birth control pills. She starts to look at the prescription, then tells herself no, this is how she got into this mess, stuffs it back in the bag and sits the bag on the desk. She starts to walk away, but she can't help herself. She pulls it out and realizes what it is. She is pretty shook up. Lainey walks back in with a tray with coffee and cake. Lindsay knocks it to the floor and goes after her. How could she do this, shoving the prescription in Lainey's face. Lainey tries to explain that she was trying to help Jen. Jen came to her as a doctor. She wanted to be sure that Jen had safe and responsible sex. Lindsay accuses her of trying to destroy Jen to get back at Lindsay. Lainey tries to calm her down and reason with her. Lindsay is furious. Where is Jen now? Lainey doesn't know. Never mind, Lindsay will find her herself, and storms out the door. Lainey tries to stop her, but can't. She goes out after Lindsay.

In the hallway of Cristian's apartment Lindsay and Melanie come into view. Lindsay starts to beat on the door, yelling at Cristian to get his hands off of her daughter. Lainey is trying to stop her, and tries to pull her away. Lindsay keeps beating and yelling. One of the waiters from the Break Bar, Chad, comes up and asks what the problem is. Has he seen Chris or her daughter. No he hasn't. Does he have a key to the apartment? Yes, he does but he doesn't think that he can let her in. She gets desperate, she first tells him that Jen may be in danger, then she tells him that her daughter is a diabetic and may be in a coma in there. Lainey is appalled that she would lie like that. Finally she offers the guy 500.00 to let them in. They get in and find the place empty. Lindsay searches the apartment. Lainey is upset with her. She tries to talk some sense into Lindsay. Lindsay is having nothing to do with it. She is in full 'protect' mode, and blaming Lainey all the way. It is Lainey's fault that Jen is out there loosing her virginity right now. Lindsay looks out the window wondering where Jen is.

Max storms into the Break Bar where RJ is going over paperwork. He demands a drink from RJ. RJ tells him they aren't open yet, and he isn't a bartender. Max reminds him that he is a silent partner in the Break Bar, then decides to just get the drink himself. RJ wants to know why he is so upset. Max tells him it is Asa and his new wife, his own ex wife. RJ asks if he is jealous of Asa. Max says no, she is a manipulating liar. RJ deduces that Max wants her bad. Max tries to convince RJ that he doesn't want her. RJ isn't buying it. He goes on and on about her telling him she will help him with Al, then a minute later accusing him of attacking her. Her wanting protection from Asa, then hanging all over him. RJ wants to know why he cares. He tries to get out of it by telling RJ because of AL. They are trying to steal his son away from him. Max is downing shots. RJ is still convinced that Max is jonesing for Gabby. Max denies it vehemently. They move to a table. RJ asks how much trouble can a woman be? Max remembers once when gabby knocked him out by hitting him with a vase. RJ says there must be something about her, he just can't shake her. Max remembers a time when he and Gabby made love. What is Max going to do? He doesn't know, but he has to do something now. He thanks RJ for the drink, and leaves. RJ comments that Gabby has Max wrapped around her finger after Max leaves.

Asa and Gabriella are still in the front room at Asa's mansion. Gabriella is taken aback a little and tells Asa that saying murder out loud makes it a little more real. Asa says that it is exactly what Max deserves. Gabriella looks not so sure anymore. Asa tells her they have to stick to the original plan. It is the kind of thing people do everyday. Asa wants to know if she is starting to feel guilty before they even get started. Gabby tells him that is ridiculous, that is why she jumped at the chance when he offered this to her. It's not as if they were planning to murder Max himself. Asa thinks that is another possible way to go though. They agree that their plan is quite fitting. It is now Max's turn. He will spend the rest of his life in prison, for murder. That is poetic justice. She can't wait for the day when Bo comes to arrest him. She fantasizes about how she will handle it. In her fantasy, Bo is arresting Max for murdering Asa. It will be such a tragedy Asa, the tabloids will cover it for months. They will fake Asa's death, and then after Max is convicted and rotting in jail, they will move to a tropical island and live the rest of their lives out. Asa reminds her that she has to get Max in bed and tape it. She says it is a done deal. He is satisfied, and excuses himself to go finish planning his own murder. Gabby remembers her and Max kissing. She gets up and wonders around the room a little bit. Max walks in. He walks right up to her and grabs her by the throat and tells her that she has been playing him, but he isn't going to take it anymore.