One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/24/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/24/01

By Boo

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All over town, there is a mean storm brewing in the air. Loud thunder and lightning all over the place.

Cristian is alone in his apartment. There is a loud knock on the door. It is Jen. He is happy to see her. He thought she would be tied up with her family again today. She tells him that is what they thought too, but she had to see him. Last night on the phone was so romantic. He agrees with her and kisses her. He thought about doing that all night last night. So did she, she imagined that she was there with him at the country club, dancing and kissing him. He promises they will do it some other time. He kisses her again. There is a knock on the door. He tells her to be quiet, they will pretend they aren't there. A more persistent knock on the door. Jen doesn't think they will go away. Cristian tells her they will see about that. It is Roseanne. Cristian tries to tell her it is bad timing, but she says she really needs to talk to him. Jen is not too happy to see Roseanne, and tells her that is okay. Jen has some errands to run anyway. Roseanne tries to apologize to Jen for putting her family through all of that. She should have come clean sooner. Jen agrees with her, tells Chris that she will call him when she's done with her errands and leaves. Roseanne tells Cristian that she is leaving Llanview for good this afternoon. Cristian tells her that Llanview is her home. She says no, it is just where she has been living for the past three years. He asks her what about Antonio. She says they are over, he can't get passed what she did. Nobody can. She doesn't blame anyone. Roseanne tells him that she sold her soul. Cristian tries to convince her that she really is a good person. Roseanne is glad that after everything, he still believes in her. It helps. He asks where she is going. She is going back to New York, and see if she can hook up with Tea and friends. He tells her to keep in touch, soon, and to take care of herself. He is there for her if she needs him. She gives him a kiss and a hug, wipes her tears, tells him she is happy for him and Jen and leaves. Jen comes back. Chris tells her he has been thinking of all kinds of things for their 'first date'. She tells him she is ready for anything, as long as it is with him.

Roseanne makes another stop before leaving town. She goes to Colin's grave. She tells him that Nora did the whole world a favor when she pushed him down the stairs. He can't hurt her, or anyone else anymore. Sonora is standing behind her and says don't be so sure. Roseanne asks her what that is supposed to mean. Sonora says that sometimes the dead reach out from the grave. Roseanne wants to know what she is doing there, to make her buy some protection? Sonora tells her that she earned her soul back by telling the truth about this murder. She tells Roseanne that the journey she is about to take will be a safe one. Roseanne is glad to hear that. Sonora tells her 'adios missy Anna'. Roseanne says that is what Tea used to say to her, Sonora nods her head. Roseanne says adios, and leaves. After she leaves, Sonora says she should be very glad she is leaving.

Rae knocks on Bo and Melanie's door. Melanie answers and is happy to see her. Bo is still getting dressed. Actually, Rae is here to see both of them. He and Vicky were talking the other day and thought how nice it would be to throw them an engagement party. Melanie is delighted. Rae says she knows that they postponed the wedding, but they didn't cancel it did they? Melanie says no, actually they were talking about resetting a date some time soon. Rae asks when. Melanie says they were thinking of sometime around the last of September. Bo comes in and is surprised. 'We were?' Rae tells them okay, they decide and let her know. Her and Vicky will then get together. She has to go as she is teaching a class this semester and it wouldn't be good for the teacher to be late on the first day. Bo and Melanie thank her, and she leaves. Bo tells Lainey that he doesn't remember setting a date, she guesses they didn't. Well, why did she tell Rae that then? Melanie says that she just got carried away a little bit. When Rae talked about having a big party, she just got so excited. They had talked about waiting till the trial was over, and now that it was over, she just assumed. Bo assures her that he does still want to get married, but just not right away. He promises her that they will have a big party and a big wedding, just not right away. Melanie is upset and trying to pretend that she is not. Bo tries to get her to talk to him, and the door bell rings. She jumps up quickly to get the door. It is Jen. She tells Lainey that she needs to talk to her alone. Laney asks if something is wrong, Jen tells her that it is just something personal. Bo says he needs to be at the station and leaves. Jen tells her how she feels about Chris. She wants to be prepared for anything. Can Lainey prescribe her some birth control pills. Lainey asks if they have had sex yet. Jen says no, she just wants to be prepared. Lainey is happy and says that she will prescribe the pills, but Jen does need to see a gynecologists. Jen assures her that Cristian isn't pushing her into this. She asks Lainey not to tell Lindsay about this, she doesn't like Cristian. Lainey also hands her some condoms and they talk about 'first love'. Unfortunately, Lainey's first love was Colin. Jen leaves. Bo comes back in and kisses her. He didn't like the way things ended. Neither did she. He asks if she is doing okay. She says yes, they have plenty of time to plan a wedding.

Asa and Gabriella are in their front room discussing their 'plan' to bring Max down. She tells Asa she had Max eating out of her hands yesterday. Only Al walking in stopped them. She can not risk Al catching them when she does this thing with Max and gets it all on tape. It would hurt Al too much if he thought she still had feelings for Max. Asa asks her if she does still have feelings for him. She says no, but it is the way she was supposed to play it wasn't it? Asa says he has taken care of the problem with Al. He is going to take him up to the lodge for a little father - son fishing trip. Her and Max will have the whole place to themselves. She is pleased with that idea, the whole 'plan' is to bring Max down, not hurt Al. Asa promises her that Al will not get hurt. He will take care of Al. She is glad to hear this, as Al will need a good father when all this comes down. Asa assures her that Al will be on this fishing trip with him. She says good, let's get started. He tells her not so quick. Asa makes sure that she understands fully that she has to do the down and dirty with Max on tape. She says she knows, that has been part of the plan all along. He reminds her that she was in love with Holden before. She asks if he is jealous, he says of course not, they are married in name only. He asks her what if she falls in love with him all over again? He doesn't have to worry about that, Max isn't THAT good in bed. She tells of how she laid in prison day after day and thought of how badly he took advantage of her when she was young and naive. She wants his soul, and she will have it. Asa is pleased, because what they are getting ready to do to Max is one hell of a felony. She says yes, and he deserves it. Max walks in and asks 'deserves what?" Asa and Gabby are able to cover it up by telling Max that they were talking about a boat that Asa is buying for Al. Max gets angry and says that Asa is buying his son just like he bought his last wife, soon Al will see thru it and be his son again. Max starts to leave, Gabby stops him and tells him she doesn't like to see him this upset. Max says she should have thought of that before, and leaves. Asa says the concern was a nice touch. Gabby says it is all part of the plan, they have to get the tape to show motive. Asa says especially when they are talking about murder.

Al and Jess are coming out of an elevator talking about how cool it is to be taking the film class. They get to watch movies and get credits for it. Jess reminds him of the psyche part of the class. He tells her she has that covered. She says oh yea, cause he's psychotic, that explains it. He says no, he saw psycho 27 times. He was joking, she didn't think that was funny. He tells her she doesn't have a sense of humor, she is offended by that. Again, someone is watching her from behind some kind of plant. She is really nervous about the first day of class, she always has been since was very little. Al promises her he will show her the ropes, besides she will probably be the smartest person in there. She says he is lying, he says the most beautiful too. Now she really knows he is lying. Yep, and she still doesn't have a sense of humor either. They walk down the hall, as the mystery person continues to watch them. They go into the class room and Jess comments that Dr. Cummings isn't even there yet. Natalie is in the room and says hello to Jess. Al calls Natalie 'Jess's guardian angle'. She fixed the flat tire and found Jess' wallet. Maybe he should start loosing his wallet. There is a seat open next to Natalie, Al asks if Jess wants to sit next to her. Jess tells him to go ahead. He goes up to Natalie and tells her that he has seen Psycho like a dozen times. Natalie says me too, and goes to sit down as she rolls her eyes. Seth approaches Jess and asks how she like the concert and if she ever found out who dedicated the song. She says she liked the concert, but never found out who dedicated the song. It is a little creepy not knowing. Seth tells her to take it as a compliment and move on. She agrees. They sit down in desks next to each other. Seth asks if she knows Dr. Cummings. She tells him that she is good friends with Vicky. Does that mean she gets an easy A? Al throws a wad of paper at Jess. Jess tells him come on, this is college. Al says come on, he was just trying to have some fun before Dr. Cummings comes in. Rae explains how the class will work, what they will be studying and what they will be doing. There will be no text books in her class, they will use their own brains. They will watch a movie each week, and discuss the film during the week. The first movie will be 'Revenge of the Chameleon'. She has arranged with the local video stores to have enough copies. She wants them to choose a partner to have two member teams. She ends the class early so they can choose their partners. Seth asks if she wants to partner with Al. She says it looks like Al has other ideas with Natalie. She asks him to be her partner. He says sure, as long as she doesn't mind partnering with someone that vandalized her house. She tells him to forget all that, it was long ago. He has to leave, she offers to walk out with him and they leave. Al hits on Natalie again, and she blocks it again. He tells her they would be the perfect team, with her brains, and his wit. She is entertained by the idea. In the hall Jess is saying that she will pick up the movie and they can watch it at her house. Seth makes a joke about returning to the scene of the crime. Jess is distracted looking for her car keys, she can't find them. She must have left them in the class room. Seth offers to hold the elevator for her, she says no, he should go ahead. She'll catch up with him later. She goes to go back to the classroom. Seth gets in the elevator. In the classroom, Al is still trying to talk Natalie into being his partner. She finally agrees to be his 'study' partner only. Jess walks in and announces that she lost her keys. They all look for them. Natalie finds them under Rae's desk. Jess asks if Al wants to go to the book store with her. He declines saying he wants to discuss the male and female aspects of the assigned movie. Jess tells Natalie good luck and leaves. Natalie reminds Al that they are classroom partners only. He just says lets go, and they leave behind Jess. Jess gets to the elevator. We see black gloved hands pry open the breaker box. Jess gets in the elevator, the breaker is switched. Jess is stuck in the elevator.