One Life to Live Update Friday 7/20/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 7/20/01

By Boo

Todd is sitting down to dinner with Starr at the restaurant. Starr wants to know where mommy is. Todd tells her that Blair isn't coming. Blair is hiding behind the pillar listening. Todd tells her that her mother has gone away because of the baby. Her mother has gotten so big that she can't get through the doors at Dorian's anymore. She needed more room. Blair isn't happy with what she is hearing. The waiter comes to ask if he can tell them about tonight's specials. Starr tells him no, and Todd tells him to go away. Starr doesn't believe him. Her friends mother had a baby, and she didn't have to leave the house. Starr goes to the restroom and tells Todd that he better tell the truth when she gets back. Blair goes to follow Starr to the restroom. Todd catches her. She isn't allowed to see Starr. He is going to call the cops. She says she shouldn't have never trusted him again. He asks her why she needs this old family when she has another all new family on its way. She is hurt, and tells him that he will not get away with this. She leaves. Starr comes out of the ladies room and asks if he was just fighting with mommy. Todd denies it. Starr has decided that Blair will come back when she has the baby. Todd says not then either as babies require a lot of room too with all their bottles and diapers and stuff. Starr says she will give away all her things. Todd still says no, lets just go sit down and eat. Starr says only if he will tell her the whole truth. Todd promises he will. He reminds her of when he bought her a shark, and the shark ate all the other fish in the tank. Starr remembers, that was cool. Well, people are like sharks, sometimes they are just in the wrong aquarium. He gives her a doll that looks like Blair and tells her to play with that when she wants to play with her mommy. Starr still knows Todd isn't telling her something. He agrees to tell her the whole truth, but she isn't going to like it. She doesn't care, she wants to know. Todd tells her that Blair doesn't want to live with him and her anymore, she wants to live with Max. Starr blows up, she hates Max. She starts to leave to find Blair and tell her how stupid she is being. Todd tells her he already tried that, it didn't work. She wants Todd and Blair to be together, they love each other. Todd tells her they don't love each other anymore. Starr wants to know how they can be having a baby together then, you have to love each other to have a baby. Todd tells her that her mother has been keeping a secret, about the baby. Starr loves secrets. She won't love this one. Your mother is having a baby, but I'm not. I'm not the father of the baby, Max is.

Cristian is helping to set up the sound stage for the concert. Al asks if he knows anything about amplifiers and stuff. Cristian tells him about Jess, Will and him touring with a band for a short time last summer. Jess walks up and tells them she wanted to hear Courtney sing. Chris tells Al that they should put Jess up on the stage with Courtney. Jess says no. Al asks her what is wrong. She says she is fine, it is just a little weird without Will being there with her. It's just a little hard. Chris tells her it is good that she came, good for her to be around friends. There is someone watching Jess from the trees surrounding them. Jess says she has a weird feeling. Suddenly she sees Natalie and goes to say hello. Al and Cristian both follow. Jess tells them about Natalie showing up and changing her tire for her. The guys are impressed. Al tells Natalie that they should get to know each other better. Natalie and Jess go to find her seat before the concert starts. Seth walks up and catches Jess, saying he lost his schedule, when does the film class start? She tells him in the morning, and continues on to find her seat. Al asks if Seth is going to tell Jess that the only reason he took that class was because he likes her. Seth says he is going to leave that part out. A bunch of girls are standing around talking. Seth and Al talk about having all semester at the university to meet some cool girls. One of them overhears and asks Al if he is going to Llanview University too. So is she. Jess reminds them the concert is about to start, they should find some seats. Cristian comes by and asks them all to save a couple seats for him and Jen, then leaves. Al asks the girl to sit with him, but she already promised her friends she would sit with them, maybe they can do something later. Al says sure. Al goes to introduce Courtney, and Seth and Jess find some seats. Al introduces Courtney Cale. Courtney takes the stage and dedicates the first song to Jess from a secret admirer. Courtney sings, maybe my heart waits to be unbroken by you. 

Hank and Bo come out of the court room. Jen and Will approach them and ask them what is going to happen with Nora now. Bo says they have to speak to her, and looks at Hank and tells him that he will do it. 

Jen and Will are sitting on a bench in the hall of the courthouse. They discuss how they blackmailed Lindsay into confessing to a crime that she didn't commit. Will tells Jen that Lindsay confess 'for' them, not 'because' of them. She was trying to save them having to be witnesses against her if they told the cops that she was behind Nora's kidnapping. They realize that even though Lindsay is selfish, she does love them. Jen says they don't deserve that love at all.

Sam walks into the witness room and asks Lindsay why she is in there. Lindsay says she was just telling Nora that she wishes Nora would have remembered everything sooner. Sam says she couldn't control when her memory would come back. Lindsay continues to be herself reminding both of them all the pain their family has been put through. Sam asks for a moment alone with Nora. Lindsay says sure, but not to take too long. Will and Jen need you now. She is sure that Nora would understand. Lindsay is trying to keep Sam from staying to talk to Nora by bringing up what the kids have gone through. Sam tells her that the kids will be fine. Nora tells Sam how sorry she is for putting them through all that. Bo walks in and wants to know how Sam and Lindsay got in there. Sam tells them there was no guard. Bo tells Nora that the judge is reconvening the court, she has made her decision.

Blair rushes up to the guard outside the court room and asks if it is true that Sam got cleared. The guard says he just came on duty, he doesn't know. Blair needs to talk to Sam, it is an emergency. The guard tells her that he is in the court room with every one else in town. She doesn't know if she should go in or not.

The judge enters the courtroom and tells everyone that under the circumstances and after talking with the DA she has decided that compassion and understanding is what is called for here. There will be no further charges or court procedures concerning this case. Nora is free to go. Nora is in disbelief. Everyone in the court room is relieved and happy, except Lindsay. She gets that 'Lindsay is gonna get revenge' look on her face again. The judge calls the proceeding concluded. Bo and Hank congratulate Nora and Sam. Sam wants to talk to Nora but decides now isn't the right time. He leaves, as does Bo. Hank asks Nora if she is okay. She is a little miffed that he recommended no charges be brought against her. She did kill a man. Hank tells her it is more his fault than hers. Bo reminded him and the judge that they let that dangerous man go free. Nora tells him no. This is NOT his fault. The bailiff tells Hank that the judge wants to see him to go over next weeks schedule. Hank tells Nora to be good to herself, she deserves it, and leaves with the bailiff. Lindsay tells Nora that she doesn't care what anyone says, Nora is still a killer and will have to live with that for the rest of her life. Nora sadly turns and leaves.

Sam is hugging Will and Jen in the hallway, and getting ready to go home. Blair rushes up and tells him that she needs his help very badly. Will and Jen tell him to go ahead, they will wait. Sam leaves with Blair. Lindsay comes out into the hall, glad to see that they haven't left yet. She has made some very special plans, and she needs their help. Of course they will help her. Bo asks if he is interrupting. Lindsay asks if he is going to arrest her for perjury now. He tells her there will be no other charges pressed at all. It is over. He is impressed that she confessed. She says Sam was about to go to jail, and everyone thought she did it anyway. He tells the kids that they could have sped things along if they hadn't lied to him about finding Colin's body. He doesn't ever want them to take the law into their own hands again. Talk to him. They say they have learned their lesson. Bo leaves. Will and Jen apologize to Lindsay for making her confess. She tells them she wanted to. They say they should have never held Nora's kidnapping over her head the way they did. They both promise that they will never tell anyone about that. She tells them she appreciates that, she regrets what she did to Nora, and she would never do anything like that again. Lindsay needs their help in helping this family heal. The one good thing that came out of all of this is that they know that she loves them. She hugs them both and asks them to promise to stay with her for the night as a family. As they both promise Cristian walks up and hears. Lindsay sees him, but Will and Jen don't. He gives a half smile, and walks away.

Sam takes Blair into the witness room. She tells him about the restraining order. Sam tells her they will get it over turned. She wants to get it over turned, but that is not what she needs his help for. She needs to make sure that Todd can never ever take away from her the baby that she is carrying. Sam tries to assure her that Todd can't touch this baby, he is not the biological father. Blair tells Sam to believe her, he can take the baby away. If he knew the truth. Sam grabs her and asks her what truth. Blair tells him he can't tell anyone this secret. This baby is not Max's. Sam realizes that it is Todd's baby.

Nora goes to Colin's grave. She kneels down in front of it and is crying. She apologizes to him for killing him. She says it was because of him that she lived and can walk again. She never said thank you. So if he can hear her, thank you. She remembers the times when Colin was good to her. She then remembers the obsession he had with her. She hears someone there with her. Someone is watching her through the bushes. She calls out to see if someone is there. She looks into the bushes and gasps, then says "Colin."