One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/19/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/19/01

By Boo

Jess is in her car. She has a flat, and the cell phone is dead. She goes to get the stuff out of the trunk. She is reading instructions on how to change the tire. She hears someone and asks who is there. Jess remembers her from the Break Bar, the one who returned her wallet. They introduce themselves, the girls name is Melanie. Jess asks if she has a cell phone, Melanie doesn't have one. Jess asks if she is on her way to the campus, and Melanie says she is. Jess asks her to call the road side assistance. Melanie knows how to change the tire, it isn't hard. Jess is impressed. Jess swears that she saw eyes out in the woods. Melanie tells her it is deer. Melanie changes the tire. Jess offers to pay her some how. Melanie says she didn't help her because she wanted something back. Maybe they will see each other at the concert tonight. Melanie walks away and Jess gets in the car and takes off. It looked like someone was watching Jess in the trees during this whole scene. 

Antonio and Roseanne are still at the police station at his desk. He asks her how she could be such a coward. If he hadn't come back from New York when he did, she would not have been there to testify and back Nora's story up. Doesn't count for anything that she did testify? Too little, too late. He thinks of all the lies. Why did she lie to him? Because she loves him. That is no excuse. She should have tried to talk to him, gave him a chance to understand. She knows that now, but she realized it too late. She explains how she got drunk and slept with Colin. Then he started to blackmail her. That is why she had to keep working for RJ, so she could have the money to pay Colin off. Antonio tells her they were already over. She knows, she just always thought they had a chance of getting back together. That is why she did the most desperate thing of all. She tells him that she went to Sonora, to get a love potion. She tells him that she spilt it. Antonio doesn't believe in all that. Roseanne assures him that magick does exist. She realizes now that it wouldn't have worked, he never loved her. He tells her that he cared about her, but he was always straight with her about his feelings. They reminisce about pictures they took in an arcade. Roseanne knows it will never work between them now. There's only one thing left for her to do. She says it is time for her to move on, to a new place. Where she can find out who she is, and become a better person maybe. Antonio tells her he never forgot all the good things they had together. He is gonna recommend that she not be prosecuted. She will leave town as soon as she finds out what they will do to her. She tells him good bye, kisses his forehead and leaves. 

Will and Jen are congratulating Sam in the back of the court room. They both hug him. Cristian starts to leave, and Jen talks him into staying. Will comments on how Nora said she was gonna get him off. Sam says that she had no idea what it would cost her to do that.

The judge is talking to Hank and Bo in the front of the court room. She asks Bo how he plans to proceed now that Nora has confessed to a murder. Bo tells her that as far as he is concerned, Nora was the victim. She has suffered enough. The judge thinks Bo is letting his 'relationship with his ex wife' get in the way of his judgment. Bo is offended and tells her she is wrong. She tells him to watch his tone around her. Sam walks up and asks if they are seriously thinking of bringing charges against Nora now. The judge tells him that this is a private conversation and threatens him with another night in jail for contempt. She orders the bailiff to clear the court room. He escorts everyone out. She is very strict with both Hank and Bo that she expects to see a trial for this. A woman pushed a man down the stairs to his death. The reasons should be brought before a jury, and soon. Bo stands up for Nora. Hank and Bo explain the whole story to the judge. The judge is still not convinced. She wants facts. Bo tells her that if Nora has to pay for what she did, he will give her his badge.

In the hall of the court house Jen tries to get Sam to leave to go home. He says he isn't leaving till he knows what is going on with Nora. Jen and Will both say that they will wait with him. Will and Cristian leave to go get them all some coffee. Sam and Jen apologize to each other for thinking that either of them could have killed Colin. When Cristian and Will come back with the coffee, Chris apologizes to Will for coming down on Lindsay so hard when he thought she was the killer. He wonders why she confessed if she is innocent. Jen and Will explain that they made Lindsay confess. They really thought she was guilty, and they didn't want Sam to go to prison. Sam admits that he pressured Lindsay too. Will says she was very noble in doing that. Sam says it is all over for them now anyway. He asks where is Lindsay anyway? Jen looks in the ladies room, she isn't there. Sam goes to call her house to see if she went home. Will and Jenn talk about a few things that don't match up. Like how the boots got in his apartment. Jen tells him that when she saw Lindsay and Sam carrying the body out, she thought they killed him. Then she saw the boots in the house and was afraid of the cops finding them. She took them and brought them to Will's apartment. He wasn't there, so she just hid them. She didn't tell him because Lindsay made her swear not to talk to anyone about any thing, not even him. Chris says now that this is all over, maybe they can finally get to know each other. They decide to go to the concert together to celebrate. Chris kisses her and leaves. Hank and Bo walk out into the hall. Hank asks Bo if he wants to tell Nora or does he want Hank to do it.

Lindsay sneaks into the witness room where Nora has been sequestered. Nora tells her she is supposed to be sequestered. Lindsay has no intention of leaving. She is 'amazed' that Nora's memory came back just at the right time. She wants to thank Nora for getting Sam off, and for getting her off too. She says that Nora is going to pay for what she has done. Nora tells her that the judge is deciding that right now. Lindsay hopes they lock her up for good, because she almost let Sam go to prison for what she did. Lindsay jumps Nora for tearing her apart in front of her kids on the witness stand. Nora is sorry about that, but she didn't remember anything. She then asks Lindsay why she confessed. Lindsay tells her to save Sam. Nora doesn't believe that at all, Lindsay is too self centered for that, so what is the real reason she confessed? She confessed because her children need their father. He is a better person than she is. Lindsay thinks it was all an act. She asks Nora if they had convicted Lindsay first and then she remembered, would Nora have come forward then? Lindsay tells her that she knows the answer, Nora would have let her rot in jail. Nora asks her if Nora hadn't found out about her switching the fertility test results, would Lindsay have ever come forward with that information. Lindsay then tells Nora that if she hadn't stopped hers and Bo wedding, she might still have her baby. Colin isn't the only life that Nora has destroyed. Nora tells her that is just too low. There are some things they will just never have the answer to. Lindsay says that now the whole world will really see how rotten the perfect Nora really is. She reminds Nora that Colin saved her life after the train wreck, and in return she killed him. Nora admits that she did kill a man. She will take responsibility. No one deserves to be murdered, not even Lindsay. She doesn't need Lindsay's forgiveness. Lindsay tells her that's good, because after the judge throws the book at her, prison will be the least of Nora's worries. She will suffer the rest of her life. Everyone that loves her will see a murderer when they look at her. She is getting to Nora. No one will ever love her again. She tells Nora that Sam will never forgive her for doing what she did to his children. Sam walks in.

Gabriella is sitting on the couch in the front room looking through some magazines. Al walks in and Gabby tells him she has a surprise for him. How about going to Europe before he starts school, or Asia or anywhere. Al says sure but he needs to talk to 'dad'. Courtney comes in behind him. They explain that RJ pulled the plug on her concert and they were hoping that Asa could pull some strings and find another place for the concert quickly. Gabriella tells them that Asa is out on business till very late. Maybe it is time for her to see what she can do with this Buchanan name. Gabriella calls and gets the Country Club Terrace for the concert to continue. Courtney is very happy, then she starts to realize how much she needs to do in just a few hours. Al calms her down and she takes off. Gabby asks him about Courtney, if she is special to him. He assures her they are just friends. He doesn't really have anyone special in his life right now. She just wants him to find the perfect girl to make him happy. He asks her if she is happy. She tells Al that she is very happy. Al is not sure that she is telling him the truth. He is worried about the age difference between her and Asa. Gabby tells him a bit about her past. She used to always want romance and passion. Now she lives for different things now, she lives for him. She wants him not to make the same mistakes she did. She tells him not to follow in Max's foot steps. He tells her he never will. Gabby tells him to go on and go to the concert, have fun with his friends. He leaves.