One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/18/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/18/01

By Boo

Hank is trying to calm Nora down on the stand in the court room. The camera spans to get everyone's reaction. Nora tells Sam that she is sorry. It is hard to tell what everyone in the courtroom is thinking. Antonio asks Roseanne if she knew about this all this time. She doesn't answer. Nora is kind of in shock. She can't believe that she couldn't remember until now. She apologizes to everyone. Hank asks if she needs a break, Nora says no. Hank continues to question her. Is she certain that these are memories? She says she is positive. Hank wants to make sure that she won't have another memory later that will change all this. She convinces him that she remembers exactly what happened. Hank asks her to go through the whole evening. She tells about Sam taking her home after the dinner party that night. He wanted to stay with her, but she assured him she would be okay. Finally Sam left. Colin was already in her house. She laid down on the couch. She heard something behind her but when she turned Colin was already there and stuck a syringe in her back. She fought him for a while, and tried to run for the door. When she got to the door, her legs gave out on her. He carried her to his car and drove to his house. He told her that they would always be together now. He talked to her like they were lovers. When they got to his house, he carried her upstairs to his bedroom. He had made it up to look like a brothel. He laid her on the bed and told her how they were gonna make love for the rest of their lives. He showed her two passports Dr. R. Butler and Scarlet Butler. He told her they were going some place where no one could ever find them. Jen tells Chris that was the passport he showed to her that night. I kept fighting him. She got away and got some water. He put more drugs in the water. Hank asks if the drugs might have made her hallucinate. She says she wouldn't let them, she fought the drugs. Did this make Colin angry? Not as mad as when she threw the water in his face. That made him really mad. He threw her on the bed and told her that she would love him whether she liked it or not. When he realized that he would have to force her, he pulled out another syringe. Then the door bell rang. Hank asks if that is when Melanie came in. She remembers his argument with Melanie and with Jen. She heard him laughing. She tells again about Colin coming up the stairs and seeing him fall again. She went down the stairs to the landing. That is when she saw Roseanne. Roseanne looked at her, then at Colin then ran. She thought that Roseanne was going to get help. She was so tired, so she went back upstairs to the bedroom and passed out. She woke up in the hospital. She is glad it is all over. The judge tells her that it is definitely not over. Nora explains that she only meant that now they know what really happened to Colin, and she can set Sam free. The judge says her dramatic memory could have all been staged to get Sam off. The Rappaports tell the judge that isn't fair. Roseanne stands up and tells the judge that she can tell them what happened that night. Roseanne takes the stand. Hank asks her what she saw. The door was open when she got there so she went in. She saw Colin fall down the stairs, and then saw Nora standing on the stairs. She got scared and ran. Hank wants to know why she never said anything all this time. She tells them that she didn't want anyone to know that she was there, or that she even knew Colin. She didn't know that Nora was drugged, or that she had lost her memory. Hank is done examining her, and the judge tells her she can step down. Bo stops her and tells her that they need to question her more. Antonio is going to take her upstairs and get a more detailed statement from her. Roseanne and Antonio leave the court room. Hank is going to talk to the judge. Nora asks Bo if she is under arrest? Bo starts to explain to her and the judge reminds him that the court is still in session. She wants to see Bo and Hank in her quarters, and Nora will be sequestered in the witness room. Nora asks what about the charges against Sam. Hank moves that they be dropped, the judge drops the charges. As the guard is taking Nora to the witness room, she asks Sam if he knows that she would never have done this to him if she had remembered. He doesn't answer her. The guard takes her out of the court room. Lainey congratulates Sam and leaves. Lindsay leaves to splash some water on her face. Will, Jen, and Cristian are talking to Sam. What will happen to Nora now? Sam isn't sure. The judge is talking to Hank and Bo. She is very upset that Nora ran a three ring circus in her court room. She hopes they plan to bring charges against her.

Nora is in the witness room. The guard is called away for an emergency. Since they are understaffed, he has to go. Nora is remembering the night at Colin's again as Lindsay walks in. 

Antonio is taking a formal statement from Roseanne at his desk. She tells him that for once, she wants him to know the whole truth. She is ready to tell him everything. Antonio types up her statement and asks her to sign it. She does. He reviews it, and then asks her how she could take the cowards way out again.

Seth comes into work at Rene's restaurant. She is surprised to see him there again since he just worked the late shift last night. He tells her that he needs all the extra shifts he can get for school and stuff. She assures him that she will throw as many extra shifts his way as she can. Asa is at a table and has overheard the conversation. He calls Seth to the table and asks him if he wants to make a little extra money. Seth asks what he would be doing. Asa tells him he wants him to find out what his wife has been up to. Seth isn't sure. Asa shows him a picture of Gabby and a picture of Max. All he wants Seth to do is call him if he sees the two of them come in together. Rene overhears the conversation and interrupts, asking what he is doing. Seth takes the opportunity to go change his clothes for work. Asa and Rene talk about his marriage. He brings up that Gabby spent only one night in her motel, but it was nothing. Rene tells him that he has been had, Gabby didn't stay in her motel at all. Asa looks shocked. He pretends not to believe her. Rene tells him not to let her get to him. He pretends to just figure out that she must have stayed at another motel. He is going home to find her. Rene is convinced that she is having an affair. Rene goes to Seth and apologizes to him for Asa's actions. He tells her he is glad that she walked up when she did. He might have taken the job just so as not to make him mad. He is taking classes with Jess and Al. Al walks in. Seth excuses himself to go back to work. Al asks if he can pass out some flyers for Courtney Cale's concert at the Break Bar. Rene agrees and says she may even show up herself. Courtney walks in and tells them they have major problems. Unless someone can pull off a major miracle, the show is canceled.

Gabby and Max are still kissing in the hallway of Asa's house. They part for a minute to decide if they want to stop. They decide not to. They are all over each other and make it back into the front room. Gabriella sees Al coming in and pushes away from Max like he was attacking her. Al yells at Max wanting to know what is going on. Max wants to know that too. Gabriella tells them not to worry about it at all. It was nothing. Al thinks that Max was about to hit her. Max tells him that would never happen. Gabriella tells him to leave, they can resolve their problems later, or not at all. Max leaves. Al wants to make sure that she is okay. She is fine, she is just sorry that he saw what happened. Asa and her are making sure that Max never hurts her or anyone else again. Al wishes Max would have moved out when he said he was. Gabriella tells him they should talk about something else. What about him moving into the dorm at the college. Maybe he shouldn't go, maybe he should stay here to take care of her. She tells him absolutely not. She doesn't want him giving up anything else for her. Asa will protect her. Now is his turn to be a kid, and go have fun with his friends. He says okay, and leaves to run some errands. Max comes back in and wants to know what all of that was about. He is upset that now his son thinks he beats women. She tells him that she will not ruin that Asa is paying for everything for Al. Max tells her that this abusive marriage will fall apart. She tells him that she will not let that happen. She just doesn't want Al to ever see how weak she is. Max tells her that she is not weak. She tells him that she is weak when it comes to him. She will have to be a lot stronger from now own. Asa comes in with another package for her. He apologizes to her again. Max is sickened by the scene and leaves. They exchange stories about what all has been going on. They congratulate each other on how well their plan is going. Gabriella is just worried that Al will figure out what they are doing. She tells him she is going to have to be a lot more careful. She has decided that this 'thing' can not happen in their house. She will have to take Max away somewhere. Asa says that he still thinks it will work. They just have to make sure that when 'it' happens, they get it on tape. He pulls out a cam from the present box he brought in with him.