One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/17/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/10/01

By Boo

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Gabriella is in the front room and going through all the gifts that Asa gave her. Max walks in and she asks him to help her put on a necklace. He is upset with her that she accepted Asa's apology after all he put her through last night. Did she accept it before or after she unwrapped all these gifts. She tells him that he didn't leave her any other choice. Max wants to know how so? She tells him that he is the object of Asa's jealousy, and she is just caught in the middle. Max is really angry that she is allowing herself to be abused by staying with Asa. He let her stay in his room all night to protect her. She tells him that he made her feel cheap by asking her to leave right away the next morning. Max was only trying to keep Asa from finding them together. What did she want him to do? She tells him that she wanted him to.....never mind. He tells her that he can't let her forgive Asa. Gabriella tells him that her and Al really didn't have a choice. She had to do it to provide for Al. She admits that she needs the security of being Mrs. Buchanan. Max tells her that she doesn't love Asa. She says he gives her everything she needs, even if he doesn't give her what she wants. Max asks her what she wants. She says she wants a good life with Asa. Max wants to talk about the two of them. She says they were over a long time ago. He wants to know what is going on, first she runs to him for protection, and then she bitches at him for giving it. She tries to leave the room, Max stops her. He just doesn't understand her need to feel safe. Max can't believe that she hates him so much that she would rather stay in an abusive relationship instead of asking him for help. She tells him he is blind fool. He asks he if he is blind to what she feels for Asa, or what she feels for him. Gabby tells her to forget about all that they have said. Max pulls her close to him. She tells him not to be nice to her. It is too unbearable. They kiss 

Starr is in the front room at Vicky's going through Vicky's desk. Vicky walks in and has Starr sit down on the couch with her. She wants to make sure that Starr now knows that her parents do love her, and that they were not fighting about her. She explains that grown-ups sometimes have a little trouble working on problems, but that she thinks Blair and Todd are now trying to work on their problems. Todd crashes into the room and announces to Starr that they are now going home. Starr asks if that means that he and Blair are communicating. He tells her to stop talking to her Auntie Vicky. He tells her come on lets go. Vicky stops Starr and asks her to take the cookie tray back to the kitchen. She asks Todd what happened. He does everything but answer her. She tells him to let things go, he says that is exactly what he is going to do. He is going to let everything go. He yells for Starr. She comes running and wants to know where mommy is. Todd says she is still in the attic. Starr doesn't want to leave without mommy. Todd tells her it is part of a big surprise. Starr is ready to go. Vicky stops her and tells her to remember what they talked about. Her parents will always love her, even when they are fighting. Starr asks if she ever gets mad at Ben. Vicky tells her (while also talking to Todd) that yes, but they sit down and talk and work things out. She even gets mad at Todd sometimes, but he is family, so she will always love him. Does she understand. Todd says she does, and leaves with Starr.

Todd and Starr are at home in the foyer. Starr wants to know when Blair is coming home. Todd calls her to the stairs, and asks her to promise that no matter what, she will never run away from him again. Starr is a part of him, and he is a part of her. That is special. Then the baby is special too. Todd tells her this baby is not special. He has something up his sleeve for Blair that Starr is probably not going to like. She has to just trust him. Everything will work out. Starr tells him that she trusts him, and promises to never run away again. Todd tells her to go play, then stops her to tell her that he loves her. Starr loves him too. He gets up and calls someone and tells them not to talk, just listen. This is what we're going to do with Blair Crammer. Blair is outside trying to get in the house. Her key is not working. Todd opens the door and grabs Starr's stuff, and tries to shut the door again. Blair asks why he left Vicky's without her. She is baffled. Todd gives her a piece of paper. It states that he has sole custody of Starr, and it is a restraining order to keep Blair away from Starr. He shuts the door in her face. She is hurt and confused. She yells to him wanting to know what is wrong. She has something to tell him. Todd is looking like it is hurting him. The police come to take Blair away.

Blair is upstairs talking to Ben in the attic. Todd is outside the room listening. She is telling Ben that what she really wants is for the father of her baby and herself build a life together and raise this baby together. Todd and Ben both think she is talking about Max. She tells Ben she can have all that she wants. She knows exactly what she has to do now, she needs to see Max. Hard jealousy washes over Todd's face. Todd leaves. Ben is confused, and says he thought she wanted to spend her life with Todd. She says she does. Todd is the father, to Starr. Blair is singing praises for Todd. Ben just isn't sure that this is what is best for Blair. Ben asks her if she is trying to convince him, or herself. She wants to believe in Todd, but she doesn't know how sometimes. Ben tells her that trust is the most important thing. Vicky taught him to trust. She loves Todd, and she wants to be with him. She leaves. Vicky comes in and they celebrate that their picnic is not ruined. She tells Ben all the things she told Todd. Ben tells Vicky that he told Blair about the same thing. They discuss what they think about what will happen with Blair & Todd.

Court is still in session. Nora is still frantically trying to remember what happened at Colin's that night. She hears his voice again, sees him fall down the stairs again. She definitely remembers that someone else was there the night Colin died. She turns to see Roseanne standing in the back of the courtroom. She says it is all coming back, all the details. Lindsay tries to stop Nora, and the judge tells her to be quiet. Nora remembers the fall again, and then remembers seeing Roseanne by the door way. She turns to Roseanne and tells her that it was her, she was the one that was there. Nora goes towards Roseanne, and asks why she didn't say anything. The court room has erupted, the judge tries to get control. Hank tells the judge that he thinks they all need to hear what Nora has to say. The judge agrees. The judge tells Lindsay to step down, and for Nora to take the stand. Nora is sworn in. Hank asks her to tell them all that she remembers about the night Colin was killed. She remembers Colin was coming up the stairs, he was talking to someone. He said: "Did you actually think you could stop me." Then he fell. She remembers again seeing Colin fall, and then remembers seeing Roseanne watch Colin falling, get scared and turn to run away. She tells Hank that she saw Roseanne. She leaves the witness stand and talks directly to Roseanne. Asking her why she knew all this time and she never said anything. Roseanne stands up and tells Nora that she knows why she didn't say anything. Nora doesn't know what she is talking about. Roseanne doesn't believe that Nora can't remember. Hank asks for a recess, Nora says no, she wants to continue. She sits down on the witness stand. She remembers being in Colin's bed, he had given her a lot of drugs. She couldn't move. He was leaning over her, and put a ring on her finger. He told her he wanted to make love and started to undress her. He moved his body over her. The door bell rang. He went downstairs to answer the door. She could hear him downstairs with someone. She was so weak from the drugs. She passed out. She doesn't remember how long she was out. Then she really starts to freak out saying "Oh God no, no!" She remembers his laughing, it was pure evil. She couldn't see who it was at the door. She was upstairs. She could hear him downstairs arguing with someone. It was a woman. She was threatening to kill him. It was Lainey. Lainey didn't kill him, because that was when she passed out, and when she came to, someone was telling Colin to just go away. It was a woman, it wasn't Lainey. Colin was scaring her. Jen realizes that Nora is talking about when she was there. She was so drugged, it was so hard to move. She managed to get out of bed and to the doorway. She could hear his footsteps, he was coming up the stairs. He was talking to someone. Nora remembers Colin coming up the stairs, then stands up and says "Oh my God." She is really scared now. She is saying please no. She remembers now how he died. She is crying. She also knows why she didn't want to remember it. Colin made it to the top of the stairs. She remembers now that she was the one that pushed him down the stairs, she killed him.