One Life to Live Update Monday 7/16/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 7/16/01

By Boo

Todd, Blair, Starr, Vicky and Ben are in Vicky's front room. Vicky asks Todd and Blair to explain to Starr why they are not together. Starr says she already knows, it is because of her. She knows it is true, that is what the voodoo lady told her. Blair tells her that isn't true. They both love her very much. She tells them that the voodoo lady told her it was a child that is keeping them apart. She realizes that the voodoo lady was talking about the baby. Not about her. She doesn't understand. She asks them how the baby be keeping them apart when it isn't even born yet. Todd dumps it in Blair's lap to explain it to Starr. Blair tells her that they both love the baby. The voodoo lady just made all that stuff up to get her money. Blair tells her how worried they were about her. She believes them and is ready to go home. She left her suitcase and doll upstairs. Blair says she will go get it, Ben offers to give her a hand. They leave to go to the attic. The maid comes in and offers Starr some cookies. Todd stops her before she leave and tells her to never run away from him again. Starr says she won't. Vicky warns her to behave with the maid. Starr leaves with the maid. Todd lays down on the couch, Vicky yells at him to take his feet off her sofa. Todd says he doesn't want to hear the lecture he knows is coming. Vicky demands that he get his feet off of her sofa. He finally sits up. Vicky tells him he will die alone and miserable. Vicky is very upset with Todd. Todd tells her that he just can't stand looking at Blair, because it reminds him of Max and 'mini' Max. Vicky tells him he will see what he wants to be see. He can choose to be happy, or miserable. He asks how. She tells him to accept the baby as a part of Blair, the woman he loves. Can he do that? Todd just doesn't think he can. Vicky tells him that he can. He says he can't even try. He hates Max. Max is always throwing it in his face. Vicky tries to reason with him. Why would he throw away Blair's love? Todd just can't let himself believe that. Vicky urges him to go upstairs and tell her that he wants a chance to make them work. Todd goes upstairs to talk to Blair.

Blair and Ben are in the attic where they found Starr. She tosses Ben the doll. She remembers talking to Kelly about telling Todd about the baby. Ben asks her how the pregnancy is going. She says physically it is going good. Emotionally, not so good. Ben's feelings for Todd are very clear. He can't stand him. She tells him there is a very good side to Todd. He asks why she feels the need to keep secrets from Todd. Blair just tells him that it is just all too complicated. Ben tells her that she needs to take care of herself. Figure out exactly what she wants. Blair tells him that she wants to be with the father of her baby. Todd overhears her say this.

Cristian is in the Break Bar trying to find Roseanne. He calls her on the phone. He gets no answer. Seth walks in, and Chris asks him to watch the bar. He takes off in a hurry and almost runs over Jess and Al who are coming into the bar. They ask Seth what is up with Chris. Seth isn't sure, but probably has something to do with the murder trial. They all three talk about school, and which classes they got in. They all three made it into the film class. Seth is hopeful that he can work the classes around his jobs. Jess tells him that Al invited 99% of the student council to hang out at the Break Bar this afternoon. Seth is worried about a big crowd with him the only one working. He goes to get some ice as the student council start to arrive. Drinks are all on Al. Jess realizes that she is missing her wallet out of her purse. She tells Al who thinks maybe it is in the car. She says no, she knows she put it in her purse right after they got out of the car. Al asks her if she thinks Seth took it. Well, he has had trouble with the law before, and is very short on money. Some girl walks in and taps Al on the shoulder. Al is happy to see her. She tells Jess she found her wallet in the parking lot. Jess is very relieved. She thanks her. Al asks the girl to sit with them, but she can't stay, she has to go buy books, and leaves. Jess is upset with herself now for thinking Seth took her wallet. Seth over hears a bit of the conversation and asks what it was about. Al helps her cover up and tells Seth that she was talking about Will. Seth gives her a drink, on the house.

Roseanne is in her room quickly packing. The phone rings, she just lets it ring. She opens the door to leave to find Antonio getting ready to knock. He asks where she is going. She tells him she is going to visit Tea, just for a few days. Antonio is surprised that she is going all the way to France for just a few days. She is getting flustered. He tells her that they have some stuff to deal with. She asks Antonio if Cristian told him. He wants to know what? Roseanne shuts the door after Antonio enters the room. He tells her he hasn't seen anyone including Chris. He asks her what is going on. Roseanne is really just stressed out right now. What would Chris had told him if he had stopped by there first. Roseanne tries to lie again. Antonio wants her to stop lying. She starts to tell him about all that she has done. He sits down in front of her. He is trying to be understanding, and calm her down. She tells him that she has done some horrible things, and he will never want to look at her again. She just never thought that Nora would forget what happened. Antonio is confused, he can't understand all her babbling. Roseanne starts to panic and starts to leave, Antonio stops her. She is scared to death. Antonio tells her that he came by to tell her that he is proud of her for finally telling him about her snitching to RJ. If she will just tell him what she is so freaked out about, he can help her. She tells him to take her to the court house, because she doesn't think she can do this more than once.

Lindsay is still on the stand with Hank questioning her. She tells them again that she killed Colin. Nora remembers seeing Roseanne at Colin's house. Sam asks her what is going on. She tells him she remembered seeing a face, but she can't remember it again. Hank asks Lindsay to tell them exactly what happened. She tells the court that she went there that night to confront Colin about hurting Jen. They fought bitterly, and Colin got physical with her. He even threatened to kill her. She couldn't get away from him. Nora is shaking her head no. Lindsay continues with her story. She grabbed the poker and hit him in the head. She is sure he was dead because she checked for a pulse. She ran out of the house, then stared feeling guilty and came back. She apologizes to Sam for letting him believe it was Jen who killed him. Sam tells Nora that at least she is now telling the truth. Nora says she is not. Sam asks her why she thinks that. Nora says what Lindsay is saying, doesn't match what she remembers at all. Hank says he has no further questions for Lindsay. Nora's turn. As Nora starts to get up, Cristian rushes into the court room and whispers something to Jen, and leaves. Jen tells Will she will be right back, and follows Cristian. Nora asks her why she is still lying. Nora asks about the laughter. Lindsay says he did laugh. Nora asks what was the last thing Colin said, Lindsay says he threatened her. Nora says wrong. Where were they standing when she hit Colin. Lindsay says at the bottom of the stairs. Nora realizes that Lindsay didn't do it. She tells Sam that Lindsay didn't kill Colin. The court room erupts. Nora tells the judge that Lindsay is innocent. Jen asks Will what is going on, he doesn't know. Lindsay blows up, Hank blows up, Nora freaks. Just LISTEN TO her. She begs the judge. She tells them Colin was laughing, then he fell from the top of the stairs. Nora is being a little overwhelmed with memories now. The judge asks her to tell them who killed Colin. She is remembering his voice again, she sees him fall down the stairs, and sees Roseanne's face just as Roseanne and Antonio walk into the court room.

In the hall Jen tells Chris that she should be in there. Lindsay just admitted to killing Colin. Chris tells her that isn't true. He is pretty sure he knows who did kill Colin, and it isn't Lindsay. He tells her about Roseanne and all that has happened. Jen can't believe her mother is lying about something like this. They decide to go back in the court room to see what Lindsay is saying.