One Life to Live Update Friday 7/13/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 7/13/01

By Boo

Cristian and Roseanne are at the Break Bar. Roseanne has just told Cristian that she knows who killed Colin. He is shocked! Did someone tell her? No, she was there when it happened. She keeps hearing Colin's voice, it is making her crazy. She now knows what she has to do, even if it means losing everything. Cristian tells her that Antonio will not hate her for this. Roseanne tells him that Antonio already hates her, because she was the mole. Cristian is surprised, but right now he wants to know why she was at Colin's. She tells him because Colin was blackmailing her. What did she do? She wanted Colin dead when she went there. Cristian asks if anyone else see her. She doesn't think so, if someone did, they haven't said anything. Cristian reassures her that she is doing the right thing. She needs to talk to the cops. She gets frightened again, and says she can't do that. She thinks everyone will hate her. He says that he won't. She tells him that she protected him, when she overheard him and Bo and Antonio talking about him being undercover. Cristian tells her that she isn't alone, he is with her. She is very scared. He is going to call Bo. He turns his back on her, she takes off as Cristian is making the call. He goes to look for her, and can not find her. He calls Bo back and cancels the meeting. He wonders what she is doing now.

Roseanne is back in her room, she is packing all her clothes as if she plans on leaving. 

Hank, Sam, Nora, Will, and Jen are in the court room. Lindsay has just walked in and told them that she has a confession to make. She tells Hank to put her on the stand, and she will tell what really happened to Colin McGuyver. Hank tells her he isn't putting her on the stand without knowing what she is going to say. She tells them all that this is something she has to do. She doesn't care about her reputation or anything like that. She just wants her children to love her. Hank asks her what she is going to say. Lindsay tells Will that she was just trying to protect them. Nora is getting impatient. Just say it Lindsay. Hank asks her if she doesn't want to do this in a formal place. No, Lindsay wants to say it now. If she doesn't, she may never say it. She tells them she killed Colin. Hank isn't buying her confession. Why didn't she come forward sooner. She thought Nora would get Sam off. Now she sees that she needs to confess. She looks at the kids and tells them that she has lied her whole life, and she deserves whatever they think of her. She does love them. Will tells her that they love her too. She gives the gallery to Jen, and tells her she can sell it if she wants and go to college. She has nothing to give Will, she is sorry. She asks them not to forget about her. Jen can't take it anymore and tells her to just stop it! Jen doesn't feel sorry for her at all, not after all she has put them all through. Jen starts to run out, Will stops her in the back of the courtroom. Sam asks for a moment alone with Lindsay. Hank and Nora leaves. Sam asks her if she was actually going to let him go to jail. She says she doesn't think she could have lived with herself if she had. He believes her. She hopes Jen will be okay. Sam assures her that Jen will be fine. He tells her that Colin was the monster, not her. They could possibly build a self defense case. He will be there if she needs his help. Lindsay doesn't think a jury anywhere will believe her after what Nora did to her on the stand yesterday. Will tries to convince Jen that they need to help Lindsay now. Jen is not buying it. She is so angry at Lindsay. Finally she listens to Will, and approaches Lindsay and apologizes for what she said. They tell each other that they love each other and hug, both crying. Court is in session again. They call Lindsay back to the stand. The judge reminds her that she is still under oath. Hank asks if she is back on the stand because she requested it. Yes, she did. She testifies that she killed Colin. Nora has just remembered that it was Roseanne's face she saw at Colin's house.

Hank and Nora are in the hallway. They both discuss why Lindsay would start telling the truth now. Nora remembers again Colin falling down the stairs. Hank asks her why she isn't happier. He counts off all the things that should be making her happy right now. She doesn't think this all feels right. Something is wrong here. She can remember Colin falling, but not seeing Lindsay. Maybe Hank is right, it is just because of the drugs Colin had given her, maybe she will remember it all when she hears Lindsay's testimony.

John is at his desk at the station. Todd & Blair come in, they want to know why the police are not out looking for Starr. John tells them they picked up a little girl that fits Starr's description at the bus station in Centerville. She isn't talking, so they don't know for sure. They are bringing her back to the station. Blair is so relieved and turns to hug Todd. Blair goes to freshen up before Starr gets there. John tells Todd the CPS is going to want to talk to him. Todd wants to know why, Starr is very well taken care of. He takes offense. John tells Todd that since CPS is investigating, they will also look at Blair, and with her recent problems, they may very well declare her unfit for good. Blair over hears this, and then hears Todd tell John that he can give John an earful of what kind of a mother Blair is. Todd is defending Blair left and right. Todd tells him that Blair is a wonderful mother. Blair is shocked, she walks up behind him. She is very touched by what Todd just said. They bring a little girl in, it is not Starr. Blair panics. Blair and Todd argue now. They argue with John also. Blair is panicking. Todd gets a call from Ben, he tells them that Starr is there with him and Vicky. They leave immediately.

Star is playing dolls, hiding in Vicky and Ben's attic. Vicky and Ben are kissing outside the room. They hear a bump in the room. Ben goes in to investigate. He picks up a bat, and Vicky follows. They find some food laying out, and a back pack. They find Starr sitting between some dolls, trying to be very still, as if she is a doll too. They pretend not to notice Starr, except the one in the middle looks like someone they know. Starr gives up and comes out. She tells Vicky she wants to live there, and she can pay. Vicky tells her the rent is steep. Ben decides to let Vicky handle this, kisses her on the cheek and leaves her the bat just in case she needs it. She asks Starr to sit down. Vicky asks her how much money she has. Starr shows her a wad of money. Vicky also needs references. Starr says that Todd and Blair are in Greenland, so Vicky can't call them. She is moving out because it was getting crowded. Mommy and daddy are better off without her. Vicky tells her that her parents love her very much. They just don't love each other. Starr breaks in and tells her that isn't true. She tells her all about Sonora and the bones, and the bones never lie. Vicky tries to get the story straight. Starr is convinced that she is the reason her parents fight. Starr tells some of the stories of how much Blair and Todd loved each other before she was born, her mommy told her. Vicky promises that she will not tell them, but they will find her. Vicky tells her all about when Starr was there before, when Todd came back and was so happy to see Starr. We can probably expect her parents any minute. Starr says he won't come, because they don't care about her. Vicky promises her that they are not fighting about her and they will ask her parents exactly why they do fight so much when they get there. Next scene is Ben, Vicky, Todd, Starr and Blair are all in the front room of Vicky and Ben's house. Starr is on the couch between the two of them. Blair asks her why she would want to run away. Vicky tells them that Starr thinks she is the reason they are not getting along right now. Blair tries to reassure her that that isn't true. Vicky tells them that they may be able to ease her mind if the two of them together would tell Starr the real reason they are not getting along.