One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/12/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/12/01

By Boo

Gabriella and Max are in Max's bedroom. She tells Max she doesn't know how she will thank him for saving her from Asa. She kisses him. Max wakes up, it was only a dream. Asa is still roaming the halls, pretending to be drunk and looking for Gabriella. Gabriella wakes up in the bed beside Max, and is panicked. What have they done? They realize that they have spent the whole night together. She was supposed to sneak back to Asa's room after he passed out. Max is panicked. Asa will go for his guns if he finds her in his room. She can say she has been wondering the halls all night. Asa is banging on the door demanding to know where his wife is. He pulls out his keys and starts to unlock the door. Gabriella is clinging to Max as if she is scared to death. Asa walks in with Max sitting on the bed buttoning his shirt. Asa is sure that Gabriella is in the room. Max tells him that Gabriella is afraid of him. Asa starts to look in the closet, and Max tells him that he took her to a motel. He won't tell Asa which motel because he doesn't want Asa to go and scare her again. Asa tells him that he will scare his wife if he wants to and leaves the room. In the hall, Asa says under his breath, for Gabriella to nail Max. Back in the room, Gabriella comes out of the closet. She runs to Max and thanks him. They almost kiss. He tells her to go, and remember to tell Asa that she is returning from the motel. She thanks him. He tells her he will help her when she leaves him. She says she isn't about to do that. Max is confused. She is afraid of Asa. They argue about it and she starts to leave. Max stops her and asks her if she knows why he doesn't want her to go back to Asa. She asks him why. Max pulls her back in the room. They argue a bit more. He thinks she is nuts for going back to Asa. He tells her not to come back to him for protection again. He tells her to leave. She slams out of the room.

Asa opens the front door to Gabriella and asks where she has been. Gabriella tells him she was at a motel. Asa tells her that he is sorry, she says that is not good enough. Asa didn't think so, he opens the door wide for her to see all kinds of presents on the table in the foyer. She throws herself into Asa's arms and tells him thank you. He thanks her for messing with Max. Max walks down the stairs and see them hugging.

Will is visiting Lindsay in her jail cell. Lindsay tells him that he is the one person that has always believed in her. Will tells her that he doesn't believe her this time. He thinks she did kill Colin, and one day he might be able to forgive her for that. He will never forgive her for what she is doing to Sam. Jen and Cristian walk in, and Jen tells her that she will never forgive her either. Lindsay tells Jen that she did all of this for her, as soon as she found out Jen didn't kill Colin, she told the truth. She didn't want to accuse Sam, she just testified to what he told her. She thought her children would stand by her. Will tells her that he guesses she thought wrong. Lindsay tells Jen that they have a special bond, mother & daughter. Chris tells Jen that he thinks it is time for him to leave. Jen agrees, if he stays, he might see a side of her that he doesn't like. He kisses her and leaves. Jen asks Lindsay what is the worst thing she has done in the last year. Lindsay hedges. Will tells her it was when she kidnapped and drugged Nora. They both remind Lindsay that she confessed this to Will and Jen over heard it. Jen tells her that if she doesn't tell the cops that Sam didn't kill Colin, she is going to tell them what Lindsay did to Nora. Lindsay tries to get Will not to let Jen do this. Will tells her that he is with Jen on this one. Lindsay is devastated. Lindsay tells them again that she is innocent. Jen begs her to confess. How can they ask her to confess to a crime she didn't commit? She asks them which one of them is going to go to Hank and tell him that she had a hand in Nora's kidnapping. Lindsay calls their bluff. She will not confess to something she didn't do. She tells them that she still loves them, and asks them to leave. They both leave. Lindsay is crying on her cot. Lindsay's concious (Nora) is there. Nora discusses with her why she lies so much that even when she is telling the truth, no one believes her. Nora tells her that she needs to make a grand gesture to make things all right. She has to confess to killing Colin. Lindsay says she didn't kill Colin. Nora tells her she has done so many bad things in her life, she could just consider this the way to pay for all of them. Lindsay can't take it, she calls for the guard and asks him to get 'her' out of her cell. Of course the guard doesn't see anyone, Lindsay turns around and realizes that Nora wasn't really there.

Will and Jen are in the hall of the court room. They discuss what they are going to do next. Jen is not sure she can go through this. Will says if they don't, Sam will go to jail. Will tells her he will do it alone, if she doesn't want to do it. She says no, she wants to do this together.

Roseanne is in the hall of the court house with Sonora. She is freaked out because Sonora keeps saying the exact same things that Colin said the night he died. Sonora tries to tell her that it is what is left of her soul that is torturing her. She will be haunted till the day she dies, if she doesn't tell what she knows. Roseanne tells her nothing will haunt her more than losing Antonio. She tells Sonora to just go away and leave her alone. Sonora says okay, but she wants to leave her with something, something to remind her of when a dark soul met his end. She hands Roseanne a watch and walks away. Roseanne looks at the watch and really starts to freak out. It's like she is seeing something in the object. Cristian walks up and touches her on the shoulder, asking her what is wrong. She tells him nothing, he asks her why she was crazy scared. She looks back at the watch and gets all freaked out again. Chris takes it from her and asks her why a broken watch is scarring her so badly. She tells him it is stopped on the exact date and time that Colin died. He wants to know how she would know that. She tells him she will tell him everything if he will just get her out of there. He says okay, and leaves with her.

Roseanne and Chris are at the Break Bar. Roseanne is still freaking out. Cristian wants to know how she knows that is the exact time of Colin's death. She says she guessed. Cristian isn't buying it. He knows that she knows more than she is saying. He keeps pressuring her. Colin has ruined Jen's whole family. He reminds her about what happened to her family. She says she would never have gotten through it without him. He wants to help her now, but he can't if she won't talk to him and tell him what she knows. She can't help him. Cristian tells her that Antonio will respect her if she tells the truth. She tells him that she knows who killed Colin. She always has.

Nora and Sam are in the court room. She tells him that she remembers Colin's words right before he died. Sam tries to help her remember. She hears his words again, and realizes that he was talking to a woman. Sam asks her if she is not just trying too hard. She says no, she knows this is for real. She still totally believes it is Lindsay. She just can't remember what happened. She was so close to remembering, and then Roseanne walked in. Sam tells her to stop trying so hard. Nora says she has to remember now. Sam's life is on the line. Sam takes her to the table, and walks her through what she does remember. He asks her what she remembers. She hears footsteps, and Colin saying that he is unstoppable. She remembers seeing Colin fall down the stairs. He hit the floor really hard. Sam asks if it was hard enough to kill him. Nora says it was. Sam kisses her. Nora is taken aback, and asks what that was for. Sam tells her to call Hank and have him get the autopsy over here as quick as possible. She may have just saved him from prison after all. They both walk through what could have happened that night. Hank walks in with the autopsy report. They both sit down and start to go over the report. Hank wants to know what is going on. Sam starts to tell him and Nora hushes him. Hank reminds them that Sam is still the number 1 suspect, and he is looking pretty guilty. Sam tells him that Nora's memory is coming back. Hank wishes them luck and leaves. They read the report again, and find what they are looking for. It says that Colin could have been killed by a severe impact. They are both happy and relieved. They hug. Will and Jen enter the room, Sam tells them that they have some exciting news. Hank comes in and says it better be good. Jen & Will start to tell Hank about Lindsay. Lindsay busts in and says she has something to tell them all