One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/11/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/11/01

By Boo

Chris and Jen are still kissing at the rock quarry. They talk about what each of them thought because of the mix up about the call. Jen tells Chris that Jess broke up with Will. She thinks now Chris will go back to her. Chris tells her not to worry. He wants to be with her, not Jess. Jen is worried because this whole trial thing broke them up, she doesn't want it all to break them up too. Cristian tries to convince her that it will not break them up. Chris tells her that if they are going to make it Lindsay will have to stay out of their way. He wants her to promise herself that she will make sure not to let Lindsay get in their way. She tells him no, she can't make that promise. She can't promise that Lindsay won't mess with them, but she can promise that it won't break them up. Chris is happy to hear that. They promise to talk to each other. No more secrets. Jen says she has always kept secrets. They practice telling each other secrets. He tells her that he still gets angry that he can't paint. She tells him that if she had to pick one person to stay in jail for Colin's murder, she would pick Lindsay. She wants Lindsay to just tell the truth, so Sam could come home. Chris says they need to do something fun to keep their minds off of the trial. He picks her up and jumps in the pool. They get out of the pool, Jen can't believe he did that. He was just trying to make her forget her problems. Jen asks him if he thinks Lindsay did all this to protect her. He tells her that he thinks she did it to protect herself. Jen knows how to help her dad, she has to find Will. They both leave to find him.

Will is being a real jerk. He jumps Al for 'moving in on' Jess right after he broke up with her. Jess breaks it all up and tells Al that she needs to talk to Will. He says okay, and walks over to the bar. Jess asks Will how he could even think something like that. Does he think she would get over him just like that? He apologizes. She tells him it will be a very long time before she goes out with anyone else. They both talk about how hard this break up is on both of them. Jess says they can't talk about this. Will tells her they can still be friends. Jess doesn't think it will work. Will can't handle seeing her with other people. He thinks he knows what he has to do. He is going to change the classes he is taking with her. He is going to be keeping his distance from her. He just can't handle being around her. Jess tells him that she will miss him. He leaves. Jess sits down, and Seth comes to ask her to go over the paper work for him. She notices that he is trying to take the film class too. She tells him that she and Al are both trying to get in it too. Seth pretends to be surprised.

Al goes to the bar and talks with Seth. They are talking about going to school in the fall, which classes they are going to take. Al tells him that he should take psychology and film. He says he can't afford that. Al tells him that both him and Jess are taking it. Seth looks more interested. He still won't take the classes. He thinks Jess & Will are going to work this out.

Melanie is telling Lindsay that she is sure now that it was a woman she saw driving up to Colin's house that night. Lindsay questions how she can be sure, she was upset, she thought she killed Colin, it was dark outside. Melanie isn't backing down. She knows what she saw. It was a woman's profile in that car. She is pretty sure it was Lindsay, but she isn't positive. Lindsay says it wasn't her. Melanie is supposed to be on her side, she is her sister. Melanie reminds her that she didn't feel that way when it was her that was arrested for Colin's murder. She tells her it won't be Sam's name that Nora says when she gets her memory back. She wants Melanie to help her. She wants her to believe in her. Melanie tells her that she can't help her. She believes it is Lindsay that killed Colin. Lindsay tells her that she wants her life back. Melanie tells her it's over. Lindsay tries to bring up the 'family' ties again. Melanie is having nothing to do with that. She knows that she killed Colin. Lindsay just says that no one understands her. Melanie tells her she is not misunderstood, she is just bad. They are not sisters, and they never were. She calls for the guard and leaves. Will comes in to visit with Lindsay. She is happy to see him. She asks if he believes she is innocent.

Sonora is still casting a spell. She asks that the spirits help Roseanne to free herself from this curse by telling what she knows about the murder. 

Roseanne has walked into the court room where Nora turns to face her. Nora remembers again Colin falling down the stairs. Roseanne asks her what is wrong. Nora was right on the verge of remembering something very important about the murder. Roseanne asks if she remembers Colin's death. Nora says no, but it is all starting to come back to her. Roseanne looks worried, but doesn't say anything. Nora asks her what she can do for her. Hank walks in with Sam and tells Nora that he needs to talk to her and Sam alone. Roseanne goes to leave and Nora asks why she came there. Roseanne tells them it was nothing, she just came to see if Antonio had gotten back from New York. She leaves with a confused Nora watching after her. Hank asks her if she thinks she will get her memory back by the end of the trial. Nora says she doesn't know. He tells them that as a D.A. he watched the jury yesterday. As a friend, he thinks they are taking a very big risk in letting the jury decide Sam's fate. Hank tells them that he believes that the jury doesn't believe her defense for a minute. He wants to offer a bargain. He will drop the charges from murder to manslaughter and Sam pleads guilty. Nora says no way. Sam is innocent. Sam isn't so sure. Maybe Hank is right. Nora asks if he really wants to take this deal and go to prison. Sam is afraid that the jury will convict him for murder. Nora tells him she will put him on the stand. Hank says he is going to leave them alone for awhile, and leaves. Sam explains to Nora what would happen to him on the stand when Hank questions him. He is pretty sure that Nora knows too that the jury thinks he is guilty. Nora says she will not lose him out of her life for 10 years. She needs him. Sam is touched. Sam agrees to trust the system and not take the deal. Nora is very relieved and happy. She sits down, and hears Colin's voice. "Well, well, well. What do ya think you're doing huh? Did you actually think that you could stop me?" Sam realizes that something is wrong. He asks her if she is okay. Nora tells him that she could hear him. She stands up, and hears Colin's voice again "You can't stop me, I'm unstoppable." She looks very surprised and tells Sam that she remembers.

Roseanne walks out of the courtroom right into Sonora. Sonora scolds her for not telling what she knows. Roseanne tells her that she is happy with things the way they are. Sonora and the spirits are not happy. She will not be rid of the spirits or Sonora until she tells what she knows. Roseanne is afraid of losing Antonio for good. Sonora tells her that delay means disaster. Do it NOW! Roseanne tells her to leave her alone and starts to leave. Sonora says "Well, well, well. What do you think you're doing huh? Did you actually think that you could stop me?" Roseanne stops dead in her tracks. She asks Sonora why she said that. Sonora asks her what, Roseanne tells her to stop it. Sonora says "I'm unstoppable." Roseanne is really frightened now. She tells Sonora that is what Colin said. He was on the stairs and he said that he was unstoppable.