One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/10/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/10/01

By Boo

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Cristian is behind the bar at the Break Bar. He drops a glass and breaks it. It upsets him a bit more than it should. Seth asks him what is up with him. Chris tells him it isn't any of his business. Seth keeps pushing. Finally, Chris tells Seth that he is upset because he tried to give Jen some space. Now she hasn't called when she said she would. Maybe she doesn't want to be around him at all. Al walks in looking for Jess. Chris says maybe she is at the court house. Al tells them that Jess and Will broke up. The blonde friend of Al's walks in and is surprised to see Al. She tells Al she has a gig, right here at the Break Bar. Chris nor Seth have heard nothing about it. Jess walks in. Al goes to greet her. Jess tells Chris that Jen was at the courthouse, but left saying she was going somewhere to think. Chris leaves to find her. Al is telling Jess a story, but realizes that she isn't paying attention. She apologizes. Al continues to try to pull her out of her down mood. He gives her a hug, as Will walks in.

Jen finds Will in the hallway of the courthouse. She asks him why he is there so early. They discuss that Sam is taking the rap because he thought he was protecting Jen. Will tries to convince Jenn that Nora will get Sam off. Jen thinks Sam is going to jail for life. Will tells her she just has to have faith. Sam needs her to be strong. Jen tells him to go home to Jess. Will tells her there is no more him and Jess. Jess walks in and overhears him say that. She asks Will if he really means that. He says he does and walks away. Jess goes to sit down on a bench. Jen sits down next to her. She tells Jess that she is sorry about her and Will. Jess says she wishes Jen would have told the truth from the beginning. Jen agrees. Jen tells her not to write Will off. Jess tells her she doesn't think she has a choice. Jen thinks that if Jess and Will can't work things out, it means that there is no hope for her and Cristian. Jess says there has just been too many lies. Jenn thinks Cristian was supposed to call her this morning, and he didn't. She is worried. Jess assures her that he will call her. She leaves to go somewhere by herself to think.

Lindsay and Sam are still in the jail cells. Lindsay is trying to figure out who the real killer is. Sam thinks it is her. Lindsay tries to convince Sam she is telling the truth. Sam comments about how Nora proved how truthful she is. Lindsay says he's right. She did do all the things that Nora said, except killing Colin. She tells him how much she loved him, he starts to yell for the guard to get him out of here. She tells him she still does love him. Sam explains what love means. He tells her she doesn't have a heart. Lindsay tries to convince Sam that she didn't kill Colin. They go over the 'facts' of the case. Sam is positive that Lindsay did it. Will comes into to visit Sam. Lindsay can't believe Will doesn't believe her. Will is worried about both of them. Sam tries to reassure him that things will all work out. Lindsay tries to apologize for all the things she has done. She slips up about knowing what Colin did to Nora. She claims her innocence in the murder still. Melanie comes to see Lindsay and tells her that Nora's memories are coming back, and she has remembered something too. She remembers there was a car coming up the road that night, she has a very strong feeling there was a woman driving it.

Roseanne comes back to Sonora's house. She couldn't sleep last night because of what Sonora told her. Why is she doing this to her? Sonora tells her she isn't doing anything. The spirits saw death on those stairs, and they saw her part in it. Roseanne thinks Sonora put a curse on her. Sonora tells her that she put this curse on herself by being silent. Roseanne is the only one that can get rid of it. She must tell the truth. Justice for the one that is dead. Roseanne says she can not do that. If she does tell, she will lose Antonio forever. Sonora tells her that if she doesn't tell the truth, she will lose everything. This spirit could be worse dead than he was when he was alive. Roseanne starts to leave. Sonora asks her where she is going. Roseanne tells her to do something she should have done a long time ago. Sonora casts a spell for the spirits to help to loosen tongues.

Nora is in the court room. She is working on the case. She remembers seeing Colin fall down the stairs. Rae comes in and tells Nora that she came as soon as she got Nora's call. Rae thinks that Nora called to ask her to testify. Nora tells her that she called her because her memories are starting to come back, and she needs Rae's help. Nora knows that she heard or she saw who killed Colin. She knows it is a real memory, not a dream brought on by the drugs. She tells Rae that she went to Colin's house last night, Bo helped her to remember a little more, but she needs a professional. She can save Sam, if Rae will help her. Rae reminds her that she is not susceptible to hypnosis. Rae tells her that she is not trained in any other way to help her. Nora begs her. Nora is discouraged. Rae tells her that the memories will come back on their own. Nora feels she is running out of time. Rae has left. Nora remembers again seeing Colin fall down the stairs, she has a look on her face like she has remembered something else. She turns to find Roseanne standing there. They both look as if they have both just thought the same thing.

Bo comes into his front room and finds Melanie asleep on the couch. He kisses her good morning. She was waiting for him all night. She tells him it was okay. He tells her that he was working with Nora. He explains to her what was going on last night. Nora is starting to remember what was going on the night Colin was killed. She doesn't remember the who the killer is yet though. Bo sees a wedding invitation laying on the table and realizes that today was supposed to be their wedding day. Lainey tries to pull off that she isn't upset about it. Why don't they think of another date. Bo says they should wait till after the trial to set a date. Lainey says it is a great idea, not very convincingly. Bo says he has to get back to the trial. He kisses her good-bye. Lainey tears up the invitation.

Jen is back at the rock quarry, remembering her special night there with Chris. Chris finds her, and their eyes meet. Jen asks how he knew where she was. He tells her about Jess coming by the bar. She is glad he found her. They get it straightened out about the misunderstanding about the phone calls. They kiss.