One Life to Live Update Monday 7/9/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 7/9/01

By Boo

Starr and Todd are in Addie's room with her at St. Anns. They are asking Addie where Starr is. She says that Starr left with a strange lady. Todd immediately thinks Addie is talking about Sonora. Blair tries to reason with him, that is impossible for her to have beaten them there. Todd and Blair describe Sonora to Addie, she says it wasn't Sonora that left with Starr. Todd is getting frustrated and yells at Addie. Blair calms them both down. Finally they figure out that it was Rae that Addie is talking about. Rae walks into the room, and Todd asks where Starr is. Rae says she doesn't know. Todd and Blair blame her of taking Starr for some kind of sick psycho thing to get them to open up. Rae is appalled at that thought. Blair says her momma doesn't lie. Addie says she didn't lie, but sometimes she forgets. Addie finally tells them that Rae left first, then Starr left and told her that she was going with Rae. Rae tells them again, the last time she saw Starr was in this room. They realize that she could be anywhere. They both get on their cell phones. They are trying to get help in finding Starr. Rae reports that the nuns have not seen her. Blair is blaming Rae for Starr's disappearance. Addie is upset, Rae says she will take care of Addie, they need to go find their daughter. Rae leaves the room with Addie. Blair is starting to panic a little bit, and thinks maybe Starr was kidnapped, what if they never find her. Todd promises her that they will find her. Blair lays her head on his shoulder. Cut to Starr standing on the highway in front of a sign that says New York City 149 miles. She puts out her thumb to hitch hike.

Sonora is in her front room. There is a knock on the door. It is Roseanne. She has the 500.00 for the love potion. Sonora tells her it is too late. Roseanne says she will be back in the morning. Sonora corrects her. It is not too late to make the potion, it is too late for her. Roseanne wants to know what she is talking about. Sonora tells her that Roseanne has a strange aura about her. Sonora tells her that she has done something very bad. Something that will prevent the spirits from helping her. Roseanne denies this. She says she has done some very bad things, but every one already knows all about them. Sonora tells her there is a way to find out what this secret is. Sonora tells her to sit down. She lights a candle and puts the bones in Roseanne's hands. She tells Roseanne to hold them tight. They burn Roseanne and Roseanne drops them. Sonora picks them up and drops them on the table. She tells Roseanne that this secret is about death. Roseanne denies that she knows anything about a death. Sonora tells her that Roseanne can lie to her, but not the spirits. Roseanne asks what the spirits could possibly know. Sonora picks up and drops the bones again. She tells Roseanne that the spirits know a sound. Roseanne wants to know what kind of sound. Sonora tells her the sound of footsteps on the stairs. She tells Roseanne that she knows there was death on those stairs.

Max tells Gabriella that he will sleep outside the door and make sure Asa doesn't get to her. She tells him no, he has to sleep in the room with her. Gabby manages to convince Max that she isn't safe unless he stays in the room with her. He tells her he is doing it for Al. Gabby cries and tells Max again how bad it was for her and Al when she got out of prison. She says she did make a big mistake by marrying Asa, she was just trying to give all of this to Al. Max tells her it is going to be a long night, they should get some sleep. Gabby turns out the lights and drops her robe, to show a very skimpy teddy underneath. She climbs on the bed. Max is in the chair. He turns off the light. Gabby starts flailing around the bed and crying for Asa to stop. Max wakes her and comforts her. Gabby hears Asa out in the hall. Asa is talking in a drunken voice again, about how he needs to find her and teach her a lesson. He comments to himself about how good Gabby is at all this. Then talks some more thru the door about finding her. Inside, Gabby is pretending to be scared to death. Max can't let him find her. Please Max.

Asa and Rene are in Asa's front room. Rene wants to know why Asa was pretending to be drunk. Rene says she is going to get Max. Asa stops her, and tells her he will tell her what she wants to know. He isn't please about it though. Asa tells her it's all part of a plan. He tells her that all women are not like her, some of them need the fear of God put in them. Rene asks if he thinks Gabriella is still in love Max. He says it is a possibility. She asks him what kind of marriage is that. He says he never trusted any of his wives. Not even her. Rene is very upset to hear that he doesn't think she is trustworthy. She tells him that she kept the fact of Max not being their son because she thought it would kill him. He tells her that he considers it a lie, and it is unforgivable. Rene says she will never lie to him again. If he keeps going like he is now, he will die a lonely old man. He tells her to get out of his house. She tells him she only lied to him once in their whole life, when she was pregnant with Ben. She storms out of the house. He follows her out to the hall, and comments that she is still a hell of woman. For now he has work to do. 

Nora walks into Colin's house and remembers Colin's laugh. She starts to go upstairs. Bo comes in behind her and tells her that she has to stop coming back here. Bo wants to know why she came back here. He thinks she is there to find something that will prove Lindsay is the real killer. They discuss the case a little bit. Nora convinces Bo that she still needs more proof that Sam is not the killer. Bo tells her how well his team went over this house with a fine tooth comb. Nora tells him that she is there to find her memory. Her memory has started to come back to her. Bo has doubts if she can get her memory back. Bo tells her he isn't going to let her do this. Nora convinces him that she is gonna do this. She wants her life back. Bo asks what he can do to help. Bo talks her thru exactly what happened that night. She starts to remember. She was upstairs, in Colin's bed. She heard Colin's laughter, it is what woke her up. She remembers getting out of the bed. She was trying to get to the door. She stumbles a little bit and catches herself on the bed. She finally makes it to the door. She starts to give up, Bo urges her up. She tells him she remembers, she knows. She heard something. She heard footsteps on the stairs.

The guard is roughly throwing Lindsay into a cell. She yells at him that she is supposed to get one phone call. He leaves. Sam is in the cell across from hers. They talk about the case, both trying to slip the other one up. Lindsay thinks that Sam killed Colin and tricked her into helping cover it up. Sam thinks the same thing about Lindsay. Sam thinks Lindsay is wearing a wire. He thinks she is trying to trick him into a confession. Sam tells her he thinks she did it. They both realize that neither of them actually killed Colin. That means they did all of this for nothing. Sam is not sure if he should believe that she didn't kill Colin. Lindsay wonders who did kill Colin.