One Life to Live Update Friday 7/6/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 7/6/01

By Boo

Jess is at Llanfair in the front room. She tries to call Will. He doesn't pick up. She leaves a message that she wants to see him, and to call her at her mom's. Ben walks in and asks her how the trial is going. Jess says she doesn't know because Will asked her to leave. Ben says he is sorry, Jess says she doesn't believe that. He betrayed her. She doesn't even want to be here, but she has no place else to go. Vicky walks in and comments on it being a nice homecoming with them both there to greet her. She tells them how happy Joey is in London. She asks how the trial is going, and how things are going with Will. Ben says he will leave them alone to catch up. She asks Jess what is going on. Jess tells her that things are basically falling apart. Vicky tells her that maybe she should go home and talk to Will in person. Finally Jess says she will try. Ben and Vicky are now in the front room. Ben brings her up to date on all that has happened while she was away with the trial, and how he betrayed Jess. Vicky sees Ben's side of the story. She thinks that with time Jess will come around to see his side too. Ben is not so sure. He tells Vicky not to get in the middle, him and Jess will work it out on their own.

Jess goes to see Will at their apartment. She tells him that she loves him. Will finally talks a little bit with her. Jess wants to concentrate on getting back to the way things were. Will says that things have been said by both of them. He doesn't think it is possible. Jess is willing to try. Will agrees that he is willing to try also. They try to talk things out. They try to hash out why she thought Will killed Colin. Will says she should have trusted him. She says Will should have trusted her enough to tell her the whole truth. They agree that they are both to blame for what happened to them. She asks him if he still loves her. Yes, he does. She loves him too. They realize that love isn't enough. They tell each other goodnight, and Jess leaves.

Starr makes Addie cross her heart and hope to die that she will not tell Blair and Todd where she is. Addie worries that they will miss Starr because they love her. Starr says if they really loved her they wouldn't fight all the time.

Rae is at St. Anns and is looking for Addie Cramer's room. She wants to talk to her about a session between Blair and Addie. Rae knocks on Addies door and enters. She sees Starr and asks her if her parents know that she is here. Starr says of course, she is there for Addie's birtday. Addie now thinks it is her birthday. Rae realizes that Starr is 'all dressed up' for Addie. She wants to speak to Blair, where is she. Starr tells her that she is with her therapists. That can't be true. Starr keeps up her lies, and Rae gives up and leaves. Blair calls and Addie tells her that Starr is there with her. Starr doesn't like that. Starr jumps her case for telling them. She takes the phone from Addie, and starts to pretend to be someone else, then just hangs up. Todd and Blair arrive to get Starr and Addie tells them she left.

Todd and Blair are still questioning Sonora. Todd wants to know why she would sell a love potion to a child. Sonora tells them it is all their fault. Starr is unhappy because they fight all the time. All they need to do is to admit their love for each other. That is all that is needed. Todd says this is all crap. He thinks she is just a quack. She offers him proof. She tells them that Starr will not be happy until Todd learns to love the baby that Blair is carrying. Blair tells Todd to pay Sonora some money so she can tell them where Starr is. Todd objects but pays her anyway. She tells them that Starr is with Addie.

Max comes to Gabby's rescue in the front room of Asa's house. Asa is drunk and manhandling her. Gabby is afraid that Max is going to make it worse. Max tells her to go upstairs. Asa takes a drunken swing at Max and almost falls. Max catches him and puts him in a chair. Rene walks in. Max tells her that Asa has had a little too much to drink. Asa tells Rene that Gabby is having an affair with Max. Max and Gabby both deny it. Asa passes out. Rene accuses Gabby of not caring for Asa. She just wants to kill him now. Gabby says she loves her husband. Rene doesn't believe a word of it. Gabby wants to know why Rene is here. Rene says she wanted Asa to sing some papers. Rene says she will leave them with Nigel, and leaves. Gabby tells Max that Asa is just insanely jealous. He even accused her of flirting with Nigel last week. Max tells her that she should divorce Asa. Gabby is suprised. Max tells her that he will help her get out of this. Max is convinced that there is abuse in the relationship. Max is doing this for Al. Gabby is worried about Al not accepting that her and Asa are splitting up. He loves Asa. She tells him that she can handle Asa, for Al's sake. She says it is always the alcohol. Gabby is worried he may find her in the middle of the night. She is scared he may use the guns. Max tells her to spend the night in his room for her safety. He takes her to his room. Then goes to check on Asa to make sure he is still passed out. Max checks on Asa and sees that he is still passed out, and goes back to his room. After he leaves, Asa sits up and coments on how fun this is going to be. Rene has walked back in and realizes that Asa was faking it. She asks him what he is up to. When Max walks back into his room, he finds Gabby spread out accross his bed in a shirt of his. She tells him there is only one bed, where is he going to sleep?