One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/5/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/5/01

By Boo

Blair and Todd are fighting in the front room. Starr has written a note to her parents telling them that she is running away. She leaves it in the foyer on the table, and walks out the front door. The note falls to the floor. In the front room, Todd & Blair continue to fight. Blair realizes they are doing it again. She tries to get back to the closeness they had just a little while ago. She tells Todd that she knows he is jealous. Todd denies it vehemently. She finally gets things back to a tender place, and starts to tell Todd that the baby is his. Todd blows up again before she can finish. They start to fight again and move out to the foyer. Blair decides to go upstairs to take a nap. Todd finds the note from Starr and tells Blair that Star has run away. Blair wants to call the cops. Todd says no, he doesn't want the cops picking her up and scaring her. They decide to go look for Starr themselves.

Starr sneaks into St. Anns in a non outfit. The older nun stops her in the hall and questions her. Starr is able to bluff her way out of more questioning and finding out what room Addie is in. Starr goes into Addie's room. She reveals who she is. Addie is delighted to see her. Starr tells her that she has come to live with Addie. Starr lays her head in Addie's lap and tells her about Sonora and the bones. Starr tells her what Sonora saying that she was the obsticle that keeps her parents from loving each other. Starr convinces Addie to let her stay there with her. Starr tells her that she can not tell Todd or Blair where she is. Addie promises.

Todd & Starr bust into Sonora's looking for Starr. Sonora does not know where she is. Blair shows her the note. Sonora says it was a good thing they came. She takes the note and holds it. She tells them that she can find Starr.

Asa and Gabriella are cheering themselves for the success they are having in their plan to get even with Max. They hear Max coming in the front door and Asa leaves quickly out of the front room. Max walks in. He is not in a very good mood. He snaps at her. Gabby asks what is wrong. Max is very upset about Blair living with Todd. It will cause Blair too much stress. Max tells her all about Todd. What a bad person he is. Max just wants to be a good father this time around. Gabby starts to realize that he really does want to be a good father this time. She gets Max to calm down. She tells Max that she knows how human he can be. She understands how he is feeling. They share a nice conversation. Gabby reaches out to him. Max apologizes for blowing up at her. Asa rushes in acting drunk and accuses Gabby of having a thing with Max. Gabby denies it. They fight about it. Max says he is leaving and goes out into the hallway, where he stops to listen to the rest of the arguement. Asa and Gabby carry on and on. They are giving Max an awful lot to over hear. Then Gabby screams and Asa crashes the drink tray to the floor. Asa tells her he is going to take her and lock her in a room. He grabs her and starts to pull her out of the room. Max comes to her rescue.

Nora has Lindsay on the witness stand right where she wants her. She gets Lindsay to agree that the real killer could be anybody. Lindsay says anyone other than her. Nora wants to let the jury know just how truthfull, honest kind of person Lindsay really is. Nora brings up the dna test and the sperm count that was changed. Lindsay pretends not to know what she is talking about. Nora brings out a deposition from a lab tech. Lindsay finally relents and admits that yes, she did do those things. Lindsay says later on she had an attack of concious and went to Bo and told him what she had done. Nora asks if she thinks she will have another attack of concious in a few years, about murdering Colin and blaming it on her ex-husband. Lindsay swears she is telling the truth, she didn't kill Colin. Nora brings up another time when Lindsay told Bo that she was forced off the road by a bunch of thugs and it took her days to find her way back to Llanview. When in reality she was really relaxing in a spa in NYC. Nora has a copy of her bill. Lindsay finally admits that she was at the spa. Lindsay claims that she is not a liar, the few times she has have been exceptional. Nora then asks her if she came to see Nora when she had lost her memory and to tell her that Lindsay had always been the best of friends. Finally, Lindsay does admit that she did do that too. Nora is getting a little carried away with her accusations and the judge admonishes her. Nora is very pleased that Lindsay opened the door for her when she asked Nora why would she want to accuse the father of her children. Nora brings out the reason Sam divorced her was because she was having an affair with Sam's law partner. Nora asks her if she was trying to 'get even' with Sam. Nora asks her why she took Jenn and fled the county and try to hide when the trial began. Lindsay says she thought she was protecting her children. Nora then brings up Lindsay's affair with Colin while he was married to her sister. Nora tries to get her to admit that she hated Colin. Lindsay wants to know why she would hate him. Again, Nora is happy that she opened that door. She tells the Lindsay that maybe because he was blackmailing her about kidnapping Nora and giving her the memory erasing drugs. She has Lindsay's bank records and can prove large withdrawals, that Lindsay paid to Colin in cash. Then when she ran out of money, she killed him. Hank objects as the courtroom erupts again. The judge gets control of the courtroom and reminds Nora to stick to the facts. She reviews all the facts they have brought out so far in the courtroom. Nora wants to know if Lindsay can give her the name of one person in the whole town that would vouch for her honesty. Lindsay looks all around the room. No, she can not. Nora has no more questions for this witness. Hank doesn't either. Lindsay gets up and starts to make a very uncomfortable exit from the courtroom, only Bo stops her and informs her that she is under arrest.