One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/4/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/04/01

By Boo

What can I say for today's recap. It was a classic. If you missed it you missed a good one. We start off with Rae walking up to Saint Ann's....Llanview's Home For The Mentally, Criminally, and Absolutely Insane. Yea, They're Really Nuts. Enter at your own risk. Rae enters and realizes that the sign out front is totally true. She first encounters Rene in a habit. Claiming to be Sister Mary Richards that talks completely in rhyme. Rae has been called there to take care of a patient. Sister Mary shows her the door of the patient she is to see. It is Vicky. Rae enters to find Todd dressed as Vicky. He then turns into Niki. She freaks out and goes out into the hall and encounters Jenn as Jessica and Chris as Will. They are making out all over the place. Sister Mary comes back and complains that Rae is out in the hall, go back inside to help Viki. Rae goes back into Niki's room, but now it is Jean that she is dealing with. Then Tommy comes out. Viki walks into the room as Todd, even with Todd's scar. Rae sneaks back into the hall. She decides to leave, but overhears Sister Mary telling someone not to let Rae leave. She escapes into another room and finds papers that the sisters of St. Ann's is suing her. Lindsay walks in as Nora. Nora as Lindsay joins them. Nora and Lindsay argue. Rae sneaks out again. She can't figure out what the hell is going on. She then encounters RJ as Bo, and Bo as RJ right down to the dreads. Rae tries to run away. They don't let her. They have to take her in because they have a complaint on her. Sister Mary wants to commit her. Chris as Will and Will as Chris try to take her away. She is running all over the place, with everyone chasing her. She hides in a closet. Everyone comes into the room. They are looking for Rae. Ben comes in as the flying nun and announces that Rae has been seen in another part of the building. They all take off. Rae comes 'out of the closet'. She is spotted again and the chase is on again. She runs into a room and finds Max as Gabriela and Gabby as Max. She leaves the room and goes back in when she hears the crowd looking for her. She tries to 'counsel' them. Max and Gabby argue, and then fall on the bed to make love. Everyone else busts into the room and finds Rae. They take her back to the main room. Sister Mary tells Rae that she is bringing in the real Dr. Rae Cummings in to help her. Starr walks in as Rae. Rae suddenly looks like Starr. They all take her down and try to tie her up in a straight jacket.

Rae is on her couch, wrapped up in a blanket. Vicky comes in and wakes her up out of her nightmare. Rae tries to explain to Vicky that she had a horrible nightmare. She was in 'the oddest place'. Vicky asks her if she was in Port Charles.

What can I say. It was a wacky, hilarious, silly episode. It was one I will not erase for quite some time.