One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/3/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/03/01

By Boo

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Lindsay is still on the witness stand. She asks Sam if he killed Colin. She remembers back to when she walked into the room at Colin's house that night. She asked Sam if he killed Colin, he said yes he did, and he was now going to call the police. Will asks Jenn why Lindsay is saying that dad did it. Lindsay says that Sam always allowed her to believe that Jenn was the killer. She tells that they took his body out to the woods and threw dirt on his body, she will never be able to forget that. She is now convinced that Sam is a murderer. Sam doesn't know what to think. Hank has no further questions of this witness. The Judge calls a rescue. Nora says she will ruin Lindsay on the stand. Sam can't believe that Lindsay would do this to her. Nora reassures him that Lindsay is the killer, and she will take care of all of this. He will be coming home soon. Will and Jen are now standing with Sam. Jenn asks Sam why Lindsay is saying that he killed Colin. Sam explains that he did tell her that he did it, he was covering for Jenn. Will says that he knows Sam didn't do it. Nora explains to them that she is going to have to use all of Lindsay's past lies to discredit her on the stand. She warns them that it won't be pretty. They ask Sam if he really believes that Lindsay did this. He tells them both that it is really beginning to look that way. None of them want to see Lindsay go to prison, but they understand that if she did kill Colin, she has to pay for it. Hank talks to RJ about how much he seems to be enjoying Lindsay's testimony. He drops a hint that he is still wondering how Colin's body got to RJ's warehouse. RJ isn't worried at all. He walks away. Nora walks up to Hank and tells him that Sam is inocent. Hank says he believes Lindsay is telling the truth. He is sending Sam away for a long time. Nora walks away from him. Court is back in session. Lindsay takes the stand. The judge reminds her she is still under oath. Nora begins her cross. She has waited for this moment for a very long time.

Lindsay goes to the ladies room during the recess. Melanie has followed her in there. Laney confronts her about letting her almost go to prison when she knew that Laney didn't do it. Lindsay says she is a killer, for killing their father. Laney tells her she is right, she is a cold blooded killer, cause she could tear Lindsay to pieces for what she did to her. Lindsay knows she wouldn't kill her, that would mean she would go to prison. She tells Laney that she is isn't the one that everyone in the court room thinks killed Colin. Laney jumps her for accusing Sam. Lindsay says that he did tell her that he did it. Laney tells her how low she thinks Lindsay has sunk. Will, Jenn, and Chris walk into the room. They just want Lindsay to tell them the truth. Lindsay says she never wanted to blame Sam. Why did she have to be the one to find him that night. Lindsay tries to make them understand. She thought she was protecting Jenn. She says it is all Laney's fault for bringing Colin into all their lives. They all tell her to lay of Laney. Then she blames it all on Jenn. If Jenn had just listened to her, and not told anyone anything, it would have all been okay. Now because of her, Sam might have to go to jail. Sam enters the room with the guard, and overhears her telling Jenn this. He tells not to dare lay that kind of guilt on his daughter. She says that it is all Sam's fault. Then she blames it all on Chris. They all decide to let Lindsay and Sam be alone for a minute. They all leave. Sam asks if she is really willing to let him take the rap for this. Nora walks in and threatens Lindsay to back off Sam now, or she will live to regret it. Lindsay tries to convince them that she is telling the truth. They are not listening to any of it. They still think she did it. The guard comes in to tell them that court is back in session. Nora is happy, she knows that it is her turn to cross examine Lindsay. They all head back to the court room. RJ roughly catches Lindsay in the hallway and warns her that she better not say his name at all on that witness stand, or he will serve Nora her head on a silver plater. Lindsay nods that she understands, he pushes her away.

Sonora is meditating over a picture of Todd and a picture of Blair while Starr watches on in Sonora's front room. Starr is being very impatient. Sonora tells her that her parents don't need another potion, they are already in love. Starr doesn't believe her at all. Her parents fight all the time. Senora says they fight with passion. Sonora does see that there is an obsticle. She tells Starr that a child will come between them. Starr thinks it is her that is making them fight. Sonora tries to convince her that it is not her. Starr is very upset, she believes it is all her fault that her parents will never get back together. Roseanne walks in. She asks Starr what she is doing here. Sonora and Starr both tell her never mind. Sonora asks Roseanne if she has the cash for the love potion. Roseanne doesn't have the cash, but she does have some jewelry that is worth way more than $500.00. Sonora becomes very angry. She is not a pawn shop. She demands that Roseanne bring her cash. Roseanne asks Starr if her parents know she is there. Starr tells her it is none of her beezwax. She offers to pay Roseanne double what a taxi would make if she will take her home. Roseanne thinks that Todd will give her a big reward for bringing the child home. She grabs Starrs arm and leaves.

Todd & Blair are in their front room. They are talking about the possibility of them raising this baby she is carrying together. Blair tries to convince Todd that it would work. That is would be fun, and would please Starr. Todd is not sure, he has doubts. Blair asks him if he could be the father of this child. Todd tells her that sometimes she almost makes him forget that it is Max's baby. Blair is pleased to hear that. He tells her that when Starr made them sleep together, he wanted that baby to be his. Blair tells him that she wants him to be the father of this baby. He can't forget about Max. She asks him why, it is what they both want. Kelly interupts the two of them saying it is hot, who wants to join her in the pool. Blair jumps her about interupting them. Todd says Kelly needs to respect their privacy. Blair tells Todd they could pretend this baby is hers and Todds. Kelly blows up and yells at Blair that this little scheme of hers is never gonna work. Todd wants to know what scheme. Kelly tells Todd that Blair wants to see if he is man enough to accept Max's child as his own. He says who cares. Blair tells him she cares. Todd gets upset. He says he is going to Bali. Blair gets upset and tells Kelly to come upstairs with her, she wants to talk to her right now. She grabs Kelly by the arm and pulls her from the room. Todd wonders where Starr is, he calls out for her. Todd realizes that Starr isn't in the house. He is looking everywhere for her. He hollars upstairs for Blair. The door bell rings. It is Roseanne with Blair. Roseanne says she found Starr. Todd wants to know where she was. She tells him she went to see the voodoo lady again. Todd asks if Roseanne was the one that told her about the love potion. Starr tries to apologize. Todd turns on Roseanne and tells her that it is her fault that Starr almost poisoned Blair. He shoves Roseanne out the door. Then he yells at Starr for going out on her own like that again. There are bad people in the world. He is very upset with her, and she is very sad. She tells him she is going upstairs for time out now and heads up stairs. Blair and Kelly are coming down the stairs. They ask what all that was about. They argue about what happened with Starr. They blame each other. Starr overhears them. Starr is in the hallway listening. She has a note that she leaves on the table, she thinks it is all her fault that they argue. She is running away.

Blair and Kelly are in the bedroom. Blair tells her all about the incident with the lemonade. She blasts Kelly for walking in and interupting them. Todd was almost going to admit to her that he could accept the baby as his own. Kelly keeps trying to tell her that none of this will work. Blair is daydreaming about how happy Todd will be when she tells him that it is his baby. Kelly gives up in frustration, and tells her to just go do it. Go tell Todd it is his baby. Blair is sure it is the right thing to do, they are going to all be so happy all together.

Jess is talking to Seth at the Break Bar. She asks him why he is always so weird around her. He tells her that he was hoping he would never have to tell her. He tells her that he did something to her a long time ago. Something that changes everything. He tells her that he used to hang with Antonio's gang. He confesses that he was trying to get his 'colors' and climbed over the garden wall at Llanfair. He stold some gas from the lawnmower, soaked a rag, and tried to throw it into the house. Only he missed, and caught the bushes on fire. The alarm went off, everybody else ran. The police came and arrested him. They sent him to reform school. Jess is suprised and says it must have been awful for him. He explains that is why he is so weird around her. When he sees her, it brings all that back. She asks him if he blames her and her family for all that happened to him. He assures her he doesn't, he did it, he had to pay for it. She tells him that she remembers that fire, she thinks about it every summer. Al walks in and asks Jess if she has the list of stuff that she wants him to pick up from Will's place ready. She does have it and hands it to him. Al tries to comfort Jess in all that is going on in her life. He asks if maybe the trial will split up Chris & Jenn. Jessica ribs him about this, and tells him that the trial is actually bringing them closer together. She tells Seth not to be starting any fires, and her and Al leave.