One Life to Live Update Monday 7/2/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 7/2/01

By Glynis

Blair can tell that Todd cares for her. She knows that he thought that her lemonade had poison in it. He tries to blow it off but it is clear that he was worried about her and the baby. Starr was trying to make a love potion and it got tossed off. Todd proclaims that he doesn’t care about Max’s brat. Blair knows better. He does care and he admits that he might. Starr wanted them to fall in love and that was what the potion was going to do. She is like that because Blair and Todd keep promising her that. A lot has happened since they first decided to be together. Todd seems to suffer from commitment issues. Blair doesn’t think so. When Todd realized that she didn’t betray him, he was wonderful to her. He went to the court and tried to get her custody of her daughter. If the potion had turned out to be poison, he would have saved her life. He doesn’t think that he can trust her and even if he could, it wouldn’t make a difference to him, but to her it would have made all the difference in the world.

The trial is underway. Hank approaches Lindsay and talks to her about a passport that was found in Colin’s possession. This passport was destroyed after Colin’s death but it was clear that Colin was going to leave the country. Before leaving, Colin had a surprise… Lindsay blurts out; "I didn’t do it!" The courtroom audience grumbles at her outburst… Jessica is telling Will that she is trying to be there for him. He doesn’t want to hear anything from her and he tells her that his mother is the one that needs the support not him. If she can’t do that, she should leave. Jessica gets up and walks out… Lindsay testifies that she was at the party and so was her sister. Colin knew that her sister was the one that murdered their father. The crowd grumbles again. Lindsay glares at Nora from the stand. After the party broke up the night of the dinner invitations, Lindsay doesn’t remember what she did. Jennifer stands up and tells her mother to tell the truth the night of the murder. It is time that everyone found out what happened the night of the murder. Lindsay agrees to tell everything that she knows. After she left the dinner party she left the party and she tried to rest but she couldn’t. She was restless and wanted to go out so she did. She just went driving around. She remembers that she went to RJ to make her take care of Colin, but she tells the court that she didn’t meet up with anyone. Jennifer says that she met up with Colin later that night. Lindsay admits to being there and she only went to talk to him about the trouble that he was causing in her family. She admits that she wanted to know what Colin had on her sister. The door was open and she was confused. She saw Colin’s body at the bottom of the stairs. She saw Jennifer’s bracelet. She was with Sam and they buried Sam together. She didn’t want the police going after Jennifer, so they went after Colin. She wasn’t sure that Jennifer was the killer so she did what she had to do to save her. Cristian stands up and makes an outburst. "Liar! You killed him!" The crowd grumbles. Lindsay is brought to tears. She knows that everyone is thinking that she is the killer. Sam tells her to stop. Lindsay knows how Sam feels about her and she has had lots of encouragement. She addresses Nora and knows that she hates her. The judge wants Lindsay removed from the stand until she can resume testimony. Lindsay is led from the courtroom screaming, "I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it!" Jennifer wants to know if Cristian really thinks her mother is guilty. He doesn’t answer just yet… Nora feels that at any moment they are going to get the real truth. Sam is hurting and Nora doesn’t want to be insensitive. However, she can’t wait for her shot at Lindsay.

Al gets a visit from a friend of his. A cute little blond that he thought was on her way to Nashville. She wants to be a singer and she saw the sign outside and came in to try and get a gig. Al tells her that he is over working 3 jobs. He has a new father now. His father is now Asa Buchanan. His friend thinks that is great. He doesn’t care for his old father so that makes everything great.

Max comes to get Blair and take her out of there. She refuses to go with him and he tells her that wherever she lives he is going to be there and the baby is going to know who his father is. He wants to go with her to her doctor’s appointment, but she doesn’t’ want him to go. He tells her that he will be taking part and he leaves. Todd doesn’t want Max there. What if he had told Starr that he was the baby’s father? He doesn’t want that jerk to be the one that tells Starr that news.

Jessica goes to the club and sits with Al. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go to her apartment. He offers to go up there and get her stuff for her. He will try to get all her things. He gets up and talks to his visiting friend before her goes… Jessica goes over to Seth and orders a ginger ale. He gets it for her and it is on the house. He is still acting weird to her and she wants to know what is really going on.

Lindsay is brought back to the stand. Something occurs to her and it changes everything. She looks out to the crowd. She should have known that Jennifer doesn’t have it in her heart to kill anyone. She knows that now. It was Sam all along. She tells the crowd that Sam was the one that killed Colin.