One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/20/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/20/01

By Boo

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Kelly stops Blair before going into Dorian's, to try one last time to talk her out of moving back in with Todd. Blair is determined thou, and swears she is in control. Kelly gives in and they enter Dorian's to see that Todd has replaced Dorian's portrait on the stairs with a picture of himself, Star, and 1/2 of Blair's picture cut off. Blair and Todd argue again over what rooms in the house each is taking, and what they are each going to do with Starr. Kelly tells them Starr is coming and they both pretend to get along. They again compete with each other by promising Starr better stuff and trips and fun than the other is promising. Starr has a great idea, they do all those things together, all four of them as a family. Todd takes Starr out to the pool to swim, sticking his tongue out at Blair as he shuts the door. Kelly has misunderstood and jumps Blair for telling Todd that the baby is his. Blair explains that they agreed to 'pretend' the baby was his in front of Starr. She assures Kelly that Todd doesn't know it is his baby. Kelly is worried that Blair is getting involved again with Todd. Blair tells her that she plans on not telling Todd that the baby is his until he admits that he loves her, wants her back, and will accept her with 'Max's' baby. Kelly wants to know how she is gonna handle Max when HE finds out it is Todd's baby. The door bell rings, it is Max. He came to find out why she is there. He thinks Todd is bothering her again. Blair tells Max that they are living together again 'for Starr's sake'. Max doesn't like that at all, and goes to leave. He see the picture of Todd and Starr and says 'nice, very nice' shakes his head and leaves.

Ben is reading the paper in the living room at Llanfair. Jess enters anxiously looking for Vicky. Ben tells her that Vicky has gone to London to see Joey. He can tell there is something wrong and gives Jess a hug. Jess confides in him that Will has been lying to her about everything. Ben reassures her that Will does love her. She says maybe, but he is hiding something. She then confides in Ben everything, even about the passport. Ben asks her if she thinks Will killed Colin. She gets upset and goes upstairs to call her mother. Ben grabs his keys and heads out to find Sam and confront him. Later, Al comes to Llanfair to ask Vicky if she knows where Jess is, and finds Jess there. He tells her he has been worried about her since the scene with Will at Asa & Gabby's reception. She tells him that she has moved back to Llanfair, but when Al asks if her and Will have broken up, she will not say. He tells her that if Will ever bothers her again, she can call him anytime.

Max and Gabby are still in the tack room. Max is convinced that Gabby doesn't want him to move out because she still wants him. She is playing her part perfectly. She is pretending to want him, but still telling him that she wants him out. Asa is listening outside. She tells Max that he is doing exactly what she wants him to do. That it was her 'plan' to get him to move out. Max still insists that she wants him. Asa has heard enough and leaves. She continues to spell out 'the whole plan' how she got Max to want to move out, bragging that she accomplished what she wanted. Al & Asa enter together talking of riding horses. Max is upset because Al is not experienced enough to ride the horse he wants to ride. He announces that he isn't moving out after all. He is staying 'to watch out for Al'. Asa and Gabriella pretend to be very upset and angry at this news. He tells them he has unpacking to do and will see them at dinner. This has upset Al who now doesn't feel like riding. Telling 'pa' that he wants to take a rain check he leaves. Asa is thrilled that Gabby did such a wonderful job, Max fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Gabby is a little worried about Al, Asa tells her Al will be fine. He has a question for her, does she still have feelings for Holden. She says she does indeed. Feelings of hatred, bordering on loathing. She explains to Asa that for their plan to work, Max must THINK she still has feelings for him. They decide to go drink some champagne to celebrate.

Seth is trying to clean up the mess the cops left at the break bar while R.J. is reading the paper. Bo comes in looking for more information from RJ. RJ tells him he has already told him all he knows, and it should have been enough if he had good cops.They argue over the case. Seth is listening very closely. Bo tells R.J. he wants the whole truth and notices Seth listening, tells him it is a private conversation and to beat it. Seth leaves. R.J. continues to stick to his story. He plants the thought that Sam is covering for Will just like Bo covered for Drew in the face of murder charges.They continue to argue a bit longer. Bo finally giving up and deciding to leave. He runs into Roseanne who is coming in. She asks Bo when Antonio will be coming back. He tells her soon, and leaves. Roseanne is there to see the damage done for herself. She tells RJ that she is there to apologize for trying to steal from him. She comments that his luck seems to be running out. He has no desire to talk to Roseanne and leaves, telling her there is no money in the cash register. Roseanne brings out the voodoo doll and thanks it for bringing down RJ. She then calls Antonio and tells him that she has been going to church and all kinds of things to make up for what she has done. She hints to him that she was 'of help' to Bo in bringing RJ down. He doesn't know what to think.

Will rushes into the courtroom telling Sam he needs to talk to him, alone. Sam & Nora assure him if it's about the case, Nora should be there too. Will tells them that Bo had a search warrant for his apartment and tells them that they found some boots with blood and mud on them. He tells them that Bo is convinced that the boots are Sam's. Sam asks him if he had ever seen the boots before, Will says yes, they are Sam's. Nora wants to know why they had a search warrant for Will's place. Will tells her that 'supposedly' they have an eye witness that places him at the scene of the crime. She goes out to the hall to call Bo to straighten this out. Sam takes Will to the side and asks him exactly what he knows about Colin's murder. Nora comes back saying she had to leave Bo a message and wants to know what they were talking about. They both say it was personal, and Will announces that he has to go. He leaves, and Nora chases after him. Nora catches Will in the hall and tries to get information from him. He still claims to know nothing at all. She begs him, reminding him that Sam is the father of her son, his half brother. He finally agrees to tell her something. All he tells her is that RJ is the eye witness he spoke of earlier. She asks if Will was there that night. He evades her, and she asks him again. He starts to tell her something, and Ben bursts in glaring at Will and demanding to know where Sam is. Nora tells him in the courtroom, Ben glares at Will again, and goes into the courtroom. Nora demands to know why Ben is so angry with him. She wants the whole story right now. Will is able to fend her off again, she finally gives up and lets him go. He walks around the corner right into Bo, who asks him point blank if Sam is covering for him. Meanwhile in the courtroom Ben is demanding the same thing from Sam. Sam denies it. Ben tells Sam of all the evidence against Will. Nora is listening out in the hall.