One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/19/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/19/01

By Boo

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Gabrielle and Max are still in the tack room. Gabby is trying to talk Max out of moving out. Max is confused, he thought that was what she wanted. Gabby is looking very worried. Asa comes in very upset because there are moving men at the house for Max. Gabby tries to recover by telling Asa that this is a good thing. Max goes to talk to the movers. Asa & Gabby try to figure out why he has suddenly decided to move out.They need to keep in the house for their plan to work. Gabby comes up with a plan. She tells Asa to pretend that he is thrilled that Max is leaving and leave the rest to her.

Cristian calls Antonio from his apartment for help finding Jenn. He explains that when Jen called, he could hear airport announcements. Antonio says he'll see what he can find out. He calls back with good news. A blonde mother - daughter team boarded a 1:18 flight to New York. Antonio says he will keep digging to find a motel. Chris is on his way to New York.

Lindsay and Jenn are in a motel room in New York. Lindsay is trying to be all upbeat and happy. Jenn is having nothing of it. She is worried about leaving Sam when he is going on trial. Lindsay continues to try to convince her that they are doing the right thing. They are protecting her. She continues to lie about Rae, and convince Jenn that Cristian is a threat to her. She leaves the room. Jenn remembers being at the rock quarry with Chris. She decides to call him, when she picks up the phone, Lindsay comes back in and tells her no phone calls. She reminds Jen how many times Will and Sam have been there for her. They are all family, they take care of each other. Jen agrees not to call Chris, but still looks at the phone longingly.

Nora is in an empty courtroom practicing her opening statement. A guard brings Sam into the room, un-cuffs him and wishes him luck. The guard leaves. Nora tells Sam that the police have a new suspect. Sam is not happy. Nora also tells Sam that she wants to bring in another attorney on the case. She wants HIM to help her on the case. They start to go over the case fine tuning it. They have fun strategizing and reminiscing. They think they have a really good chance to win.

Bo & John are still searching Will & Jess's apartment. They find a pair of boots with mud & blood on them. Jess is very confused, she has never seen the boots before in her life. Will will not say if they are his. He is looking very guilty. Bo tries to get the truth out of him, but he still claims he knows nothing. Bo sends one of the officers to take the boots to the lab, he wants the results yesterday. Then he continues to question both Will & Jess. Jess doesn't have a clue what is going on and Will is not cooperating. Bo & John are getting nowhere, they decide to leave with a warning for Will. He can count on more questions. Will tries to leave immediately to see Sam. Jess stops him and confronts him. They argue heatedly. Jess just wants the truth. She gives him an ultimatum, tell her the truth or she leaves for good. Will answers by grabbing his keys and walking out. Jess is devastated and confused.

Rae goes to the police station and gets caught by Hank searching John's desk for her tape. She asks Hank some 'hypothetical questions' that cause Hank to believe she knows something about Colin's murder. He questions her. She gets out of it by saying she was just doing some research for a book she is writing. John walks in on the tail end of their conversation. Rae tells John of a tape that she thinks may have been stolen. He asks her if she thinks he took it. She asks if he did. John asks her again if there is something he needs to know. She tells him she has to go if she doesn't want to be late for a patient.

Hank meets Bo as he returns to the station. Bo tells him R.J.'s info is not panning out, and they are waiting on lab reports about the boots. Hank is not pleased. Bo knows that a lot of people named Rappaport are lying to him. They get some of the reports back, still waiting on forensics. The boots are Sam's, they have his fingerprints all over them. Hank is very pleased. His case just got much stronger against Sam.

Max is back in the stable. Gabby 'trips' into the room, pretending to be surprised that he is still there.She says she understands now why he is moving out, he is abandoning Al all over again. Max catches her in his arms as she 'trips' again. They do not separate immediately. She continues to tell Max very strongly that she wants him to move out. He thinks he has figured out why she is acting the way she is....she still wants him.