One Life to Live Update Monday 6/18/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 6/18/01

By Glynis

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Blair and Todd are with Starr at the park. Starr is playing alone and Blair tells Todd that she will move in with him but there is a condition. She tells him that they will live at Dorianís if she has to move in. Todd doesnít mind that condition at all. Todd is rather happy, but he is faking it. He calls for Starr to come with him so that they can go home to the penthouse without her mother. Blair is shocked at that. Starr comes over to his parents and Blair explains some things to Starr. She tells Starr that Todd might just kick her out again if she doesnít do what he wants. Starr reminds her parents about the baby and where he should be born. Did they ever think about that? Todd thinks that Starr should be happy to stay at the penthouse where her mural is painted in her room. Blair thinks that they can do a mural at Dorianís house. Todd and Blair fight over where Starr would like to live. Todd tells Starr to go get dressed in her street clothes. Blair tells her that she could swim all the time at Dorianís. Starr likes that idea. Yeah, that is what the baby will like, swimming in a big swimming pool. Starr thinks that this is a great idea. Todd agrees to move to Dorianís. Starr rushes off. Todd tells Blair that she wins, but it isnít going to always be like this. Starr and Blair are not going to always gang up on him. He canít forget about the baby and she had better get used to that.

Max is in the stable and has some memories about his past with Gabrielle. She walks in behind him and she watches him as he has his memories. She knows what has been going through his mind. She tries to act like she isnít the nostalgic type but she is and she has some flashbacks of her own. She thinks that he remembers the day that they met and every single word that was said between them. He denies that he remembers that dayÖ. And what a day that was. He saw her ride and he flirted with her right from the start. They laugh over those memories. She toys with the idea that he might want to take her for a ride. He refuses her invitation. She canítí believe it. He has given up riding with her. When he saddles up it is going to be somewhere else. He tells her that he is moving as far away as he can get. She tells him that he canít move out. She seems frantic.

Viki and Ben are together looking at pictures of Vikiís kids. Jessica is now living with them again, and she is so sad. Viki remembers when she was a little girl. Jessica walks in and hates that Viki is feeling bad about Will hurting her. Ben thinks that she should stay with them whenever she wants. Someone comes to the door and Ben goes to answer it. Jessica is feeling a little lousy and doesnít think that she can fix things with Will. She doesnít trust anything that Will says. He is a liarÖ At the door, Ben opens up to find Will there. He doesn't think that Jessica will see himÖ. Jessica is not happy with the way that Will has been treating her. He has lied from the very beginning. Will enters the room where Jessica is talking to her mother. He wants to tell her everything. He has been without her and he doesnít want to do that ever again. She will believe him because she will always love him. She goes to him and they hug. He wants her to come with him to their home so that they can talk. She first goes to see her mother and she tells her that they are going to talk and maybe things will work out. Viki is happy for her. Jessica thanks Ben for looking out for her. She goes to get Will and they leave the house to go and have a heart to heart and talk. It isnít easy for Viki to let her daughter go when she knows that they can take care of Jessica there.

RJ is seeing Hank and Bo at the police station. RJ knows what they want to know, but he wants something in return. RJ can give them information on Colinís murder. RJ wants all the charges against him dropped in return for his information. Bo is being cynical because he isnítí going to cooperate. Bo thinks that he finally has RJ where he wants him. Bo doesnít believe that RJ knows anything. Bo tells him that no matter what he is going away. Hank is a little more lenient and thinks that they should think about finding the real killer in Colinís murder. They have to make a decision. Bo thinks that RJ was the one that killed Colin. Colin was found in a crate in RJís possession. Hank doesnít think that RJ is capable of murder. Hank thinks that RJ would want them to think that Sam was the murderer. Sam is obviously protecting someone in his family. Even if RJís information doesnít work, they wonít lose a thing.

Jenniferís mother is telling her that they have to leave town right away. She talked to Rae about Colinís murder and she isnít safe. Jennifer thinks that Rae will protect her. Lindsay says that Rae is at the police station right now. Lindsay was able to get the tape with the evidence on it. Jennifer refuses to leave with Lindsay. She wants to face whatever it is that she has to face. She thinks that she can take the pressure. Lindsay tells her that Sam wants her to leave and that her testifying will kill him. Jennifer agrees to leave with her mother. She wants to first say goodbye to Cristian. He has been understanding to her and she feels that she owes him something. Lindsay tells her that she can do whatever she wants, but she really should leave right away.

RJ is telling his lawyer that he has information that could set him free. Bo and Hank arrive and tell RJ everyone that he knows that have done illegal activity. He also has to give the name of Colinís killer. The deal is made. Bo tells him to start talking before they change their minds. RJ tells them that Will was the one that killed Colin. He was that Colinís house that night. He heard a noise and he goes outside to see Will leaving. Will is all black and blue like he was in a fight. He doesnít know what time that was. Bo isnítí buying. RJ just placed himself at the scene at the crime. RJ stopped at a convenience store so his face must be on camera somewhere. Bo is going to check this out. One of the guys that saw Will is downstairs. Bo will talk to him but that doesnít mean that RJ is out of the woods. Bo needs physical evidence. They are going to need a search warrant for Willís house.

Seth is talking with Cristian and he thinks that Cristian is getting too bent out of shape over Jennifer. Cristian thinks that he should see her. He finds out that Lindsay was over there looking for Cristian earlier. He goes running out.

Lindsay and Jennifer leave the apartment and Cristian arrives to see her, but it is too late. He has just missed them. He bangs on her door shouting her name, but she is gone.

Will and Jessica arrive at their place and Will is ready to come clean. This is going to make things easier for him. Being without her has taught him that it isnít worth him losing her. He has been avoiding the issue for a long time and it is time that he stopped doing that. He is not going to lose his relationship with Jessica over something as stupid as Colin. It is time to get things back on track with him and Jessica. She has been suffering too. This is quite enough. As he starts to talk, there is a knock on the door. What lousy timing. When is he going to be able to get this off his chest? It is Bo with some back up. Will opens the door. Bo presents Will with a warrant to search the apartment. He shows Will the paper that authorizes him to make a drastic move such as this. Will glances at it. Will turns to Jessica who is stunned at the development. She walks to him and asks him what is going on. Bo tells them that they are following up on a tip. Will allows them to come in and search the place. A herd of policemen walk in and proceed looking through everything that they own. Will tells Jessica not to be scared and that everything is going to be over in no time.

Jennifer is at the airport and she phones Cristian to say goodbye. He can hear that she is at the airport, but he canít really hear what she is saying. Lindsay rushes up and takes the cell phone from her. She tells Jennifer that she got the last two seats on a flight and that they have to go right away. Cristian doesnít know what is going on, but he heard the reservationist on the intercom at the airport and he vows that he will find her no matter what it takes.