One Life to Live Update Monday 6/11/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 6/11/01

By Glynis

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RJ is telling Will that he saw him at the scene of the crime. Will still maintains that he wasnít at the scene of the crime. RJ says that he was at the scene too, but he wasnít there to kill Colin. Will is sure that he was no where near Colin on the night of the murder. RJ thinks that it is interesting that Willís father is rotting in jail for a crime that he didnít do. RJ asks how it felt killing Colin. Will doesnít like the way that the conversation is going. RJ doesn't have a motive to kill Colin. RJ wonders what will happen to Sam if Will doesnít tell the truth. Sam might even get the chair for this. Will canít take this Ďtalkí anymore and turns, leaving.

Ben goes to visit with Sam who is in jail. The guard comes and allows Ben to enter Samís cell and talk with him. Sam hates being away from his kids. Ben wants to play big brother for a while and help Sam. Ben will not give him a choice in the matter. Sam wants Ben to keep an eye on Lindsay. Ben agrees to watch Lindsay for him. Sam is glad that Ben is not asking him if he actually did the murder or not. Ben thinks that it is good that Sam has changed his plea to Ďnot guiltyí.

Lindsay goes to visit Nora who really doesnít want to see her at this time. Lindsay wants to know how Nora is going to proceed with the case. She is looking after Samís case. Lindsay doesnít want her children to go through anymore trauma. Nora thinks that they should get together and keep the children safe. Nora will not discuss the case any further. Lindsay guesses that Nora is going to go after her again. Lindsay is sure that the murder canít be pinned on her. Lindsayís kids are going to suffer if Nora has her way. Lindsay tells Nora that she is fired. Nora laughs in her face. Lindsay is going to talk with Sam and make sure that he fires Nora.

Rae is visiting with Jennifer at Raeís house and she is trying to get her to open up. Rae knows that there is more that Jennifer knows about what had gone on in the murder investigation for Colin. Rae assures her that anything that they talk about will be confidential, that is the law. Rae feels that Jennifer is very courageous to ask for help. Jen is afraid that someone is going to find out that she is seeking help from Rae. Rae reminds her that Sam was worried about her long ago. He would be pleased that Rae is helping. Jennifer thinks that no one can help her. Rae is sure that talking will help her tremendously. Jennifer doesnít have a lot of friends in town and this is going to be good for her to talk with Rae. Jennifer tells Rae that the police donít have the complete story to go ahead with their case. Jennifer starts to open up with Rae. What she has to say will affect a lot of people. Rae assures her again that she can be trusted. Rae doesnít think that she is going to harm anyone. Rae tells her that nothing will leave Raeís lips about what they talk about. Jennifer can tell the story anyway that she wants. Every since that night, there seems to be a huge problem and no one will talk about it. Nothing is going to magically disappear. This can be very damaging. It can make her sick and make her do dangerous things. Rae feels that she should just say what is happening and that will take away the power of the secret. Jennifer tells her that she was in Colinís house the night that he was killed. She canít stop seeing it. She sees Colin getting killed over and over again. There is more to the story and Jennifer has been hiding the information all this time. It has been a burden for her to carry this information for so long. Rae is surprised at what Jennifer has said. Rae is going to help her. Jennifer doesnít understand how Rae is going to help her. Rae canít believe that Lindsay asked her daughter to keep a secret like that. Rae understands that Jennifer loves her mother and wanted to protect her. Rae thinks that Jennifer has to go to the police to straighten things out for Sam. Rae tells her that this would be the right thing to do. Jennifer is afraid that Rae is not going to keep her promise. Will Rae betray her? Rae knows that she needs time. This is hurting her very deeply and they have had an intense talk.

Roseanne is visiting with a voodoo mistress who tells her that her problems are because of a man. Roseanne is shocked at that. She was sure that her problems were due to Kellyís interference. She was sure that the culprit was due to a woman. She tells how this woman told her boyfriend a secret and now he has dumped her and she loves him passionately. The mistress tells her that the man that she cares for is not the evil one. The mistress tells her that Kelly is not the evil one, Kelly is only the messenger. They resort to asking the bones for the truth. The mistress throws them on the table. The man that hurt Roseanne is a very powerful spirit. There is no name, only two letters. Roseanne guesses that the two letters of the manís name is RJ. RJ is going to seek revenge on her. She wants a curse put on RJ so that he will leave her alone. The mistress tells her to ask her heart what to do. The mistress leaves her and Roseanne takes out her phone and calls Antonio. She needs to talk with him, but he doesnít want to speak with her. He tells her that Sophia was talking with him and she is still ill and he hopes that Roseanne is happy with her arrangement with RJ. They hang up and Roseanne wonders what else she has to leave. The mistress returns and can tell that a decision has been made. The mistress wants something of RJís that he wears close to his skin. Roseanne is sure that she can do that

Viki tells Asa that she wants to talk about Ben. She is appalled that he would do the things that he has done recently. He is bent on hurting his son with his actions. He acknowledges Al as his son while hurting his real son, Ben. She doesnít understand how Asa could marry Gabrielle and adopt her son. Why would he do that when he has a son of his own? Asa reminds her that Ben hates him. She reminds Asa that he hired bodyguards after trying to kill Ben. Why should Ben care for him after that? Asa should have known that Ben was going to tell the truth about the hired gun. Asa has dredged up quite a bit. Asa knows that he screwed up. Asa had some dreams and the doctor says that he had an enlarged heart and he was out of his head for months. Viki finds it strange that he still managed to hire an assassin in spite of his illness. She thinks that he is trying to hurt Renťe in this venture to marry Gabrielle who is poison. She tells him that Gabrielle is going to bring him to his knees. Asa feels that he can have real love with Gabrielle. Viki seriously doubt that he can have a better marriage with Gabrielle than he had with Renťe. Asa thinks that Gabrielle is a good woman and a devoted mother. He thinks that she has changed. Viki wants to know what Asa is up to. He has been through a lot lately and he has been accused of everything. He has been played for a sucker and he wants a fresh start.

Will comes to see Nora. He tells Nora that he and Jennifer hated Colin and that Sam didnít kill Colin. Nora wants to know where this is coming from. Will tells her that Samís confession is a lie. Someone else killed Colin. She asks him if he was the one that killed Colin. Will thinks that she should just believe him. Nora knows that he has the answers, but he will not talk. Nora canít believe this family. Everyone has his or her mouth closed. She begs him to tell her what she needs to know. She begs him for the truth. Will agrees to tell her what she needs to know.

RJ is alone and he thinks back to the times when he threatened Colin and almost killed him. He remembers talking to the wooden box after Colin was placed inside it. These memories are too much, even for him and he pours himself a shot.

Ben is still talking with Sam when Lindsay arrives to speak with Sam. She is frantic and needs to see Sam right away. Ben hugs his brother and tells him that he must go. After he is gone, Lindsay enters the cell and she tells him that Nora has to be fired right away. She is worried that Nora will do anything in her power to get to the truth and they canít let that happen. Sam thinks that they should get to the truth, which is what he wants. Sam trusts Nora but that is not good enough for Lindsay. Sam feels that this is just Lindsay showing her hatred for Nora again and he doesnít have time for it. He will not jeopardize his case for this pettiness. Lindsay doesnít want him to get to the truth. She thinks that he should use an insanity plea. She is willing to testify about the things that Colin did to their family and no one will have to find out what really happened that night and that will be the end of the case. Lindsay is sure that Nora is going to have her hanged. Sam refuses to cooperate with him. She is going to handle this herself. She is going to go to Rae and have her set up the insanity case. She leaves the cell. Sam doesnít want this and shouts at her to wait.

Ben arrives home in time to hear Asa telling Viki that he would like Viki and Ben to be at their party. He would like his whole family to be together. He leaves and Ben and Viki discuss Asaís announcement. Viki reminds him that Asa is very manipulative. Ben knows that Asa may have a motive for wanting them at that party. Ben is sure that they will find out what is going on when they go to the party that night.

Roseanne shows up at RJís club and tells him that she was aware that she messed up. She is being really friendly and wants a second chance. He suspects that she has run out of money. She finds a common thread to talk about. She wants to start over. The both of them have no friends and they should be with each other. She wants to come to his place and have a drink with him. He thinks that is a great idea. He likes that idea and thinks that more will happen. RJ walks away from her.

Jennifer and Rae are still talking together. Rae has the information that had been plaguing Jennifer for months, but she promised to keep that confidential and she will do that for Jennifer. Jennifer is crying now and Rae feels that she has to be less harsh with herself over what has happened. Rae sends Jennifer to the washroom to put water on her face. Jennifer leaves and the doorbell rings. Rae has to stop for a moment and think about if she had set up an appointment and forgotten about it. Rae opens the door to find Lindsay there. Lindsay comes bursting in the room and Rae grabs her arm asking, "How dare you?" Lindsay turns and faces a very scary Rae.