One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/30/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/30/01

By Tammy

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What an exciting sweeps finale! Lindsay, Cris, Jen and Bo are all gathered at Lindsay's art gallery discussing Colin's murder and the events surrounding it. Bo has been interrogating Lindsay and about to question Jen, who has just arrived. "I have something to say about Colin's death," declares Jen. Just before she can spit it out, Sam bursts in the room. "I did it ! I killed Colin!" announces Sam. The entire room is stunned beyond belief. "Is that so?" asks Bo. "Yes it is," replied Sam. Bo is not convinced that Sam is telling the truth. "Who are you protecting, Sam?" "Nobody. I did it and that's the end of it," he tells Bo. Bo isn't quite so sure. "What were you going to say before your father barged in?" Bo asks Jen. She pauses then replies, "I was just going to say that Aunt Lanie couldn't have killed Colin. That's all." Sam requests to Bo that they go downtown and not do 'this' in front of the rest of them. "Why?" asks Bo. "Are you afraid of what Lindsay or even Jen may have to say about it?" "No," replies Sam. "I have proof that I killed Colin. I have the murder weapon!"

Over at St. Anne's, Todd, disguised as a nun, has been eavesdropping on Blair and Kelly. Kelly realizes that they're not having a private conversation and asks the sister, who has 'her' back to them, for a little privacy. In a very high pitched voice, Todd replied. "No problem." Blair tries to get Kelly to sit back down with her and continue their game. Kelly gets really upset about the fact that the nun won't face them and apologize. "How rude of her not to face us..." Hank interrupts. "Good evening ladies," he says as he enters the room. Todd, dressed as a nun, slips out of the room without being noticed. Blair asks Hank if he's here on business and he says that he is. "Todd managed to convince the judge that you were crazy when he was on the stand. She has reviewed your evaluation and decided that while you were insane at the time you shot Max, you are no longer a threat to yourself or anyone around you." declared Hank. "Oh my God, Kelly. I'm free!" shouted Blair. "Don't start to celebrate just yet. There are conditions," hank told them. "You must visit a therapist every week here at St. Anne's and if at any time, the therapist deems you a danger, you must return here for care." "That will never happen!" professed Blair. "You'll be eligible for release tomorrow," Hank told her as he left the room. Blair turned to Kelly and told her not to worry. "Everything will be just fine now. I have to thank Todd, and most of all, I can't wait to see Starr!" she told Kelly.

At Asa's mansion, Gabrielle and Asa are discussing putting their plan in motion to make Max pay and how they should not tell Al about it.. "I can't wait to get this plan in high gear. It won't be soon enough when I get to see Max suffer!" Gabrielle shouted as she busted a champagne glass against the fireplace. Al, who had just return from a test drive of the new Viper Asa gave him, was listening in the hall and rushed in when he saw his mom get upset. "Mom," he said. "What's going on?" Asa spoke up and tried to change the conversation. "How did she drive, Son?" "She's a beauty, but I want to know what you were talking about," replied Al. "Nothing that your mom and I discuss are any of your concern," Asa scolded him, then left the room. Gabrielle began to try to convince Al that there was no hidden agenda, no plan to Max pay. "The only payback I need is for Max to have to watch how happy you and I are here with Asa," Gabe explained. Al pushed the issue and Gabe began to relive her past and explains to Al why she had to leave him with Max while she was in prison. When she thinks of how horrible it was for her and the fact that Max never once visited her in prison, she breaks down in Al's arms, then quickly pulls herself together. She again assures Al that there is no plan. What could it be?

Gina arrives at the mountain where she had ordered her goons to take both Ben and Vicky. She gives orders to two of them to kill Ben, then she hikes up the mountain to find James and Vicky. When she gets to the top, she tells James to wait for her in the car and he leaves. Gina tells Jean that her plan backfired. "He didn't fall for it, Jean, and now you must die," Gina tells her as she pulls out a pistol. With the revolver pointed in her face, Jean becomes Nikki and tries to talk Gina into keeping her alive. "Are you hitting on me?" asks Gina. "God, no! I like men. I like a lot of men! In fact, I'm very good at picking out men. I find one for you and you'd forget all about that bum, Ben. We could go on the road. You know, like Thelma and Louise." Nikki comments to Gina. "We don't have a lot in common, you and I. For one thing, in a minute I will still be alive!" insisted Gina. Meanwhile, in a nearby area, Ben tries to talk his way out of being shot. He confuses Gina's two goons and locks them in the trunk of his car. Before he can go to find Vicky, James appears and sticks a gun to his back. Back at the top, Gina begins to fire shots on the ground at Vicky's feet in an attempt to make her jump off the cliff. After the third shot, another of Vicky's alters emerged and grabbed the gun. "Gina, I will kill you!" screamed the alter. "Tommy is that you?" asked Gina as she is fighting for the gun. "No! You haven't me before. My name is Tori. I killed Vicky's father and I don't mind killing you!" she screamed at Gina. Fear came across Gina's face as they continued to struggle for control of the gun. Who will win the battle? Stay tuned...