One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/29/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/29/01

By Tammy

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Gathered at Lindsay's Art Gallery are Lindsay, Cristian and Bo. Bo is there on official business. Cris has been trying to get Lindsay to tell the truth about what happened to Colin. Cris tells her that he knows she's making Jen keep secrets from everyone she loves. A secret that is connected to Colin's murder. Lindsay denies everything. Bo, who has just arrived, questions Lindsay about the earring that was found in Colin's bedroom. "I told you before that I have never seen that earring before in my life," she tells Bo. "So, you're still sticking to that story?" he asks. "That's funny, Lindsay, because after looking at the security tape from the dining room where Colin had his party, we see you wearing those exact earrings. Furthermore, enough DNA was left on the earring and when examined, it matched your DNA. What do you have to say about that?" Bo asks. "Okay. They are mine, but I have no idea how it got in Colin's bedroom," she answered. Cris insists that Lindsay is having Jen keep a secret about that night and of course, Lindsay denies it and tries to put the focus on Cris. "He's the one you need to be taking to jail for selling fake ID's to underage kids!" she yells. Bo says, "I thought you said you were mistaken about that?" Lindsay replies, "I was trying to give him a second chance, but I see now I shouldn't have." Bo tells Lindsay that he will follow this to every letter of the law when he has evidence to support the accusation, but until then they need to get back to the business at hand. "Which is what?" asked Lindsay. "That I killed Colin with my earring?"

At Sam's, Jen tells her father that she can no longer keep any secrets. She has to help get Lanie off because it's the right thing to do. "You and I both know she didn't do it and you know why," she tells Sam. "I can't do this any longer. I have to tell the truth no matter what mom says," says Jen. Before Jen can say anything that would clue in the audience, Sam stops her. "I know exactly what happened the night that Colin was murdered," he tells her. "Stop it!" she says. "This isn't working anymore. I can't do this. I have to go talk to mom," Jen tells her father, then leaves to head for the gallery. Sam picks up the phone to call Lindsay. Lindsay, in the middle of an interrogation, answers and clues Sam in that she is not alone. Sam figures out that it's Bo who is with her and tells her not to say a word, that he will be right over. Bo questions Lindsay about the phone call and she tells him that it's an artist. Bo tries to make her feel guilty about having Jen keeps secrets, and it doesn't work. "I have to get the truth, no matter who I get it from and that includes Jen. If you won't tell me what she's hiding, I'll have to question her myself...downtown," Bo tells the worried mom. "Okay. Okay!" cries Lindsay. Jen walks in and wants to know what is going on. Before anybody can speak, Sam rushes in. "I'll tell you all what happened. I killed Colin! It was me!" confesses Sam.

Over at St. Anne's, Kelly comes to visit Blair. "I came as soon as they let me," Kelly tells her. Blair is really happy to see her, but Kelly notices something is wrong. "What's wrong, honey?" asks Kelly. "I saw mama in here," she replied as her tears began to swell in her eyes. Kelly tells her not to worry. "You are not sick like your mom and my mom are. This is totally different," Kelly says as she tries to console Blair. "That's not it," Blair explains. "Even in her simple mind and simple way of thinking, mama made me realize that Todd didn't testify to hurt me, he did it to help me." she further explains. Kelly thinks Blair has really lost it for saying that. "Think about it," she tells Kelly. "Todd never does anything deliberately. He testified in front of the court, the Judge and everybody else that I was crazy, that I was seeing red. He actually got the Judge to buy it to keep me out of Prison." explained Blair. They continue to discuss Todd and her feelings for him. Todd tried to visit Blair but was stopped by a nun. She threw him out and forbid him to see her. Todd, sneaks in disguised as a nun to eavesdrop on Blair and Kelly. After a while Kelly asks thew sister if she can give her and Blair some privacy. Will they discover that it's really Todd? Stay tuned...