One Life to Live Update Monday 5/28/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 5/28/01

By Tammy

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Jen confronts Melanie about the murder of her Grandfather. Jen wants to know if Lanie truly hated her father. "How could you kill
him for his money? Did you hate him that much?" Jen asks her Aunt Lanie. "No, I loved him that much. He asked me to end his
pain and suffering and I didn't want him to suffer any longer. If I had known that he had changed his will, I would have insisted he
change it back to include Lindsay." Lanie confessed to Jen. Lanie can't believe what her sister has told to Jen.

Upon returning home from the police station, Bo finds Lanie's engagement ring on an end table along with a note that reads in part
as follows: My Dearest Bo, After everything that has happened, I decided that I must leave this place. It was the hardest decision
I've ever made, but the only one I could have made. We know each other better than anyone else on earth. You are the last
person on earth I would want to hurt, but the first one that I did. You're too sweet to say so, though. 

Nora walks into Bo's and finds him reading the letter. Bo turns to her and she tries to lighten the air by telling Bo that he should
really keep his doors locked so that drifters couldn't invite themselves in. "I saw Lanie earlier at Sam's place," Nora told him. "Was
she settled in?" he asked. "As well as she can be under the circumstances," Nora replied. She told Bo that they both know Lanie
wasn't the murderer and they vow to find the truth. Bo heads to Lindsay's.

Meanwhile, Cristian arrives at Lindsay's gallery and reads her the riot act about her treatment of Jen. He tells Lindsay that he
knows the reason she doesn't want her daughter, Jen, seeing him is because of a secret she's afraid Jen will confide to him.
Lindsay denies it and she also denies her involvement in Colin's murder.

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