One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/24/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/24/01

By Tammy

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Last to leave the courtroom, Sam and Todd continue their conversation. Sam tells Todd he knows what Todd's been
up to. "You didn't testify to hurt Blair, you were trying to help her. You knew that at the moment she shot Max, she
was indeed out of her mind and in your twisted world, what you did after that was help her. If Blair is declared insane,
you know she'll be home soon after they evaluate her. Isn't that right, Todd?" asks Sam. Todd denies his feelings for
Blair. He admits he tried to help Blair, but only for Starr. He doesn't want Starr to grow up without her mom. Sam
warns Todd to tell Blair his feelings for her before he waits to long. Todd swears he has no feelings for her because
she got pregnant with Max's baby. "Because she got pregnant before the two of you got back together, you're gonna
throw her to the wolves?" he asks Todd. "You were in love with her and going to marry her for the third time two
months ago. What happened to those feelings?" Sam questions Todd. "There dead and buried! And tomorrow I'm
going to let the world know that I don't when I smear her name in the Sun," replied Todd. Sam bets Todd that he
won't do that to Blair!

At St. Anne's, Blair tries to convince the nuns that she doesn't belong there. She freaks out and tries to escape
through the window. Blair's mother, Addie, walks in and is overjoyed to see her. "You came to see me," she told
Blair. One of the Sisters suggests that Addie show Blair around the game room and spend some time together. The
staff leave the room. As Addie gets the checkers game out, Blair begins to cry. "What's wrong, Blair?" "I miss my
daughter. You remember Starr don't you, Mama?" asked Blair. She does remember her and tells Blair to go get her
so they can all be together. "I can't," Blair tells her. Blair tries to explain and tells Addie that she wouldn't
understand. "Why? Because I'm stupid?"asked Addie. Blair tells her no and says that it's all Todd's fault. After
hearing a short version, Addie tells her that she thinks Todd is on her side after all. At first, Blair is in denial about
the possibility that Todd could be trying to keep her from prison. After the shock wears off, the idea grows on her.
Could it really be true? Blair also tells Addie about the new baby.

At Gina's, the ladies are waiting by the phone. Gina's is eagerly awaiting a call from Ben. She begins to think out loud
that maybe something has gone wrong. "What if Ben didn't by your little act?" she asks Jean. "What if he saw right
through you? What if my plan isn't working?" wondered Gina. "I promise you he didn't figure it out," Jean assures
her. "Although, what you see in Ben, I'll never know." Gina tells Jean how she feels for him. It's something Jean
would never understand. Jean begins to question Gina about what happens to her next. The phone rings. It's Ben! He
wants to see Gina and he's coming over. Gina prepares herself for the visit. Jean again questions her about what will
happen to her when Gina gets her man. "Will I go free now?" she asks. "Not yet!" replies Gina. "I need more
insurance and besides, every time I let you near anyone, I stand a chance of you turning into Vicky!" Jean assures
her that she is control and will remain in control, but Gina doesn't buy it. "So, I'll never get out of here?" asks Jean.

After making the phone call to Gina, Ben heads over to Sam's to see Will. Will and Jen are having a conversation
about Colin's murder. Jen insists that she can't keep quiet anymore about what she knows. Will makes her promise
not to say anything to anyone. The doorbell rings. Will answers the door and it's Ben. Ben tells him that he doesn't
have time to explain, but someone is in trouble. "I have reason to believe Jessica's life may be in danger. Promise
me you will get her out of town!" explained Ben. "Where do I take her?" asked Will. "Anywhere, just don't tell a
soul," answered Ben. "Just trust me, Will. Leave right away!" Then Ben rushes off to Gina's. Will goes back into the
living room and tells Jen that he has to go. "Where?' she asked. "I don't know. I don't know." he replied. "I just
have to go!" He makes her promise again that she won't breathe a word about what she knows and he leaves. Jen
leaves behind him to go see Cris at the bar. When she arrives, she tells him that she's been keeping a secret since
Colin's murder and she has to tell him the truth!

At Police headquarters, Kelly tells Rosanne that she knows Rosie is RJ's informant. Rosanne denies her accusations
and asks her why she would believe that lie. "Well, let's see. Where did you get all that money, for starters?" asks
Kelly. Sofia was positive it was Rosie. Rosanne tries to convince Kelly that Sofia was delusional. "She had some sort
of mental break after her accident. She's crazy," she explains. After Kelly threatens to call Sofia, Rosanne grabs the
phone from her hands and admits to being the nark. "RJ made me do it." explained Rosie. She tells Kelly that she
was devastated when Antonio broke up with her. She was broke and alone. RJ made her an offer and she took it.
Soon after, she and Antonio reunited. "I felt terrible and I knew what I did was wrong, so I went to RJ. I told him I
couldn't do it anymore, but he blackmailed me." Rosanne explained to Kelly. Rosanne begs her not to tell Antonio.
She promises to donate all the money she made to charity. "Please don't tell Antonio!" she begs Kelly. "Tell me
what?" asks Antonio as he enters the room! Will Kelly tell him the truth? Stay tuned!

Quote of the day:
Sam is trying to no avail, to talk some sense into Todd about his feelings for Blair.He's trying to convince Todd that
not feeling the hurt, doesn't make it disappear.

Sam: No matter how many terrible things you do to cover how you really feel, the truth still remains. Deep down on the
inside, you're a human being just like the rest of us!

Todd: That's a great impression of Vicky. Can you do any of her personalities?