One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/23/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/23/01

By Tammy

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The judge reaches a decision regarding Blair. Todd tries to continue his testimony, but the judge refuses to hear another word, her decision is final - Blair is deemed unfit to stand trail for shooting Max by reason of insanity! She is remanded to St. Anne's for psychiatric evaluation. Blair is devastated! Max rushes in and blames Todd for keeping him from getting there on time. Max vows that he'll get payback. Blair goes off to the institution. Hank congratulates Sam for getting an insanity plea. Sam confronts Todd about his testimony. " you came here to testify to help Blair, not send her to prison," says Sam.

At the bar, Nora sends R.J. to the supply room so she can search for clues. while snooping, she finds a key to R.J.'s apartment. just then, R.J. returns to the room and scares Nora nearly out of her skin, but not before she can stash the key. Later, Nora searches the apartment and finds a clue... cold hard cash, with a note attached that wasn't written by R.J.! could it be Lindsey's handwriting? stay tuned....

Cristian arrives to see Jen just after Lindsey has departed. he notices that Jen is really upset and calls her on it. they begin discussing the events surrounding Colin's death. just as Jen is about to reveal something to Cris, will storms in and demands that Cris get out! he agrees, but asks Jen to come with him. she stays behind to talk to will. after recalling her discussion with her mom, Jen tells will that she is sure aunt Lanie killed Colin because she killed her own father. Jen also tells will that Lindsey wants her to keep quiet about what she knows. will agrees with Lindsey and tells her not to say a word to anybody! after will questioning Jen about why their mom told her about Lanie giving her father an overdose, Jen changes her story. "I know who killed Colin and it has nothing to do with Lanie," claims Jen.

Bo continues his visit with Lanie in jail and he tells her that he is sure she didn't kill Colin and he promises to find out who did. also at the police department, Rosanne confronts Kelly about what Sofia confided in her. "I know you're R.J.'s nark," claims Kelly. more tomorrow...