One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/22/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/22/01

By Tammy

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Max and Gabrielle remain locked in Asa's wine cellar and they continue to stroll down memory lane. Outside the
door, Starr is standing guard as Al stumbles upon her. He questions her and manages to open the door. He finds his
mom and dad in a compromising position! Max realizes who is responsible for locking him in and rushes out to go
save Blair by testifying that she isn't the one that shot him.

Meanwhile, at the court house, Blair begins to panic because Max hasn't arrived. Sam requests a postponement, but
the judge denies it. She does, however, grant a short recess and allows that if Sam's witness arrives by the time the
prosecution rests, he may testify. Sams goes to try to track down Max and Blair worries he won't get there in time.
She makes a desperate attempt to stop Todd from testifying by writing him a note telling him that he is the father of
her baby, not Max! Kelly intercepts the note and refuses to allow Blair to tell Todd anything. Later, Todd begins to

Jen and Lindsay discuss Colin's murder. Jen does not think that Lanie had any thing to do with it. Lindsay tells her
daughter how her Aunt Lanie had administered an overdose to their father the day after he changed his will to include
only Lanie. Jen admits that she knows more about the murder than she is letting on. Lindsay insists that Jen not
breathe a word about what she knows for her family's sake. "It could really hurt someone you love."

At the police station, Nora tries to convince Bo to help her find evidence against Lindsay. He refuses and tells her
that he plays by the book. Determined to play by her own book, Nora sets out for RJ's to find some clues. What will
she find? Stay tuned....