One Life to Live Update Monday 5/21/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 5/21/01

By Tammy

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At the court house, Blair and Kelly await Max's arrival. Max was locked in the wine cellar at Asa's. Max pleaded to Gabrielle to let him out because he has something important to do. She refuses and says that she will not allow him to run to the cops to turn in her new hubby. He asks her to remember how it felt being in prison all those years as Al grew up without her. "Would you wish that on anyone else?," he asked. "Of course not, " she replied as she opened the celler door. As they stood in the cellar arguing, the door slammed shut again!

Meanwhile, Gina is growingly suspicious of Jean and questions her about DID. Jean explains that she has spent many years watching Vicki control the body and is quit aware of many of her emotions. She further explains that Vicki, as the host, is unaware of the other personalities and her knowledge of them is soley based on what someone else has told her of them. Gina says that if that's true, why does she care about what happens to Jessica? "I don't care for her, Vicki does. I just don't like a mess! I am a person of order."

Jessica added some color in the order of flowers in an attempt to cheer up Will and give him a change of scenery. She confessed to him that she had introduced Al to Jen because of Cristian. Not because she wanted him for herself or that she was jealous. She had really loved him, but has moved on. "It's just really hard to see him getting on with his life," she explained. As they began to make love, they knoked the phone off the hook.

Ben tries to reach Jess by phone and has no luck. He bigins to piece a few things together about Vicki's strange behavior and discovers a few clues as well. Why did she have glasses? She never had glasses before. Why was she dropping hints about the safety of her daughter and mentioning Gina in the same sentence? Things just do not add up, so he heads for Jessica's.

Back at the court house, Blair worries about why Max is so late. The Judge arrives and begins court ...without Max...and denies a request to postpone. She will allow Max to testify if he is there when the state is finished presenting their case. During a short recess, Blair attempts to get a message to Todd saying that it's his baby she carrying, not Max's. Kelly suspects Blair is up to something and grabs the note from her just as Todd is about to take the stand.

Back at the mansion, Gabby and Max relive the past and she admits she still wants him! Meanwhile, Starr stands guard an the other side of the door!!!

Gina demands that Jean call and give the order to kill Jessica and as she begins to, Gina grabs the phone and tells Mitch to stop watching Jess for now. As he leaves, he bumps into Ben. Ben suddenly remembers him from the bar and begins to put the pieces together.

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