One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/17/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/17/01

By Glynis

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Will comes over and find Jennifer sleeping alone on the couch. Soon their father arrives and is glad to see his two children. The kids fill in the blanks. Sam is sure that Lanie couldnít have done this murder. The kids are sure of that too.

Lindsay confronts Nora about what happened. Nora doesnít know what she is talking about. Lindsay tells Nora that Lanie murdered Colin.

Lanie is in jail thinking about her fight with Colin and him later dying. 

Bo is upset with Hank for having to lock up Lanie. Bo is still in charge and wants to call the shots. Hank tells him that he has to charge Lanie or the case will be taken out of his hands. Bo thinks that they should be waiting for more evidence, but Hank thanks that they should be jumping on Lanie right away. Bo is sure that RJ is not innocent. Hank warns him that they have to go by the book on this. Bo needs a little more time to prove that his fiancťe is not the monster that everyone thinks that she is. Hank warns him that there is more than one murder on the table. Hank is sure that she did it and now she is telling the truth. Hank leaves him. Bo goes to see Lanie. He just looks at her. He is not there to charge her. She lied to him over and over again and she couldnítí find her way out. Bo doesnítí want to talk about it. 

Jessica wakes up and goes to see Cristian. Jessica canít believe that Lanie killed Colin. Al walks in behind Jessica and calls to her. She turns and sees and recognizes him. He tells her that his name is Al Buchanan now. She explains that she is dating someone else now. She isnít dating Cristian anymore. So Jessica finds out that Al now has a new father. Al hates his real father and is Asaís son now. Will and Jennifer arrive and Al is immediately smitten by Jennifer. Jessica offers to introduce him to her. 

Starr is home and Todd sends her to the kitchen. She finds her toy trunk which is full of stuff that was at her motherís house. She demands to know what is going on. He asks her if she would like to have a home of her own. Starr thinks that he has fixed everything and Blair, him and her are all going to live together again. She throws herself on him. Todd tries to tell her something. He didnítí bring Blairís things over there for her. Blair is not going to come and live with them. Starr covers her ears and pretends that she canít hear. He makes her hear. Starr is afraid that her mother is going to jail. Todd tries to tell her that he is sorry, but Starr thinks that sorry is a waste of time. That is something that Todd always tells them.

Blair wakes up to Asa reading a news paper with her face as the headline. He is sure that she is going to jail for shooting Max in the back. She thinks that she is going to end up living in the house with her baby and Max. Asa doesnít see that happening. Blair wants to know what kind of game Asa is playing at. He denies that there was any game going on. She remembers being married to him. He remembers it being hell. She knew where his soft spots were. She got all of his money to take care of her mother. She was a tramp but she is on her way to prison now. He despises her. 

Max is in the house and finds Gabrielle dressed in her sexy lingerie doing exercises and eating strawberries and cream. m She doesnít see him standing in the doorway and soon she bumps into him. Max remembers feeding her strawberries and cream at another time when they were lovers. She was hoping for some privacy, but she left the door open and he thinks that she wanted him to see her. She is not ready to leave the bed in her room. She is happy and canít remember the last time that she was that happy. Max wants to talk about their son. He has a say in what happens with his son. He was very tight with his son. Al hates him. Max remembers teaching his son to play poker. He taught his son how to turn a dollar into five dollars. He used to want to be a magician and instead he ended up teaching Max a few tricks. Gabrielle used to let him do card tricks for her when she was upset. Gabrielle missed Alís whole childhood and she will never get those years back. Al canít bear the sight of Max and he has to wonder how Gabrielle could turn their son against him. She thinks that he has done this himself. Gabrielle didnít have time to badmouth Max. She was busy trying to get a job and putting her son in high school. Max didnít know all this. Al is proud. He is a good looking boy who is a man now. Max didnít help and now Al knows how to make his own decisions. Asa arrives in the room and finds Max sitting on the bed with his scantily-clad wife. Asa tells Max that he is not wanted there or they will mess up his face. Asa thinks that he could get Al to mess up his face for him. Max leaves the room and Asa says that they are still on their honeymoon. He slams the door in his face. Gabrielle and Asa make noises like they are having sex again. They are not having sex. They are discussing how she is really devious. She is going to go to her own bedroom now. She knows that Max is having some trouble thinking that she is sleeping with Asa when she really isnít. This is only the beginning.

Lindsay comes to see her daughter and Nora is there too. Nora canít believe that Lanie is the murderer. Lindsay knows that Nora just wanted the murderer to be Lindsay. There is more. After Lanie confessed to killing Colin, she confessed to killing their father as well. Sam canít believe the news. Lindsay explains the circumstances and Nora and Sam listen dumbfounded. Sam thinks that Lindsay should be more concerned for her sister. She confessed and she is in jail. Sam is going to talk to Lanie. Lindsay remembers that Lanie allowed Jennifer to be traumatized by her killing. Colin pulled her hair out of her head and they are still willing to defend her? Sam leaves to go and see Lanie. Lindsay thinks that Nora should chase after him, but Nora is happy to wait for the truth. Lindsay knows that Nora wanted her to pay for this. Nora is sure that she will pay in the end and that is going to be sweet. Nora sure doesnít believe that Lanie killed Colin. She is going to find out what else there is to find out. Nora walks out. Lindsay makes a call to ensure that she be allowed to testify against her sister, Melanie McIver.

Max goes downstairs in Asaís house and is very angry at Gabrielle and Asa pretending that they are in love with each other. Blair is there and he tells her that he hates Gabrielle. She has a cash register where her heart used to be. Blair says that Todd is not going to take her baby. She needs Max to get her off the charges so she can see Starr again. Blair shows Max the headlines proving that Todd is trying to ruin her. Max promises to help her out. Blair tells him that Todd said that she shouldnít trust Max. Max is sure that Todd is no match for the two of them. they are going to win. She is scared and she has to stay focused. They have to put the past behind them. They have to forget the future and the fights. They have a second chance. They are not going to be beaten. Max is very sure of this. Blair hopes that he is right. Max helps her up and she leaves the room. Max is sure that he is going to win this one and Todd isnít going to see it coming.

Sam shows up at the police station to see his client. Hank leaves him to go and talk to her. Bo is still talking to Lanie and she is still saying that she killed Colin. Bo tells her that she is to stop saying that. Bo thinks that the real killer is still out there.

At the bar, Jessica is talking to Al when he gets a gander at Jennifer. Jessica tells him that Jennifer is not seeing anyone and if he would like to meet her she can introduce them. Jessica leaves to go and get Jennifer to meet Al.

Asa and Gabrielle are on the couch in the livingroom when Max comes in the room and tells Asa that he is going to release Al or Max is going to send him to prison. Gabrielle wasnít expecting to hear anything like that come out of Maxís mouth. She looks at Asaís face to see his reaction.

Blair comes to see Todd and tells him that he is not going to make her crazy. He canít ruin her life. Todd thinks that she is the idiot that got pregnant. Starr is hidden off somewhere listening and she hears that her mother is pregnant. She comes running down the stairs thrilled at the news that her mother is finally going to have the baby brother that she has always wanted.