One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/16/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/16/01

By Glynis

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Todd comes to talk to Kelly. Blair is not there. Todd wants to talk with her anywhere. He knows that Blair doesn’t want to have Max’s kid, but she is doing it because she wants to stay out of jail. Kelly thought that Blair was throwing herself at him. Todd doesn’t believe Kelly and Kelly doesn’t care. Max saw the test results and knows that the baby is for real. Kelly tells him to get out. Todd knows that Blair has a secret and that Kelly knows what it is. He is sure that Kelly is going to tell him what the secret it. He is sure that Blair would confide in Kelly. Kelly denies that she knows any secrets. Todd decides to go through Blair’s things to find out what he wants to know. Kelly tells him to stop that, but he looks anyhow and he finds a bouquet of flowers. He remembers that this was the flowers that she was holding on the day that they were to get married. Blair thought that Todd was going to make her the happiest woman in the world, but he couldn’t even do that. He makes everybody hurt. when is he going to stop hurting her? Is he trying to get her to lose the baby that she is carrying? Todd thinks that losing everything is way too good for Blair. He wants to wait for Blair, but Kelly tells him to leave. She is not scared of him. He diverts her attention and steals her cell phone…Kelly kicks him out and he leaves.

Blair goes to the mansion to move in and Gabrielle is there. Blair thinks that the woman is the maid. Gabrielle tells Blair that she is not the maid, but the mother of Max’s child. Blair says that she is too. Blair guesses that Gabrielle is before her. Gabrielle tells her to leave before she calls the police.

Max is talking to his son. He was out of line and he is trying to reach his son. He doesn’t know what Gabrielle has been through, but he loved her once and he thinks that they are the same. Max tries again to tell his son that Asa is marrying her to get back at Max. Asa is not going to make him or Gabrielle happy. Al thinks that Max didn’t treat Asa with respect and that is why he is suffering. Al is not his son anymore and Max has to get used to that. Al leaves him there.

Will comes home and couldn’t find his father. Jessica is sure that everything is going to be okay. Will can’t believe that Lanie killed Colin or anyone. Jessica is sure that Lanie is going to get through this. She has a lot of people that want to help her. Jessica is not all right. She is really worried about her mother and Ben. Her mother is acting strange and she also feels that he is falling out of love with her. Will denies that is happening. Look at Ben and Viki. If they are falling out of love then it can happen to anybody. Will assures her that he would do nothing to hurt her. Jessica knows that but what about the little things. They can go so slowly. Things like hiding things from each other and soon they will be completely different people. He thinks that now that Lanie has confessed they don’t’ have to worry anymore. She has questions about things that happened during the investigation. Every time that he walks in the door, he is in his own little world. She is always doing the wrong thing and she doesn’t know what the right thing is to do anymore. He admits that maybe she is right and that they have to something. He doesn’t mean to shut her out. He loves her so much. She knows that but with everything that they have been through, things are hard. He is there for her now and he only wants to show her how much he loves her. She loves him too. that is all that they need. Everything else is going to be okay. She hopes that he is right. He needs her more than anything. she needs him too. They kiss.

At Ben’s bar, Jean has arrived and Ben sees her. He walks to her and tells her that she is a sight for sore eyes. He hugs her and she is unresponsive. Gina is home listening via a bug. Jean tells him that they are over. he is in this forever. She tells him that she tried and she can’t go on anymore. She is living with fear and she can’t live with this anymore. She was a part of him. the contact for Gina is there watching the whole thing to make sure that it goes okay. Jean tells Ben that she can live without him. Ben says that he will find the people that are doing this and he will put an end to this. She says that she thought that he could get away from his past, but he can’t. She will survive anything but she will not allow her family to be hurt. She wants him to let her go. He tells her that she has been lying and she is lying to him now. He begs her to forget about this. She wants him to forget her so that she won’t have to hear about him getting shot. What would she do? Ben knows that there is some other reason that she is doing this. Her cancer is not back. She tells him that he can’t protect her. Because he wants something doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. She doesn’t want anything to happen to her children. Ben is sure that there is another reason for her to be doing this. He asks her if someone is forcing her to do this. She tells him that there is. Gina gets out of her chair at that sentence. Gina tells her contact to get Viki out of there. the contact moves closer to Jean and Ben looks at him and asks him what he wants. jean covers and the contact goes away. Jean says that she came to her senses. Ben thinks that Gina may have something to do with this. Jean tells him that Gina has something to do with this and that proves that they shouldn’t be together. Jean says that she will always love him. Jean thinks that he should be with Gina who shares his background. Gina can deal with the stress and if something were to happen to Jessica, she couldn’t live with that. Ben would never gamble with her daughter’s life. Jean says that she will stay away from the house so that he can move out. He grabs her shoulders and she tells him not to touch her. Ben is not accepting the split. Gina shouts to her contact to do something. The contact spills some drinks and starts a fight and Ben turns to take care of that. when he turns to talk to ‘Viki’ again, she is gone.

Blair walks into the house past Gabrielle. She can call the police if she wants, but Max will not be calling the police on her. If Max was so devoted to Blair, she would have somewhere to live. Blair offers to find Max herself. Al walks in and he sees Blair and Blair sees him and they both turn to each other with a scornful look. "You…" they both say to each other. Max arrives and finds Blair there. Gabrielle tells him that Blair must be coming to live there. Asa arrives and asks Blair what rock she crawled out from under. Gabrielle tells Blair that they were married that night. Blair tells Gabrielle that she was married to Asa once and she can tell him where the medicine is. Asa wants Blair out of the house and Max insists that Blair is staying. Al can’t take this and leaves the room with his mother following. Max tells Asa that he is not going to get his son. Asa tells him that if he wants his son back, he is going to have to convince Al to change his mind. Asa leaves. Blair tells Max that she was kicked out of her house. She knew that he wouldn’t want his baby sleeping on the street and that is why she came there. He tells her the story of what has been going on. Blair tells him that she will never use their baby to hurt him. She gets a cramp and cries out and Max comes running to her. She tells him that the baby moved. Blair tells him that Todd has been so vicious. Max tells her that she doesn’t have to worry. Blair has to get some sleep and Max has some things that he has to take care of. Max fully intends to make sure that Blair is not convicted of shooting him the next day. Max leaves and Blair is thrilled with her scheme. she can’t wait to see Kelly. In fact, she is going to call Kelly right now to tell her the good news about how she is going to get a ‘Get out of jail free’ card and be free forever. She calls Kelly’s cell phone and it rings…. What Blair doesn’t’ know is that the cell phone is ringing but it is in Todd’s possession. He shows delight when the phone in his hand starts ringing. He turns it on. Blair takes it for granted that she is speaking to Kelly and she says, "Everything is going as planned and tomorrow, I am going to be free!" Todd says into the phone to Blair, "I wouldn’t count on that Blair".

Al has picked a room that he thinks may be his. He doesn’t want to live with Max in the house. Gabrielle tries to smooth things over. It looks like Blair is going to be living there. Gabrielle tells him that Max is probably going to be father to Blair’s child. Gabrielle thinks that he shouldn’t worry, he is going to have a new father now. Al really likes Asa. Gabrielle tells him that all of their dreams are going to come true now. She wants him to be delighted like she is. She tells him that this is the happiest day of her life. Mother and son have a nice reunion and Al finds that he is tired and has to go to sleep. Al is going to look up some people that he hasn’t seen in a while the next day. HE walks out of the room as Asa is walking in. Asa tells Gabrielle that he will take care of Max and Blair in the morning but nothing will spoil their night together.

Will and Jessica make love and he wants her to remember that no matter what, he loves her. He slides out of bed and she is still sleeping. He gets his coat and gets out a book form there. He looks at it and it is Colin’s passport. He hides it behind a picture in the room.

Jean returns to her cell and Gina is happy that Jean has done what she said that she would. It was perfect and Jean thought that it would never end. Jean hated that he put his hand on her. She never wants to have to repeat that performance. Gina assures her that Jean will be free soon and Gina will be with Ben.

Ben is at his club thinking to himself what happened. He realizes that wasn’t Viki that he was talking to.

Max is banging on Asa’s door to talk to him and Gabrielle opens the door dressed in a white skimpy "merry widow’ get up. Gabrielle tells him that this is her wedding night. Max is stunned by her beauty and Asa comes up behind her and they both slam the door in Max’s face.