One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/15/01



One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/15/01

By Glynis

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Todd is at his new home, which happens to be Blair’s old home. His lawyer arrives and Todd tells him that he wants to ruin Blair’s life. He is going to take his daughter from her. Father Andrew walks in and hears what Todd is planning. he can’t believe that Todd would be so cruel. Todd thinks that she is an unfit mother. Father Andrew thinks that Todd is going too far. Todd tells Father Andrew that he is trespassing. Father Andrew is there to see Kelly and Todd tells him that he is trespassing too. he wants the good minister to leave. Father Andrew doesn’t know what Todd has become. He knows that Blair is a good mother. Todd tells him that Blair is pregnant with Max’s baby. Todd is sure that Blair is going to prison and he is going to make sure that she goes. Todd escorts him out and tells him that Blair is not going to see her daughter for a very long time. Father Andrew thinks that Todd does vicious things to the women that he loves. Father Andrew thinks that he is looking at someone beyond redemption. If he does this he doesn’t deserve to be Starr’s father and he is glad that the baby is Max’s and not Todd’s. Todd walks over to Father Andrew and pushes him out of the house slamming the door. 

Blair is with Kelly and she has just heard that her baby is not as old as she thought. Turns out that the baby that she is having is really Todd’s. The timing tells the story. Both women realize that this is a problem. Max thinks that this is his baby. Kelly is concerned that Max is going to find out that the baby is not his. The hearing is going to be the following day and Max is going to testify. Blair can’t focus. The only reason why Max is being so agreeable is because he thinks that this child is his. Max is going to turn on her, but Blair doesn’t believe that. Kelly thinks that she is crazy. Blair thinks that Todd is going to be happy about this. Kelly reminds her that Todd is vindictive and he wouldn’t treat her like this if he really cared for her. Blair thinks that deep down Todd really loves her and that she is a damn good mother.

Max is witnessing his son Al greeting Asa on his marriage to Gabrielle. Max hates that and tells Asa that Al will never be his father. He can marry Gabrielle if he wants, but he can’t have al. Asa shows him some adoption papers that will make Al his son. Asa figures that since Gabrielle is going to be his wife, he should also be the father to her son. Gabrielle thinks that the adoption is going to be a great thing. Max is not going to agree to that. Asa thinks that he should agree to whatever he wants, the boy is going to be his son no matter what. Max tells Al that everything is going to be all right. Al tells Max that he did sign the papers and that they are legal. Max looks at the papers and thinks that Al was tricked into signing the papers. Max thinks that Al was promised something to do this. He is sure that money is behind this. He is so wrapped up in himself and he is so amusing. Max vows that he is not going to steal his son. Asa wants to take his new family home and Max tries to stop Al from leaving with him. Al agrees to talk with him alone and will meet up with his parents later. Asa and Gabrielle leave together. Max asks his son what the hell is going on. Al is just showing Asa respect and love. That is something that a son shows his father. Max reminds him that he is Al’s father. Max thinks that Al was tricked into doing this. Al is not stupid either. Max didn’t mean that. Max knows Asa and he knows what Asa is capable of. Asa makes people think that they do things of their own will. Al is sure that he wasn’t tricked. Max knows that Al doesn’t even know his father. Al thinks that Al doesn’t even know his father so he has nothing to say. Max thinks that Gabrielle was terribly humiliated and was embarrassed. Max did try to see his son, but Al doesn’t believe him. Max was always there for his son if he needed him. al remembers the children calling his mother names and getting kicked out of their apartment because they didn’t have rent. Max was nowhere to be found. Now Al doesn’t care about Max. Al has to go. He doesn’t want to worry his mother or his father. Max is worried about Al. HE tells Al that Asa is only using him to get back at Max. Max is sure that Al is going to be sorry that he ever let Asa adopt him. Al is going to wait and see if that happens. Max wants to make things up to Al. He offers Al anything that he wants. Al wants his mother to have the last 10 years of her life back. Al doesn’t need him to do anything. They don’t need anything now ever again.

Ben is trying to get in the house. Jean is there acting composed and not afraid for a moment of Ben threatening to get in. Gina hides Jean and lets Ben in. Ben tells Gina that she has some serious explaining to do about Viki. Jean is in the other room with James listening to Ben and Gina talk. Jean thinks that they should just let Ben in so that she can tell him that they should get a divorce. Ben and Gina talk and he tells her that she lied and he knows it. He doesn’t trust her and he knows that she is behind whatever is going on. Gina tells him to believe whatever he wants. He knows that she has been trying to rekindle something that has been dead. He misses his wife and he wants her back. Gina thinks that they should take a walk, but he doesn’t want to take a walk with her. He is going to leave and go to his bar where he can shoot pool and drink, but he wants her to stay away from him. He goes bursting out. Jean comes into the room thinking that Gina didn’t handle that very well at all. Gina realizes that Jean is her last chance. Jean reminds Gina that she is the one that controls the other personalities. Gina tells her that if she screws up, Gina is going to kill Jean and all her other personalities as well as Ben. Jean is sure that she can convince Ben to divorce Viki. Gina grabs her and warns her again that she better not screw up. Jean warns Gina again to not touch her. She is not afraid of Gina’s threats.

Renée comes to Asa’s house and Nigel tells her that Asa is not home, but at the hotel. She thinks that he is at the bar drinking after finding out that his fiancée was locked in her room. He didn’t marry Alex and Nigel confirms that. He is shocked to find that she doesn’t know more about what happened. She figures out that he married someone else. she wants to know who Asa married. Nigel tells her that she will always be the one that he considers the lady of the house. Just then, Gabrielle and Asa walk in the house together. Renée knows that she is the woman that Asa has married. Gabrielle tells Renée to excuse them because this is their wedding night. Renée wants an explanation but she doesn’t get one because she is not married to Asa anymore. Gabrielle and Asa can’t keep their hands off each other. Gabrielle wonders if Renee’s reaction was bitterness or jealousy or what. They celebrate with a drink. Gabrielle thinks back to her times with Max when they were much younger and in love. Asa pulls her out of her thoughts. She lies and says that she was thinking how good it felt to get back at Max for everything that he did to her.

No sooner does Todd slam the door in Father Andrew’s face, than there is knocking at the door again. It is Blair. Todd tells her that no matter what she does, she is not going to get to move back in. She tells him that she is there to talk about their baby. He thinks that she means Starr. He tells her that he is filing for sole custody the following morning and he is going to have the papers by noon. he is having a press conference. She is stunned by what he is saying to her. She tells him that he can’t do this. He knows what she is. She is a cheap tramp with an itchy trigger finger and he tells her that she is not going anywhere near their daughter again. he doesn’t give her a chance to say what she came for. Kelly comes running up behind her cousin and tells Todd that whatever she was saying is all lies. They end up leaving without telling Todd the truth. he was so cruel to Blair. Blair is hurt by the way that he spoke to her and they leave.

Gabrielle and Asa celebrate with champagne and she can’t remember when she had good champagne last that was this good. He took her away from all that. She is glad that he is happy. She is blissfully happy and she wants Max to see what he is missing everyday for the rest of his life. Asa wants to go upstairs, but she wants to wait for her son to come home. Asa leaves her and she dances around the room touching the furnishings and drinking her champagne. She can’t believe her good fortune. someone is at the door and she rushes to the door to open it. She finds Blair there with her suitcase. Blair asks her who the hell she is. Gabrielle wants to know the same about Blair.

Gina is talking to her contact, Ritchie who is watching Ben play pool at his bar. The houseman should have arrived at the bar by now, but he hasn’t and Jean is not there either. Gina is going to give them some more time. Ben is furiously playing pool when he sees Viki walk into his bar. He stops playing and looks up at her. She returns his stare with an unforgiving look at him.