One Life to Live Update Monday 5/14/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 5/14/01

By Glynis

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Blair and Kelly are together laughing about her falling and breaking her arms. Kelly brings her a bath mat to prevent her from falling in the shower again. Blair is happy that Max has decided to keep her out of prison. Blair is going to get herself a perfect home for her baby and she is going to have a perfect family. There is some banging on the door and Kelly and Blair go to the door to see that there is an eviction notice on the door. Todd is there telling the ladies that they have to pack up and get out of there now. She is not worried about what he is doing, but apparently, he has been talking to a lawyer. He told the lawyer that he was scared that Blair would get her hands on Starrís fortune. the lawyer got a judge to give Starrís assets to him. He has custodial rights. He has the law on his hands. She still has custody, but Todd thinks that she is forcing her child to be homeless. Todd has an official from the Sheriffís office there to handle some business for them. he remarks that she canít even be able to give Starr a home. Todd will tell the judge that he has a big spacious home and he is not going to prison. Kelly will help. She will buy Blair a home. Blair has her own money anyway. Todd thinks that she is going to have a terrible time fighting Todd with the money that she is going to spend on her freeing herself from the system. Todd plans on keeping Starr. Blair is sure that every time that Todd sees her with her baby, he is going to know that the baby could have been his. Blair is sure that Starr is going to end up being with her and she is going to love being with her little baby. Movers arrive and Todd tells them to move everything out of the house and bring his things over there to move it in. Todd shows Blair a headline that he is going to print for the next day. It shows Blair as a deadbeat mother that is now homeless. Blair knows that he can kick her out of her home, but she is still going to have Maxís baby. 

Boís office has some unusual occupants. Lindsay shows up to talk and Bo tells her that she has to leave. Lanie wants Lindsay to stay so that she can explain her actions and her killing Colin. She wants this to end here and now. Lindsay is really curious as to what it was that Lanie did. Bo thinks that he is going to stand by her, but Lanie is sure that she is going to leave. Lanie thinks that what she did to her father was the right thing. She wanted to be the person that she wanted to be. Now that she has killed Colin, she canít pretend anymore. Colin wasnít really the man that she married, he was someone that she wanted to destroy. Bo reminds her that she protected Nora and that was probably why she did what she did. Bo thinks that he can get her self-defense. She tells them that Colin wasnít the first person that she killed. She killed her father too. Lindsay is flabbergasted. Bo reminds her that she told him that she let her father die. She admits to giving him an overdose of morphine. She knew exactly what she was doing. Lindsay is beside herself. She canít believe that she killed their father. He was in so much pain from the cancer. He turned calm and he let go. She held his hand and he smiled. He thanked her for what she did. Bo wanted to know about this before and she tried to tell him. She thought that she was a new woman and she thought that she finally met a good man in Colin. She was a med. student. She was able to kill Colin because she had already killed her own father. She is a woman capable of murder. Bo leaves the office. Lindsay now knows the truth. Lanie hated the lies. Lindsay is sure that her father didnít want to die. Lanie tells her that their father did want to die and he knew what he was doing. Lanie got his money and his house and everything else after he died. He changed his will to give her everything. Lanie says that she didnít know that her father changed his will. Lanie tells her again that their father begged her to give him that shot. He wanted to die with dignity. Lindsay thinks that she should have been called. She wanted to say goodbye to her father. Lanie couldnít do that. Their father didnít want Lindsay there.

Renťe gets a visit and learns that there is a woman that is screaming to be let out of her room. The other occupants on that floor are complaining about the noise. Renťe says that anyone that complains should get a free bottle of champagne for their trouble.

The screaming woman in the hotel is the woman that Asa was going to marry. she has been mysteriously locked in the room and she has missed her wedding with Asa.

At the wedding, Max has removed the veil from the hidden brides head and it is Gabrielle. She was his one true love. She told him that she would find her way and she has. She just married Asa and she is sorry that he missed it. She walks to Asa and hugs him. Asa tells him to congratulate the new Mrs. Buchanan. The wedding was supposed to be a surprise for Max. They are really married and they kiss to prove it. Asa tells him that he is nothing. Nigel comes to Asa and tells him that someone is upstairs and needs his attention. Asa leaves and takes the preacher with him to pay him for his duties. The guests also leave and Gabrielle and Max are left alone. Max guesses that she married Asa just to hurt him. He canít believe that she is marrying Asa because she loves him. He thinks that he knows her, but he only knew her long ago. She thanks him for all the correspondence. She dreamt about him every night, but he never showed up. She tried to get a job and get a new life. She tried to take care of their son. She learned what is really important in life and he is not in the picture. Max is not buying. She must know all the gory details to be there. She admits that Asa is a very sexy man. he is giving her two things that Max never could. She didnít think that he cared. max insists that he does care about her and his child. She reminds him that the child has a name and the name is Al. HE never sent child support or even called. Max tries to defend his actions. Al has been more a man than he has ever been. When she was sent away to prison, she was assured that he would not want anything. When she finally got to her son, there was absolutely nothing there for them. They only lived 2 hours away from him and they never crossed his mind. They were never in his dreams. he never opened his heart or new life to them. She is the one with the new life now and she is finally a new Buchanan. It is his turn to be left out. He thinks that if she wants to be the next Mrs. Buchanan she can go right ahead.

Asa goes to see the woman that he was going to marry to tell her that he has already married. Asa tells her that she is to return to where he found her. He tells her that she can keep the dress and all the clothes he bought her. she starts thinking about the ring. She breaks her neck trying to find the ring and finds out that it is not even real. she warns him that he is going to pay like he has never paid before. He laughs at her and leaves the room with his houseman.

Max and Gabrielle are still talking when Asa arrives and greets his new wife. Asa tells Max that Gabrielle is not only smart and beautiful, but she is also a really good mother. Max wonders how Al is going to feel about her new marriage. She tells him to ask Al himself. They all turn and Al is standing at the top of the stairs. al walks over to Asa and hugs him and his mother as Max watches.

Lindsay is alone in a bar thinking of her sister and how she used to love her. She is going to forget all of that now. 

At the police station, Hank is telling Bo that they have to arrest her.

Blairís things are being moved out. He finds a piece of paper with Blairís writing on it. She is writing that something is different. She thought that her relationship with Todd was going to make things different. The move is complete. Todd takes out a lighter and sets the letter on fire. He watches it burn and then he drops it in the wastebasket.

Blair is at the doctorís talking about being there sooner. She thinks that she is in her second trimester, but the doctor tells her that she is barely through her first trimester. Blair and Kelly realize that the baby that she is carrying canít be MaxísÖ It has to be Toddís.