One Life to Live Update Friday 5/4/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 5/4/01

By Glynis

Max is with Asa and he is trying to get in good with Asa again. Asa doesnít want anything to do with him.

Todd is alone and thinking of the horrible thoughts of Blair with Max and her having his baby. He talks to her later and he tells her that there is a way that she could get rid of this whole situation. he is suggesting that she end her pregnancy, but she canít do that. If he tries to take Starr away from her, she will come after him. He will regret it.

Bo has Lindsay and the kids at the station and he is telling them that they have to give him a sample of their hair. Lindsay tells him that he is not going to get anything from them. She is afraid that he is going to railroad her. She doesnít think that she can trust him anymore. she tells him to get a court order if he wants their hair. Bo goes into his office and makes a call to the DA Someone hangs up the phone. Bo turns to find Cristian with his hand on the phone, preventing a connection. Cristian throws some suspicion Lindsayís way.

Lindsay is panicking. she wants to talk to Sam and he is not available. She gets off the phone from trying to find Sam and she attacks Jessica. Jessica didnít mean to hurt anyone. She did what her uncle asked her to. She is not the killer so she has nothing to worry about. Lindsay reminds her that she almost killed someone once. Lindsay didnít mean to do that. She hopes that the kids will come to her party that night. Jessica will go if Will is going. Lindsay wants him to go to the gallery and make sure that everything is okay. She will be fine. she thinks that Jessica can help him. She has to stay at the station to make sure that everything is fine. Nora finds Lindsay at the station and tells her that she is going to go down. Nora wants her to admit to what she has done. Nora is going to get her evidence her own way. Nora starts picking at Lindsayís head and manages to get a hold of some of her hair. Nora starts laughing. Now we will find out if you are innocent or not!

John comes to see Bo and tells him that he just spoke to Lanie and she was pretty uncomfortable at having to give up a hair sample.

Back at work, Lanie remembers the night that she went over to Colinís house looking for him. Her phone is ringing, but she doesnít answer. it is Bo thinking that she is probably on her way.

Asa pays a visit to one of his exes. She knows thathe is there for a reason, but he hasnít revealed what the problem is.