One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/3/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/3/01

By Glynis

Jessica has just gotten a call from Bo and he wants her to go down to the station to talk to him again. Will tells her that she only has to say what she said before. will is sure that nothing is going to happen to them. Jessica thinks that talking to Bo is going to be easy. Will kisses her before they go. She assures him that she is going to be alright. she leaves. Will goes running from the apartment afterwards.

Nora enters Boís office and finds out that Bo has found Colin. He is not able to help them with information because he is dead. the medical examiner thinks that he was killed some time ago. She is worried because now they have found Colinís body . Nora is not happy that he is dead. In Colinís own twisted way, Colin cared for her. Who killed him? She is sure that this is about Lindsay. Bo reminds her that she is not a member of the police station and should behave herself. Bo is having a sample brought up. She wants to know what the sample is about. Bo doesnít want to tell her anything just yet. Jessica walks in and Bo asks Nora to leave. She does so reluctantly. Bo turns to Jessica and asks how she is. she is doing good and she doesnít understand why they have to do this again. Bo has known her since she was born. He is sure that she knows more than she is telling. She denies that she knows anything. He wants to know what she is hiding. He shows her a picture and asks her if this was the body that she saw. The pictures are of Colin dead from various angles. She canít believe that he is showing her disgusting pictures like that. He remembers that she hurt herself as a child and when she started driving, he saved her from getting in trouble when she swerved to avoid a squirrel. He knows that she wouldnít lie to him unless she had a good reason. He thinks that she is protecting someone. Who is she protecting?

Lanie arrives at Lanieís work. She wants to go out with her. Lanie thinks that it is funny that Lindsay wants to celebrate now that Colin has been found dead. Lindsay is glad that he is dead. he really crossed the line when he started playing those crazy games with Jennifer. Colin was the root of all of their problems. She thinks that they can get back to family and friendship. That is why she wants Lanie to come to her party that night. Lanie doesnít want to go. Lindsay is putting on a new show at the gallery. she is reaching out to her sister and she wants their family to heal. Bo can come if he is not too busy. She misses her sister and being sisters. she wants to get back to where they were before this nightmare started. Lanie agrees to go for the sake of the family. Lindsay rushes to her and hugs her. Lindsay leaves her and Lanie wonders if she has just made a mistake.

Ben is confronting Gina. he knows that someone is holding Viki prisoner and he thinks that they both know who that someone is. He thinks that Roarke is the one that has Viki. He wants to leave right away, but Gina stops him. She tells him that roarke will kill him. Gina doesnít think that Roarke is the one that has Viki.

in her room, Viki is flirting with the houseman. She has just lifted the keys from his pocket and she is dancing with him. James the houseman is playing around with her and canít believe the change in her. she tells him that they can help each other out. He doesnít think so. Viki tells him that Gina doesnít have to find out that he was helping her. He turns to leave and she shows him the keys that she lifted from his pocket. He walks to her to get the keys and she kisses him. She says that she doesnít care if she gets rough, she likes it rough. If she was going to escape it wouldnít do her any good. She doesnít want to leave because Viki would come back. She picks up the keys and throws them to the floor. she puts her arms around jamesí shoulders and pulls him close to her, kissing him. He should be getting back to work, but Viki wonít let him. They are comfortably kissing when Gina enters and finds them. She tells the houseman to get out and that she will deal with him later. He leaves and Gina turns to ĎNikií and says, "Niki Smith I presume?" Niki wanted her to figure it out and she has. She doesnít want Gina to be mad at James, how could he resist her? He will not be fired. Gina wants to talk about Viki. Niki doesnít want to talk about Viki, Niki thinks that Viki is a drag. Gina thinks that the both of them can get rid of Viki for good.

Jennifer is home and has just had a nightmare. Cristian was outside and hears her screaming. He enters the house and comforts her. She doesnít want to talk about he dream, she just wants it all to go away. Cristian tells her that he can fix things. He will say that RJ must have been the one that killed Colin. It makes perfect sense and RJ was at the party. Cristian thinks that it was definitely RJ that was the killer. Cristian tells her to stay there while he goes and talks to Bo. she tells him that he canít do that. He wants to know why she canít confide in him. Jennifer offers to tell him everything if he really wants to know. She is about to tell him when her mother arrives to invite her daughter to the party. Jennifer wants to stay with Cristian, but Lindsay thinks that there is no reason why Cristian canít come with her. Will enters to tell them that Bo called Jessica down to the police station for more questioning. Lindsay thinks that things are going to be just fine. Lindsay drags Jennifer off and once outside the house she tells Jennifer that they have to get to the police station to see what is going on right away.

Sophia tells Kelly that she fed Roseanne some fake information and it worked. Besides where is she getting all those clothes? she canít afford anything with the money that she makes. Sophia is worried that Antonio wonít believe anything that she says so she has to keep quiet for now. Sophia says that she is done. She has a really bad back. She is being transferred to another hospital so that they can start therapy on her. She may never walk again. Kelly thinks that Sophia is going to be fine. Sophia remembers that they have had rough times, but now they are best friends. Sophia is trusting her with this information. Kelly has to help her bring Roseanne out of her lies. Kelly promises to help her in any way that she can. Sophia is crying. How is she going to say goodbye to Antonio. Kelly is sure that she will think of some way to say goodbye. Kelly leaves to get Antonio.

Outside Sophiaís room, Antonio and Roseanne are talking and she can see that he is really worried about Sophia. Antonio thinks that it seems that Roseanne seems to have more information than they thought. she is afraid that he thinks that she was the one that killed Colin. He is not sure that she wasnít the one that killed Colin.

Inside the house, Cristian and Will discuss Bo trying to get to Bo. Cristian thinks that they have to get over there and see what is happening. Will had car problems on the way over and that was why it took him so long to get over there. Cristian and will rush from the house to go to the police station.

Nora is visiting with Lanie and realizes that they are the only two people that have ever found any good in Colin. He saved Noraís life and she really didnít want to see him dead. it is really sad. Lanie is glad that Nora has come to see her. Bo doesnít talk much about the investigation with Lanie. Lanie has a flashback of Colin terrorizing her. Nora says that it is amazing what science can do these day, "DNA can work wonders these days." As she says that, Lanie almost falls off her chair. Nora sees that and wonders what her reaction was all about. Some things have spilled onto the ground and the women clean up the mess. Lanie tells her that any death including Colinís is a tragedy and that was why she was upset. John enters the room and tells them that he would like to speak to Lanie alone. Lanie tells him that he can tell her anything in front of Nora. John tells her that he would like a sample of her hair. If she doesnít agree he will have to get a warrant.

After leaving the room where Viki is kept, James bumps into Ben in the livingroom and tries to straighten himself out fixing his clothes to sit straight again. Ben notices that the houseman is acting strange and makes a note of it.

Antonio comes back into Sophiaís room and she is saying goodbye to him. She wants to see Roseanne again. There is something that she needs to say to her before she goes. Antonio leaves the room and Kelly and Roseanne are there. Antonio tells Roseanne that there is something that Sophia wants to say to her before she goes. Roseanne enters the room as Kelly watches. Once inside the room, Sophia simply says goodbye. It seems that Roseanne was expecting something else to come out of Sophiaís mouth. The staff come in to move Sophia. The talk is over. They wheel her out of the room and into the hall. She tells everyone that she is going to miss everyone. She wants to keep in touch with everyone. Sophia pulls Kelly close and asks her not to forget. Kelly promises that she wonít. Sophia is pushed off to her new hospital.

Bo is still drilling Jessica. He is trying to trip her up. He asks her point blank. "Who killed Colin?" She gets frantic. He has no more questions for her. She can go now. He only wants one more thing from her. He needs a sample of her hair.

Cristian and Will arrive at the station and find Lindsay and Jennifer there. Just then, Jessica comes out of Boís office. She tells everyone that she is fine. She knows that Bo does not believe her. Bo comes out and tells everyone that he is glad that they are there. He tells them that Jessica just gave him a sample of her hair and he would like to get a sample of Jenniferís and Lindsayís hair as well.