One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/26/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/26/01

By Kathy

 RJ shouts "no" to Bo about searching the Bar. Bo questions RJ's resistance to them searching by asking RJ if he has something to hide.

At the station John questions Roseanne about the night of Colin's dinner. She does not tell him anything. John leaves for a moment. Sophia expresses her suspicion that Roseanne is hiding something. Sophia tries to make Roseanna anxious by implying she must be involved with RJ because her outfit is too expensive for Roseanna to afford. Roseanna is accidentally saved from Sophia's interrogation by John's return.

Todd did not here what Max said when he returned to Blair's room. He insists that he is told what Max said. Blair nervously tells Todd that they can talk about it later. Max sarcastically says Todd should know. With a happy smile Max announces that Blair is pregnant with his baby. Todd is shocked. At first he does not believe Max. So, he asks Blair for the truth. Max has some fun at their expense by taunting Blair into telling Todd the truth.

Hank keeps on arguing with Nora that Todd is not guilty of this crime. He emphasized "this crime." He tell Nora he needs proof before he will prosecute. They decide to find Todd.

At R.J.'s bar Jen gets angry with Lindsay and blames her for Cris getting into trouble. Bo and Cris make an excuse to leave to another part of the bar. As soon as their alone Bo tell Cris how furious he is with him for not telling him about the fake ID's. Cris defends himself by saying he just wants to bring RJ down. Chris wants to know if Bo will give him another chance to get more information before he continues with the search. Bo thinks about it. Bo finally decides to let him continue but not without a lecture about how serious this is and that this is not game. Cris asks him to hit him but Bo decides not to because it would be assault but he ends up accidentally hitting Cris with the door when he checks to see if someone is listening.

In another part of the bar, RJ says how he does not like Lindsay bringing the cops to his bar. She tells him she had to stop Cris from hurting Jen. RJ sternly asks "at my expense"? He informs Lindsay that she had no idea how much trouble she has gotten them both into. Lindsay is surpassed and confused. Then, she decides she does not even what to know what RJ is up to until he tells her that Colin is dead and in the his bar. Lindsay slowly realized that RJ is implying he killed Colin.

Max continues to have fun with the situation by talking about what he wants a girl or a boy. Todd suggest to Max that it is a con and what he said it's not true. Todd anxiously insists she tell the truth because they still have the opportunity to be together and he begs her not to blow the special relationship they have. Hank, Antonio, and Nora go to looking for Todd at Dorian's house interrupting Todd and Blair's conversation. Blair's face reveals her agony about making a decision to lie or tell the truth. Blair suddenly lies and tells Todd that she is pregnant with Max's baby as Nora tries to bring Todd back to the police station, he then denies his confession to Nora and again blames Blair for Max's shooting. After he storms out, she storms upstairs to let out her deep pain with tears. Max goes after her but she uses an excuse that she is upset that now she has lost an easy way to get her freedom. Kelly comes in after Max leaves. She tries to comfort Blair by holding her.

Sophia arrives and tells Kelly how she illegally searched Roseanne's room and found lots of cash. Sophia knows that RJ gave it to her because everytime there was a plan made at the police station to surprise RJ, he gets tipped off. She is determined to get proof that Roseanne is the spy.

Cris and Bo rejoin Jen, RJ, and Lindsay. Lindsay admits to Bo that she made a mistake about Cris because Jen confessed to her that it was she who got the fake ID and not Cris. RJ takes advantage by telling Bo he loses his warrant when he loses his witness (Lindsay). So, he managed to get Bo to leave but not without a warning that he would be back.

Hank and Nora return to the police station to inform Bo that Todd withdrew his confession. Bo does not seem surpassed. Hank and Nora get equally bad news that Lindsay also took back her accusation against Cris.

RJ lets Lindsay know the box she is sitting on is where Colin is stored. She acts surprised but RJ accuses of knowing all the time that Colin was dead. They suspiciously look at each other and moves there faces in closely and they each shout "You did it!"

Blair tells Kelly her reason for not telling the truth was because she does not want to see Todd in jail. Kelly is surprised that they love each other to the point of sacrificing their own freedom for each other. Kelly suggests she can tell Todd the truth. Blair acknowledges that she can not tell Todd because he would not be able to keep the secret. Her dilemma is that she also can not wait because she knows how Todd is. He may go to all extremes to protect her but when he thinks she is his enemy he will stab her in the back (meanwhile they fade in Todd's sinister face). Finally, Blair decides she will tell Todd the truth but as she opens the door Max is standing there and tells Blair "prove it" when referring to her pregnancy.

When Antonio goes back to the police station Roseanna tries to calm Antonio down from the Todd incident and asks him to go to dinner with her. Cris looks but does not answer.