One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/25/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/25/01

By Glynis

 Lindsay goes to see Jennifer to find out where her father is. Sam is out of town and Lindsay canít believe that she has been left alone. Lindsay thought that she would be happy that Colin is gone, but she isnít. Jennifer doesnít want to talk with her mother. Lindsay would like to spend some time with her daughter and do some girly things. Jennifer canít spend time with her mother. Lindsay can tell that Jennifer is spending time with Cristian again. She thinks that Cristian is trying to turn Jennifer against her. Jennifer doesnít want to hear about that. Lindsay tells her that Colin isnít around and that they shouldnít think that Colin is dead, because he hasnít shown up. She soon figures out that her daughter thinks that she was the one that did something to Colin. Lindsay told Bo that she got a call from Colin the other day. Jennifer tells her that Colin is dead and she knows that as well as Jennifer does. Lindsay thinks that Cristian is the one that is putting these ideas in her head. Lindsay is going to take care of Cristian for her. She grabs her purse and leaves the house. Jennifer picks up the phone to call Cristian, but then decides go and see him instead.

Cristian is at work and thinking about the kiss that he shared with Jennifer. He gets back to work moving boxes. There is another box in the room. It is standing upright. The men donít know it but that box is the coffin that someone has designed for Colin. The men donít know that Colin is in the box dead and standing upright. Cristian and the helper move the box anyway.

Hank and Bo are in Boís office and talking when Nora enters the room. She announces that Blair isnít the one that shot Max, Todd is. How is he going to explain the gunpowder on Blairís clothes? Nora is not going to reveal what she is doing to make her case. Bo knows that Nora doesnít believe that Todd shot Max. She was told that he was guilty, but Bo doesnít believe that at all. There was no planning or forethought. This is a crime of passion and Todd is a sociopath. He doesnít like to be close to his victims and that is why he sets up bombs and things like that. They donítí know that he is not the right criminal. You have to take what you get and they have Todd. Hank thinks that they are going to lose Blair anyway. The jury is not going to lose both of them. Lindsay bursts in and tells the trio that Cristian is making and selling fake IDs.

Todd goes scurrying over to Blairís house. He is banging on the door and no one is coming. He takes the ring out of his pocket and looks at it. He remembers his vows that he was going to make to her. He has to get to her right away and fix things.

Upstairs in Blairís house, she is trying to convince Max that he is the father of her unborn child. Max is not buying this yet. Kelly tries to leave, someone is knocking on the door and Kelly runs to answer the door. Max turns to Blair. He knows that this is a trick. Blair admits that this was a big lie. She tells him to go. He wants to know what it is that she wants from him so badly.

Downstairs, Todd is knocking on the door when Kelly opens it. He enters the room and searches for Blair. He starts walking up the stairs and Kelly shouts, "Donít go up there." Now Todd knows that he is on to something. Why doesnít she want him to go up there?

Roseanne has changes her mind. She doesnít want to tell RJ what she has in mind to get her out of helping him with the police problems that he has. He wants to see if she has something worth negotiating for. She is going to do this on her terms. She tries to leave, but he grabs her and reminds her that he can make her life more miserable than it is now. RJ wants to talk with her and so he throws out the patron in his bar. He tells her that there is an important shipment moving out that night and if there is something that he needs to know about, he wants to know about it right away. She denies that there is anything to tell him. She tells him finally that the cops are after him. Things are getting worse and if he makes one mistake, they are going to catch him. Cristian brings the box with Cristian upstairs and asks RJ where he would like it to go. RJ sees the box and stops dead in his tracks. RJ remembers the box being prepared. RJ is very uncomfortable. He wants to know what the box is doing up thee. Roseanne leaves in a hurry. The box has a perishable sticker on the front, but RJ is sure that there is no food in the box. Cristian goes to open the box and RJ stops him telling him to put the box back where he found it. Cristian suspects that RJís mood has to do with Roseanne, but RJ assures him that it doesnít. Jennifer bursts in to talk to Cristian. There is going to be trouble. Cristian thinks that there is nothing to be worried about. Nothing can keep them apart. He doesnít want her to get caught up in the middle of everything. RJ comes screaming at Cristian. "Are you going to move this damn thing or not?" Jennifer tells them that there is nothing to worry about because everything there is legal. RJ gets on Cristian again about the crate being there. HE even helps Cristian to move the box. Both Cristian and RJ pick up the box and right when they do, Bo walks in with a policeman and Lindsay in the rear. Bo tells them that he has a warrant to search every square inch of the place.

Max is still talking to Blair. He has figured it out. He thinks that she is trying to get him to be on her side so that he will leave her alone and let her case drop. She tells him that he wins and he is smarter than she is. She tells him to just go. He tells her that they havenít slept together in months, so how could this have happened anyway. She remarks that he is right. She remembers when they wanted to have their own baby and they were going to be a happy family. They really did love each other once. She was always so sure about the last time that they slept together. It was right before he kicked her out. She is playing him for an idiot. She thinks that she was stupid to try and pull this trick on him. She knows how long it has been since they have been together.

Todd is downstairs trying to figure out where Blair is. Todd knows that Blair is up there. Kelly tells him that she is sleeping and she doesnít want to be disturbed. She wants him to stop torturing her. Todd fool s her into moving out of his way. He starts walking up the stairs to Blairís room and Kelly grabs a vase and hits him in the back with it. It shatters to pieces and he stops for a moment to absorb what has just happened to him. He can tell that she is with someone. Todd continues up the stair.

Max is telling Blair that she is not really pregnant. Todd bursts in and wants to know what Max is doing there. Blair kicks the pregnancy test under the bed. Blair tells him to get out. He tells her that he has a new plan. He is willing to go to jail instead of her. She canít believe that he is willing to go to jail for her. He tells her that he hired Nora to be his lawyer. She hates him and she is the perfect person to nail him to the wall. He loves her that much. Blair thinks that there is a better way to do this. Todd would like to know what that better way is. That doesnít matter because Blair thinks that she has things under control. Blair cares and he can see that. She canít believe that he screwed things up again.

Downstairs Kelly is on the phone talking when Max comes down. She gets off her call and Max tells her that the baby shower idea is not going to work. When did they come up with all of this? She tries to play off that this is game. Kelly tells him that when Blair has her baby, Max will have no part of it. Max tells her that if Blair has a baby it will be Toddís not his. Max starts making himself a drink. He isnít sure that Todd even slept with Blair. Kelly is trying to tell him that she only pretended to sleep with Todd to make Max jealous. Kelly tells him that she wants him back. That is exactly what Blair has been doing. All she has been doing is trying to get Max to love her and get him where she has always wanted him. Kelly tells him that he is going to see a birth announcement from prison and then there is nothing that he can do to fix things. She opens the door to get him to leave. Instead, Max goes upstairs again to see Blair and Todd. She hears Blair talking to Todd and trying to make him understand something. She stops what she is saying and stares at Max behind Toddís shoulder. She tells Max to leave because they have said everything that they have to say to each other. Max tells her that he is not going anywhere because Blair is going to have his baby. Toddís face turns a very sad shade of grey.

Nora is with Hank and they are talking about Todd and whether he is guilty or not. Nora believes that Todd is guilty. There should be at least an investigation and he has hurt a lot of people. Think about that wedding. He only hurts people all the time. He hurts Skye; He hurts Blair and accuses her of killing Max. Everything that he has said caused someone elseís life to fall apart. Hank grabs the phone and calls for back up right away.