One Life to Live Update Monday 4/23/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 4/23/01

By Kathy Putilin

Jen has admitted to Will that she was at Colin's house on the night of his disappearance. Jen wants to confess the details of what she did and what she saw. Will states that he would like to talk too but they can't.

Bo and Nora don't make it in time to stop Lindsay from burning the letters.

Viki watches the television and "Says bang bang, Gina".  Then, Ben tells Gina he knows she's the one involved in the hits on him and accuses her of being the real power behind the Russo family. Ben tells her that ASA told him that Rourke said the hits on Ben were all "smokes and mirrors". He reminds Gina that he group in the organization and he is well aware of what's going on. He points out that the butlers are more like soldiers than house hold help. She defends herself by saying she needs some kind of protection. He yells for Gina to tell him he's wrong about what all her lies. With tears in her eyes she says he's right and begins to tell him she is the boss of the Russo family. He wants to know why and threatens to call his brother and the police.

Max ask Nigel to draw him a bath. Nigel gets annoyed and sarcastically says "In the middle of the afternoon"? Then her refers to him as Mr. Holden. Max says under his breath it's Mr. Buchanan. Starr appears at the house in the same room with Nigel.

Blair tells Todd to do what he needs to do because she is cleared of everything and he has nothing to hang over her. Todd asks her to come with him and when she refuses he picks her up on puts her on his shoulder.

Todd is interrupted by Kelly threatening him with a vase. Kelly ends up spilling the water from the vase all over her head. Todd tries to keep from smiling. Blaire tells Todd "how can anyone love you" Todd says " well, you managed" and she say that she can't do it ever again. When Todd leaves she tells Kelly how she loves him.

Will and Jen talk about getting through this keeping of secrets because they have gotten to times like this when they were growing. Like their parents getting a divorced.

Nora threatens to kill Lindsay because the anger she feels toward her for destroying the letters. All Nora could read from what was left from the burned letters that Colin states that Lindsay was the one who kidnapped Nora He wrote that the it wasn't his idea but it was Lindsay's. Lindsay says that "those are isolated words" and she can't use them. Lindsay says "Nora if it makes you feel better I will tell you what the letter said.

Gina begs Ben not to call the cops or his brother. She says it goes back to when they were separated from Ben by her father. The pain she felt when she saw Ben get beaten by her father's men (while crying). Ben doesn't seem to buy it. She tells him when Tommy rose to power he went crazy and on a killing spree. The other organizations gave her a choice stop what Tommy was doing or they would kill him. She didn't want to see her brother die and she had no choice to become boss. Her reason for not telling him was that he didn't want Ben to hate her. He tells her he doesn't hate her. (All the While they keep flicking back to Vicki and she's getting very impatient, She shouts out to the TV "Bull") Ben says it's over. But she's says it's not because "Rourke wants you dead!"

Lindsay says that Colin made everyone believe she was involved but the letter is all about Nora and Collin did to her. How he touched her, kissed her and that's why she says she destroyed them.

Starr convinces Nigel to help her with her plan or she well Asa what she knows. She also knows how much Nigel hates Max, just like she does.

Kelly doesn't understand how Blair can still love Todd. Blair feels she is to blame for making him crazy because of her rejecting him. Kelly tries to convince Blair that Todd never will change.

Todd looks for Dr. Rae but can't find him so he pretends to be both counselor and himself. But he stops when he doesn't think its helping. His feeling of being betrayed come out when he says the Dr. Rae is like everyone else. The Dr. Rae told him she will always be there but she's not.

Todd looks at the Dr. Rae's books to try to diagnose himself. He begins to believe that he has delusions about Blair loving him.

Kelly tells Blair needs to continue with their plan and use Max. But reminds her she has to give up Todd to do it. ( Blair looks worried).

Starr puts piranhas in Max's bath while Nigel stalls Max.

Gina keeps trying to convince Ben, Rourke wants to kill him. Ben says she can put Rourke and everyone else away by calling Bo Buchanan.

Vicki finds a belt and a black outfit and smiles as if she has an idea.

Andrew finds everyone in his church. He asks to talk to Lindsay alone. He said he believed she changed when she told the truth. Andrew tells her the only way God will forgive her is through confession.

Both Will and Jen decide not to tell anyone about what they know. Not even to Chris and Jessica or Lindsay.

Lindsay tells Andrew that burning the letters was her only chance to redeem herself. Andrew tells her she must pay for her crimes. Bo and Nora come back to the room. The wait to hear her response.

Todd is still at Dr. Rae's house and he is blaming himself for all the mean things he has done to Blair and how he didn't have a clue that Blair was set up when he found her in bed with Max. He says he hates his father but most of all he hates himself.

Gina asks Ben to give her time to think about calling the police. Gina asks Ben to promise to stay with her meanwhile and he agrees.

Viki begins cutting the black skirt when she sees what is going on.

Bo and Nora asks Andrew to press charges against Lindsay for breaking and entering. In addition, for burning the letters. Andrew says he can't because the church is open to all and everything else is between Lindsay and God.

We see Max getting ready to enter his bath (without looking) when the view changes to Starr and Nigel outside the bathroom and we hear Max's scream.

Blair convinces herself to let go of Todd and con Max. (She seems not to be so sure, but she puts on a strong face for Kelly).

Todd starts to believe lots of people love him like Vicki and Jessica (he mumbles kinda), Sam (he mumbles lately he's been different), Starr and Blair (he can see it in her pain). He decides that he will prove to Blair he has changed.