One Life to Live Update Friday 4/20/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 4/20/01

By Glynis

Jennifer doesn’t know what Cristian wants from her. She is all right. He knows that she really isn’t. She is trying to scare him off. She has shut down. When he first met her she was so alive and so intense. She was different. He sees something in her face and he hates seeing it. She is scared. They thought that they were seeing the end of everything, but it was the beginning of something else. She doesn’t know who killed Colin and it is tearing her apart. Cristian thinks that it is her mother that she is protecting. Will comes bursting through the door. The kids sit down and talk about the case. Cristian thinks that he knows who he is covering for. He has come down to only Lindsay as the suspect that could have killed Colin. Will tells him not to say that ever again. Will tells him that if he says that ever again, he will kill Cristian. Jennifer looks at him in horror.

Nora is begging Father Andrew to help her put the pieces of her life back together again. He can’t help her because he is bound by his promise to Colin to keep the secret letters until he shows up dead. Lindsay is in the vicinity in the police station and she goes up to Father Andrew and tells him that the good Father can’t show the 2 letters to Nora. Nora wants to know how Lindsay knew there were two letters. She knew about the letters before anyone else. She knew about the letters because she is in the letters. Nora wants to believe that. Bo believes that Lindsay is in the letters as well. Lindsay thinks that they will all owe her an apology. Lindsay thinks that Colin is alive and she says that she can prove it. She says that she got a call from Colin. Bo warns her that he can check her phone records.

Renée is revealing to Asa that she knows that he is the man that hired a hitman to kill him. Ben is there and Asa tells Ben to tell Renée that he was not the one that called the hit on him. Ben can’t lie about what Asa did. Renée can’t believe what she is hearing. Renée is crying. She thought that she was trying to save him. She leaves the room.

Blair comes out of the shower and finds Todd sitting in her room. She told him how she felt. He obviously isn’t paying any attention to her. He still intends to get her out of this mess. He can’t give her trust and that is what she needs. She can’t allow herself to love him. No matter what he does or says, he is not going to change her mind. He is there for another reason. She really appreciates him helping her to get away from the police. He wants her and he would like her to disappear with him. Blair gets dressed and tries to reason with Todd some more. He tells her that she is nto going to leave him because he will nto let her.

Ben is back visiting with Gina. He is asking a lot of questions. He has come full circle and turns on her. Viki is watching and is glad that Ben has found a way to come to his senses.