One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/19/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/19/01

By Glynis  

Viki is with Gina in the special room. Gina is demanding to know where Ben would go to look for Viki. Viki hasn’t got any idea. Gina really thinks that she can help Ben. Viki thinks that Gina’s luck is running out. Viki tells Gina that kidnapping her wasn’t a good move and people will be looking for her. It is over…Ben didn’t bite. He never will. They had a deal before. Viki was asked if she would give Ben up if her stupid plan didn’t work and it didn’t. There is no reason for Gina to keep her anymore. She has to let go now so that they can both begin their lives again. Gina is not Viki and honour to Gina is winning and she will not stop until she gets what she wants. She is not letting Viki go. Viki is not surprised. Viki is a fighter and she has a lot to fight for. She has a man that she loves and he loves her. She is not going to let him go to someone is who is a mob bimbo. What does Gina want? Gina will do what she wants. Viki is going to make this simple. She wants Ben and she can’t have Ben. Viki agrees to get out of the picture and if Ben gives up on her and goes to Gina, Gina wins. Is that a deal? Gina doesn’t think that is a good idea. Viki is sure that Ben is going to find her. By the time that Ben finds out the truth he will not want her anymore. Gina is cracking Viki’s veneer. It seems like she is having a breakdown. Viki can’t be kept there. Gina could have put her in a cell. Viki worked too hard to get past this. She can’t be kept locked up there. There is a reason. Viki seems to be cracking. Gina doesn’t know what is going on with Viki. Viki is saying that she can’t let this happen to her again. Viki starts screaming. Gina tells her that if she doesn’t want Viki found, she will not be found. Vicki is trying to hold herself together. She is trying to find an answer. She has the power and they both know that. Viki agrees to get Ben for Gina.

Ben has gone to see Renée. She is glad to see him. She wants to know if he has any leads. Ben thinks that he knows who is after him. Renée is glad to hear that. Ben asks if Renée has heard from Viki. She is not on a speaking tour. He is not even sure if she is ill. She called him and told him that she was leaving him. Renée thinks that is absurd because Viki loves him with her whole heart. That may be true, but all the events going on may have been too much for her. She said that she is not sure that she is coming back to him. Renée is sure that Viki would never run out on her marriage. There was something in her life. Renée assures him that Viki doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life without him. Renee’s divorce from Asa is finalized the next day. Renée was thinking that she should postpone her divorce. Ben is sure that Asa is getting worse. Asa is a hard man and sometimes he is desperate. Asa acts on impulsive feelings. He is filled with regret after he does evil things. He pays for all of his mistakes dearly. Ben is sure that she will go on suffering if she keeps contact with Asa. Ben feels that he has said enough. She realizes what he is talking about. It must have been Asa that was the one that put out the hit on Ben. She is an honest and loving woman but she should have known. Renée didn’t want to face the truth; she just wanted to push the truth away. They can’t push the truth away now can they? Asa walks into the room and Renée says, "It is true."

Lanie comes to see Jennifer. Lanie feels terrible that Jennifer has been going through such a rough time. The scarecrow must have been a prank. Lanie can tell that there is more to the scarecrow. Jennifer says that she doesn’t think so. Lanie is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Lanie questions whether Jessica actually saw Colin’s body in the grave. Jennifer says that she thinks that Jessica thinks that she saw Colin. Lanie knows that Jennifer is not a good liar. This is a mess. Lanie thinks that she should stay at her mom’s while this blows over. Jennifer wants to know what is wrong with her mother. She needs to know. Jennifer wonders if she is like her mother. Lanie explains that Lindsay never felt loved and she wasn’t. Lindsay tried to get loved. She did anything to make her father smile, but it never worked. Jennifer can’t imagine that. When you are a child and you don’t get love, you grow up and feel that you don’t get enough. She is desperate and sometimes desperate people do desperate things. Lanie doesn’t want Jennifer to let this get to her. It is so sad but if she pulls Jen in and she feels sorry for Lindsay, she will be the one that gets hurt.

Nora arrives at Bo’s office and demands to know what is going on with the newspapers saying that there was digging the night before to find Colin’s body. She wants to know what is going on. She is sure that Lindsay is going to get away with the things that she has done now that Colin is gone. Maybe Lindsay killed Colin. Is she capable of murder? They don’t even know if Colin is dead or not. They were digging for Colin’s body and Jessica came out with a story that she saw Colin’s body there before. When the scarecrow was uncovered, Jessica backed down on her story. Nora is not buying that at all. A lot of people hated Colin, but who is the Queen of Preservation? Nora thinks that Lindsay murdered Colin. It was him or her. There is no proof now that her kidnapping was collaborated by Lindsay. Bo wants to know what her motive is for getting to the real story. She can’t remember anything properly. Everything is just squares and holes in her life. Her memory is not coming back. She pretended to remember her son’s first birthday, but she really didn’t remember anything. Was Colin really just obsessed with Nora? The answers may be buried with Colin somewhere. Bo gets a visit from someone that has information on Colin’s case. It is the priest, Andrew. He says that Colin gave him two letters to be distributed in the case of him being dead. One of the letters is addressed to Bo.

Cristian goes to see Lindsay and she is surprised to see him. He turns to leave and she tells him that she doesn’t like people drifting in and out of her place. She doesn’t like the fact that he is friends with her daughter. She had fake ID and he fed her booze. She is going to make him pay for what he has done to her daughter. He wants to know if she made Colin pay for what he did to her. Someone put a scarecrow in the grave and Lindsay thinks that it is Colin doing that. He is probably on vacation somewhere. Why was Lindsay at his grave the night before? She tells him to leave. He asks her why Jennifer pretends to be someone else. She made up a story about herself when Cristian first met her. Everytime that Jennifer talks about Lindsay, Jennifer gets upset. Jennifer seems sick to death of Lindsay’s lives. He thinks that Jennifer is lying to save Lindsay’s butt. He wants to know what she has done. She tells him that he knows nothing. He needs to back down. She tells him that he is playing a very dangerous game. She tells him that he will not be seeing Jennifer anymore. She doesn’t make idle threats. Cristian leaves her home. Lindsay goes to the phone to make a call…RJ comes to see Lindsay. He doesn’t know anything more about the letters. She needs him to help her. She always needs help and he is not going to help her. He leaves. She gets her purse and leaves the apartment.

Cristian comes to see Jennifer. Cristian knows that she didn’t kill Colin, but he thinks that she is protecting someone. Cristian believes that it wasn’t Will that killed Colin. He asks her if Lindsay was the one that killed Colin. Jennifer defends her mother to the fullest. How did she know where the grave was? She told Jennifer that she found out about the grave from Will. Cristian came from Lindsay’s house and she was acting crazy. Cristian was scared for his own safety talking to her. He went over there to talk to her mother to assure her that Jennifer was okay. She is mad that he got involved with her family. Cristian can’t stay out of it. He does know her and he doesn’t want to see her hurt. This can ruin her life. Why does he care? He cares because it is her.

Lindsay arrives at the police station to find out if Colin has been found yet. She is not given that information and Bo is having a meeting. She makes up a story about the kids in town getting fake IDs and drinking all over town. This doesn’t move the cop. He tells her that she will have to wait.

Father Andrew is meeting with Bo and Nora and telling them that Colin gave letters to him before Colin went missing. Father Andrew doesn’t know the contents of the letters. Father Andrew is not willing to give the letters until Colin is proven to be dead. He simply cannot hand over the letter. The priest would hand over the letters if he could. They may never have proof that he is dead. They have a witness that says that they saw Colin’s body. This is a murder victim. If there is no body, there is no case. There may be something in the letters that could help them. Father Andrew could be an accessory. Bo is willing to subpoena him. Outside the office, Lindsay is waiting patiently to find out what has developed. Father Andrew is telling them that he can’t break a sacred trust. Bo will get a subpoena. If ordered to hand over the letters, Father Andrew will do that. He leaves. Nora goes after him to talk to him some more. She tells him outside of the office that this is her life. Religion is his life and ethics is his life. What happened to her wasn’t right. She has to understand and have a chance at living her life with some hope for the future. She deserves to stop living the nightmare of the past. She begs him to listen to her. She doesn’t know what happened to her in that house. Lindsay is listening to the conversation from a distance. Nora is begging for the letters. She is begging him.