One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/18/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/18/01

By Glynis

Viki is talking to Ben over the phone and she is telling him that she had to get away. She is sorry that she had to lie to him. He wants to know what is going on. She is trying to tell him the truth, but she canít. She makes sure that he knows that the cancer is not back. He demands to know where she is. She canít tell him and she doesnít. She didnít leave because of the way that things were going in their lives. She had to think about them. She isnít sure that they have a future. Ben will not accept this. He knows that they love each other. He demands to know the truth. Gina is watching him receive the news from Viki. He tells her that he knows her and he wants to know what is really going on. She tells him that she needs safety for her children and herself. She loves him and wants to help him. She tells him that he has to listen to him. She reminds him of the day that he first met her at the Crossroads and she ordered the brandy. That is exactly where she is. She tells him that she is imprisoned by the past. She canít talk to him. She is alone and she needs to be. She has to walk out of his life. She is crying now. She has to be out of his life. He shouts at her to stay on the line, but she has hung up. He tries to dial *69, but the phone has been taken from him. Ben has a bad reaction and starts kicking the furniture. He wants to leave, but Gina warns him that he canít leave the house. He tells her that Viki told him that she needs some time alone and doesnít know if there was a future. She lied so that she could get away from him. Gina thinks that doesnít make any sense. She loves him and she probably left because of the danger. Ben thought that he could forget about his old life and get on with it. All he did was drag her into his old life and now she is ending it with him because of who he is. Gina rushes to him and hugs him. Viki canít bear to watch on the monitor. She is crying and shouting that he shouldnít let Gina touch him. She tells him that he should wait until the next day to do something about this. Gina tells him that Viki was not set up for this type of life. He doesn't want to pressure someone that he loves day in and day out. Gina is telling him that maybe Viki needs a little space. Ben still thinks that he has to find Viki and make her see reason. In the meantime, she can get to work on Roarke and her brother. Ben nearly forgot about that. Gina pulls him to her and he tells her that he appreciates her advice, but he wants to be alone for a while. She tells him to get some rest. He leaves the room to go to sleep. She watches behind him. She is very pleased with herself. She turns to the monitor and claps her hands. "Well done VikiÖyou are far more convincing than you give yourself creditÖ" Viki is in her room vowing that she will not let Ben go.

Lindsay is at home making at call to someone when Lanie comes from a room inside her house. Lanie knows that Lindsay has sent Todd after her. Lindsay thinks that Lanie was the one that took care of Colin. She is sure that is why Bo is in the woods digging for dead bodies. Why does Bo think that Colin is dead? This is crazy. Lindsay thinks that Colin is alive too. Lindsay tells her that she should convince Bo to stop digging around in those woods. Lanie goes running from the apartment. Lindsay loves it. She gets on her phone to make a call. She is talking to someone, telling them that Bo is looking very carefully for Colinís body.

Sophia and Bo discuss Jessicaís reaction at the digging site. Bo is sure that one of the kids is responsible for the missing Colin. Bo doesnít know which kid is responsible for the missing person. Bo wants her to go and get Antonio and bring him back there for them to get more clues. John arrives at the scene and gets an update on what has been going on. They have dogs, ten of them and they can help find clues to what has happened. John says that the person that thought that she saw Colin also thinks that she saw Elvis. Lanie has come to the digging site and is hiding in the bushes listening to Bo talk to John. Bo is sick of being lied to and he wants to find out who was the one that did the killing. Lanie walks out from the bushes to Bo. She looks like she has something to say and Bo looks into her eyes to see if she has something to say. She wants to know what is going on. Bo tells her that the pieces are starting to fall together. He tells her that she should go home in case there is more work to do. She wants to stay there but she leaves and she promises that she will be fine. After she leaves, John tells Bo that Lanie might have something to do with this. Bo is sure that she wasnít involved.

The kids are back at Jessicaís house talking about what just happened with Bo. Someone has moved Colinís body and replaced it with the scarecrow figure. Whoever moved the body is probably the same person that killed him. Cristian thinks that maybe Will was the one that killed Colin and then moved the body. Jennifer is onto Jessica again. Cristian wants Will to answer his question. Was he the one that moved Colinís body or not? Will thinks that someone is playing a prank on them. Cristian thinks that Will has it all figured out. He must be the one that moved the body, or he is protecting the one that did it. Will demands that Cristian get out of his house. Jennifer leaves with him and Will says that he could kill that guy. HE didnít mean it literally, but it did cause Jessica to look at him funny for a minute. Did someone actually see them and then decide to move the body later by themselves. Jessica thinks that was what happened. The person that moved Colin was probably the one that did the murder. She thinks that maybe he is protecting his mother. That would be a good motive. His mother could go to prison. She even asked Lindsay if she kidnapped Nora. Will thinks that she had no right to do that. Lindsay was giving her a hard time and so Jessica asked her about it. What does she have to hide? She tells him that he can tell her if there is something that she has to know. Did she ask him to help her bury him? Will denies that his mother had anything to do with Colinís disappearance. She loves him and he can trust her. She begs him to tell her if Lindsay killed Colin or not. He tells her that he has nothing to say to her after what she has said to him. He walks out.

At a secret location, Colinís body has been move to a very simple coffin. He has been prepared carefully and placed inside the box. The person has been very careful to wear gloves. He makes sure that Colin is secured in the box and then he or she, slides the lid slowly over the top of the box. Next, the person gets some nails and starts nailing Colinís coffin shut. Slowly, nail by nail. After Colin is tucked in, a sticker with perishable on it is placed on the front of the box.

Kelly is locked inside a shack in the woods with Antonio. She is trying to get out and he doesnít mind them being locked in together because he wants to keep her from the digging site where the police are. She is getting panicky and he is having fun with her. He thinks the whole thing is funny and laughs out loud at her. She calls him a jerk. She was thinking that they were going to suffocate, but there is a crack in the walls and they will be fine for air. She is very surprised at his behaviour. She thinks that he didnít learn anything in the police academy. She demands to be released. He doesnít know how to get them out. Antonio finds a little space and thinks that Kelly can squeeze through the little space to get them out. She gives it a try. She gets her body half way out of the shed and starts screaming for someone to help him. They fall back into the shed and tumble onto the floor. They are both okay, but they have to think up something else. Antonio thinks that Kevin is going to come for her soon. She tells him that Kevin is in Texas. Kelly thinks that it is going to be Sophia that comes to get them out. He thinks that she is not coming for them. She tries to make it sound like Antonio is involved with her somehow. Kelly really wants to know what is going on at the site. Antonio is trying to keep her away from the site and he is doing a good job. Now she really wants to get out because she thinks that she is stuck in there with the most obnoxious man in the world. He wants her to stop making cracks about him and Sophia. He doesnít have feelings for Sophia. Kelly thinks that he is an idiot. She is sorry that she has been acting so obnoxious. He likes it when women give him a hard time. She can never tell when he is giving her a hard time. Sophia arrives and shouts for Antonio. They tell her that the door is jammed and she breaks it open and frees them. Kelly explains what happened. Sophia tells Antonio that they have to go and Kelly will get a ride from another cop that is with them.

Jennifer and Cristian are together in the park and he wants to take her home, but she doesnít want to go. She just wants to sit around in the park. He will do whatever she wants. She would just like to sit with him on the park bench for a while.

Gina is searching through the house looking for Ben. He is no where to be found. The staff havenít seen him either. Gina could kick herself for letting him escape.

Lindsay is leaving another message. "A scarecrowÖDid you put it there?"

RJ is standing over his big wooden box. It is the same wooden box that is holding the body of Colin. RJ is wondering where he should put the box. He laughs an evil wicked laugh at the thought of where he should put the box.