One Life to Live Update Friday 4/13/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 4/13/01

By Glynis

Lanie and Bo are together and the wind is kicking up outside. A storm is coming and Lanie remembers when she was young and a storm was coming. He warms her with a blanket and kisses. He thinks that they should go back in the bedroom and he will light a fire. The phone rings and he goes to it. The message is important. He wants every available officer on this. He turns to Lanie and tells her that someone spotted Colin. Lanieís heart sinks. Just then the door flies open, seemingly from the wind. Bo returns from the bedroom. He is ready to go. He promises to call her. If this is true, this is good because they can finally nail him. The phone rings again and it is Antonio. He is on the docks but Bo canít meet him for a while. Antonio tells him that they are set up to get RJ and they canít wait or they will lose their chance to get RJ once again. Bo makes another call and tells the police to watch his building until he gets back. He tells her to lock the door and he leaves. She locks the door after him and he shouts at her to lock the door. She does and he leaves. She goes to the television and then she hears itÖ. A noise that makes her jump. It comes from the glass door leading to the outside. She gets a visit from Boís friend. The man is a priest. He was to preside over Boís wedding with Lindsay. Lindsay entered into that union under a false pretence. That is why it didnít happen. Lanie is feeling a little weird marrying Bo since he was married to Lindsay once. The priest assures her that the marriage with Lindsay never happened and she is different from Lindsay. Lanie understands her sister now. The relationship that she has with Bo is the one that has trust in it. Sometimes people tell lies to protect others. The person that Lindsay presented to Bo was a faÁade and that was the reason that her relationship broke up. Lanie thinks that she is like Lindsay and they are very much the same. Reverend Andrew has to leave, but tells her not to be so hard on herself. She lets him out and as she does so, she hits a mirrorÖ You know what that means, 7 years bad luckÖ. She picks it up and looks at the broke glassÖ Someone is outside slowly coming into the home. They are coming in through the glass doors behind her. It is a manÖ.

Jessica and Will are together watching the storm from the window. He is going to light some candles for them. They are feeling better about one another now. She notices that there is something wrong with her charm bracelet. She sees that one of her charms is missing. She canít remember where she saw it last. She canít remember where she lost it. It could have fallen off in the woods where they buried Colin. She remembers having it on in the car on the way to the park. She wants to go out there right away to get the charm. Will thinks that they should just forget about it. She thinks that they may have even buried the charm with Colin. They snap at each other. She didnít mean to snap at him. He loves her and doesnít want to fight with her. He knows what she is going through and is on her side. He can help her feel better. She canít relax. He wants to get the candles. She doesnít understand that. She canít believe that he thinks that making love is going to make them feel better. He sees that there is nothing to do there, so he leaves the apartment.

Todd is dragging Lindsay through the woods. She apologizes for upsetting Jessica. Lindsay killed a bee that morning and that means that she is going to have an evil visitor. She threatens to call the cops. He knows that she isnít going to call the cops because she spends time avoiding them. He knows that she has secrets and lies and he knows them all. She is sure that he knows nothing. Todd has a dirty job that has to be done. He knows what she did and where the bodies are buried. She is not sure if she should believe him or not. He tells her that he also knows what she did to Nora. Lindsay thinks that there is nothing to worry about Nora getting drugged. She will live a long life to come. He thinks that she should go to jail on principle. He doesnít need proof. He can even get her to confess. She doesnít know why Sam wasted time with him when she was married to him. He tells her that he spent time with Sam so that Sam wouldnít have to spend time with her. If she helps him, what does she get? Todd tells her that he needs the clothes from Maxís shooting. She says that she canít help him with that. He knows that everybody hates her. She knows someone that can help Todd and she will tell him who the person is and how they can help him. If he follows her plan he will be bringing her flowers. She wants information from him and she is going to make him give it to her. It is a fair exchange. Will comes bursting out of the bushes and attacks Todd, knocking him down. Lindsay stops Will from hurting Todd. He tells Will that he needs to stop himself from showing that violent temper. Todd leaves. Will wants to know what she is doing with Todd. Doesnít she ever stop? He needs to hear the truth. She had words with Jessica and Todd overheard them. She was trying to explain. She doesnít think that Jessica treats him well. She promises Will that she will not let Todd make a fool of her. Will thinks that she would make a pact with the devil. Sometimes he says hurtful things to her. He tells her to be careful or this will blow up the whole family. She knows that Will is hiding something and that he doesnít want Todd to find out. He tells her that he has nothing to tell her. Someone is watching in the bushes. Someone is creeping up on them slowly listening to their conversation.

Cristian and Jennifer are together in the diner and they are kissing. They donít seem to mind the storm outside. She is a little nervous. She spilled some salt and thinks that she has caused some bad luck to come. Her mother used to make Will and her stand outside and wait for a tree to lose its leaves so that they could catch one and avoid a cold all summer. The lights suddenly go out. Jennifer looks outside the diner door and thinks that she sees Colin. She screams out loud at the sight. Cristian calms her and once again, she has seen something that really wasnít there. The storm is not helping her to calm down. They are both a little wound up and that is why they are acting the way that they are. He leans to her again and they almost kiss. The lights are flickering on and off and Jennifer turns to the window and sees a figure walking outside. The figure has a hood on and the face cannot be seen. The figure is Jessica. Cristian gets a call and has to leave right away. He leaves Jessica and Jennifer alone. Jennifer wants to know what she is doing there in the middle of the night. She is not going to let Jessica do this to her brother once again. Why did Jessica come there? She tells Jennifer that she lost her charm. She is afraid for all of them. She tried to talk to Will but he didnít think that it was important. Jessica didnít come to see Cristian; she came to see the both of them. Jennifer is sure that Jessica was there only to see Cristian. She tells her that if she wants to find her stupid charm, she should go and find it herself. Jessica decides to do just that. She leaves and the lights go out. She walks over to the flashlight on the counter and as she puts her hand on it. Someone puts his or her hand on top of hers. She screams in fright.

Antonio is waiting in the darkness for Bo. He is alone and the darkness is making shadows that make it seem like he is not alone. A figure is moving towards Antonio. Antonio hides and comes up behind the figure, it is Roseanne. She has come out to get some fresh air. She was wandering and trying to find a place to spend some time. She shouldnít be alone and she isnít because she is with him. He tells her that someone spotted Colin in town. She wants to know the details. He cares about her, but not enough to trust her. She is keeping something from him and assures him that she isnít lying. She walks away sure that he still doesnít trust her. Bo arrives knowing that Antonio was talking with Roseanne. He doesnít want to go after her. Antonio tells Bo that he got a tip and that the tip is very reliable. Cristian shows up hearing that they were talking about Colin being seen earlier. Cristian tells them that it is impossible that Colin was seen earlier. Bo wants to know how Cristian knows that. He has no time to answer because there is a sound behind them. All three men turn to see where the sound is coming from. It is nothing. Bo turns back to Cristian wanting to know how he knows about Colin. Cristian doesn't want to talk about that. He tells Bo that he has been the one that has gotten RJ in his clutches. Bo thinks that this is too risky. Cristian tries to explain why he is the best person to get RJ. Bo thinks that this is too personal for him to get involved in. Bo gets a call and has to go and check something out himself. Antonio thinks that they should give Cristian a chance and see what he can do. Bo will have a chance to talk with Antonio later. Cristian is willing to take RJ down by himself. Cristian will let him know what RJ is doing so that they can get him. Antonio tells him that RJ is mean enough to kill Cristian for his betrayal. They both walk away and Roseanne comes out of the shadows. She now knows everything. Cristian is a snitch. Should she tell RJ? As she is thinking to herself, someone is watching. Someone is approaching her slowlyÖ

Jessica is at the parkÖ She is talking to herself, trying to convince herself that there is nothing to fear. She will just get her charm and be on her way. She kneels on the ground with her flashlight and starts feeling through the wet grass. She doesnít know it, but there is a figure looming in the darkness behind her. The figure comes slowly, slowly up behind her. She feels that something is behind her and she turns to see who it is. She screams in terror right into the face of the intruder.