One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/12/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/12/01

By Glynis

Bo is with Lanie and he loves when she is excited as she is now. She is scared because she has to tell him something that she has been avoiding. She wants to tell him what he feels she has been holding back from him. She wants to tell him. He loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He only wants to make her happy. He wants her to marry him. He wants to talk about the marriage right then. They sit on their couch and start discussing. She is to handle everything and he will make himself available. He wants to be married at St. James Church. He might like getting married outside. That would be great for him. Right after he marries her he wants to go on the honeymoon. She wants to go to Key West so that they can go fishing. She can go anywhere that she wants. They could even stay there. He thinks that they could tell everyone that they are gone, but instead, they could stay there and curl up together. She wants to hold him and be with him. Renťe gave him a book so that they could pick out invitations. She can see that he is not letting her tell him her news. She asks him why he is avoiding. He feels that he has already questioned her and there is nothing else that they have to talk about. Lindsay said that there was something that Lanie had to tell him but that doesnít make him think that what she had to say was of any importance. The woman that he loves and comes home to is one of the last people to see Colin alive. He loves her and he trusts her. She loves him too and she knows what he is trying to do. He is trying to separate his job from their love. She shouldnít ever feel like she canít trust him. He is trying to avoid the matter, but it isnít working for him. She knows that he loves and wants to protect her. He is a man of integrity and honour and she doesnít want him to compromise that for her, because he wouldnít be the man that she thought that he was. He asks her point blank if she was the one responsible for Colinís death. She tells him that she isnít responsible for the disappearance. Bo is fine with that. He has to go to work the next day and isnít going to talk about work anymore. He wants to be involved in their wedding. He wants to know what he is going to do. She needs to have a guest list from him. She needs a Maid of Honour. The only person that she would like to be her Maid of Honour would be Nora. She is his ex-wife and she thinks that he might not like that. That is okay with him because he would want Hank to be the Best Man. She wants him to do something elseÖshe wants him to kiss her. He does and they hug and kiss. He likes planning a wedding with her. They forget about planning the wedding for a moment and start kissing on the couch.

Todd is holding Lindsay at Jessicaís house. Todd warns her that if she hurts Jessica she will be in trouble with him. He thought that she was hurting Jessica, but that isnít entirely the truth. She was just protecting her own family. Jessica has a flashback to Colin being dead. He tells Lindsay to get out. Jessica is his niece and he knows where she lives. He shuts the door after her and goes back to his niece. Jessica doesnít understand how Lindsay gets away with everything. Why does she survive? Todd knows that she has an Achilles heel. He wants to know what Jessica was talking about with Lindsay. Jessica doesnít want to tell him. Todd is having a bad day. He gave somebody something and now he canít get it back. Jessica guesses that he is talking about the evidence. People do crazy things for love. He doesnít want anything to happen to her. He offers to help her cover up her crime, if she helps him cover up his. She denies that she was involved in a crime. He tells her that she could help him get the evidence from Bo. He really wants to talk about her problem. He knows that she knows something and that she doesnít know if she should be telling the police about it. She canít tell him what is going on. She promised her friends that she would protect them. She doesnít think that she can trust him because he hurt Blair. Todd points out that her boyfriend shouldnít be protected if he is making her feel the way that she does. She remembers asking Will if he was the one that killed Colin. She feels that she might be able to open up to ToddÖas she starts speaking, Will enters and hears her telling Todd that she might be able to trust him with the information that she has. Todd jumps all over him for making Jessica uncomfortable. Will thinks that she may have told him what happened. Todd tells her that she should call him if she ever wants to talk. He leaves and Will is mad enough to leave too, but she stops him from leaving and tells him that she didnít tell Todd anything. He loves her but he isnít sure that he can trust her. She feels that she can tell someone the truth and that will get Colin out of her head. He wonít talk to her about anything. Will tells her that they have to keep quiet so that everything will be fine. Jessica is not getting what she needs from Will. He isnít there for her anymore. The two sit separated in the room. She gets up and he gets up and they both walk towards each other. They hug.

Rae is going to meet with Skyeís real father and she is nervous about it. She is with John and telling him that she will be all right. John doesnít think that she is going to be fine at all. She is nervous and he can tell. It is okay to be nervous. She is scared to death, but that is okay too. He wants to go with her, but she has to do it right away. She wants to go alone. John understands. She doesnít know how to tell him that his daughter wants to meet with him. Skye is hiding near by and waiting for her to say the name of her father so that she can go and meet him herself. What if Skyeís father doesnít accept her? She didnít tell him that she had a child. She thought that her child was dead. She has nothing to be afraid of. Maybe he will be thrilled and want to change her name. John talks out loud figuring out that Skye is there. He runs over to where she is and brings her out. She wants to find her father and Rae wants her to understand that she is doing this for Skye. Rae wants her to meet her father in the best possible way. Rae gets her purse and tells John that she really has to go. She will call him the minute that she gets there. She will miss him. Rae leaves. John is sorry that he canít tell her who her father is. He is sure that she is planning something and he wants to know what it is. She denies that she is up to anything. He leaves and she reaches into her purse to get out a slip of paper. She makes a call and asks for the destination of flight 114 the next day. It isnít a direct flight. It gets to Port Charles eventually. She is sure that she can make that flight.

Cristian and Jennifer are at the diner and she turns to see a vision of Colin sitting at a table. She drops a busboy pan and Cristian comes to her. Is it ever going to end? He assures her that the worst is over. She thanks him for making her feel better. He always does make her feel better. He is sure that the worst is over. They should do something to get her mind off of Colin. He is hungry. She canít cook so they will have to start smaller. He turns in the diner and brings out things to make a banana split. He gets out some whipped cream and they practice squirting the cream into a dish. She closes her eyes and squeezes. She makes a big mess. They both get cream all over them. He thinks that she is very sweet. After a while, they figure out how to make the banana splits. Lindsay sees them together and she enters the diner. She wants to have some coffee and Cristian sets about making it. Lindsay goes to Jennifer and wants to know what they are doing together. Jennifer tells her that they are having fun. Lindsay will not allow her to see Cristian anymore. Lindsay cares about Jennifer and wants to protect her from trauma. Colin said terrible things to her and threatened her. Cristian has done more for her than Lindsay ever could. Lindsay needs her daughter and her daughter needs her. The family needs to heal. Lindsay wants that to happen. She refuses to leave with her mother. She will stay there until it is time to go to her fatherís. Lindsay loves her daughter very much. She leaves. Once outside, Lindsay bumps into Todd who tells her that they are going to have a little chat. Inside the bar, Jennifer continues making banana splits. She feeds him with a spoon and soon they are kissing over the counter.

In the cold dead earth, the leaves are blowing and slowly, Colin arises from an earthy mound in the ground. His eyes are blackened from being dead for so long and he is covered with the leaves that were used to cover him in his burial.