One Life to Live Update Monday 4/9/01



One Life to Live Update Monday 4/9/01

By Tish 

Ben is demanding how Gina lied to him about Rourke knowing where she lives. She denies that she knows that he knew where she lived. She acts like she might have led him there. Ben is willing to face Rourke. Viki screams from her room watching the monitor, "NO!" Gina tries to stop Ben from confronting Rourke. The doorbell rings and Gina begs him to leave the room. Ben will hide, but he will be close enough to protect her. Rourke is demanding that she open the door. Ben hides and Rourke enters and tells Gina that the game that she is playing is over. Viki can only pray that Ben will stay hidden. Gina takes control of the conversation and acts like she hasn’t seen Rourke in years. Rourke doesn’t understand what is going on. He grabs her arms and demands that she not talk to him like that. Ben doesn’t like that Rourke is holding Gina the way that he is. How dare him touch her that way? To him she is still a defenseless woman. He is ready to spring out into action at any moment. Gina tells Rourke to get his hands off her. He does. Rourke is there to talk about the hit on Ben. She jumps in to cover him saying anything more. She pretends that he is there because he loved her once before. She tells him that if he cares for her he will leave right away and never come back. Rourke can figure out from what she is saying that Ben is there. He starts walking from her to check where in the house Ben is, but Gina grabs him and holds him from going any further. She tells him that she hasn’t had anything to do with Ben for a long time. She tells him that she deserves a little respect. Rourke thinks that this is about them and he has a right to know. Rourke knows that she is not over him anymore than he is over her. He refuses to protect her. He walks out. Ben reveals himself and demands to know some answers now. The butler comes in and brings Viki some lunch. She scrambles the monitor and asks the butler to look at the monitor and fix it for her. The butler locks the door and goes to the monitor. When he is over there. She walks to the serving tray and gets a heavy object hitting the butler with it as hard as she can to knock him out and it works. He is out cold.

Gina says that she found out who put the hit out on Ben. She tells him to pour himself a drink because this isn’t going to be easy.

Viki has gotten the keys from the butler and is trying to find the right one to open the door that locks her in Gina’s prison. She is having trouble with the keys and has to find the right one before the butler wakes up or Gina returns to make another of her stupid little visits.

Lanie feels that she has to tell Bo something. Lindsay doesn’t want her to say anything. Lanie thinks that she doesn’t have to do anything that Lindsay says. Lindsay’s true art form is lying and cheating. Sam jumps in and stops the sisters from fighting with each other. Lanie will only talk to Sam and only Sam. Lindsay wants to know what it is that she is going to say. Sam can’t be her lawyer. He is asking her to keep information from her fiancée. How can she plan a wedding with secrets like this? As her friend, he wants her to forget about Colin. Sam wants her to let this investigation die. He wants her to pretend that Colin is dead.

Bo, Jessica, Will and Jennifer are in Bo’s office and Jessica is telling Bo that she saw Colin. He has brought the kids in to get information on the whereabouts of Colin. Jessica is having a terrible time with lying and doesn’t want to be a part of the group. She is a little afraid that Will might have been the one that killed Colin. Will on the other hand thinks that his sister might have been the one responsible for the death of Colin. Will wants to keep this quiet because Bo doesn’t even know that Colin is dead yet. Will jumps in to find out what Jessica was going to tell him. She doesn’t know if she should tell the truth or not. Bo is pressing her for information. She tells Bo that she had an awful dream and it was so real. Everything that Colin did rushed back to her and it seemed really real. Jennifer too has nightmares about Colin. Jessica doesn’t care about Jennifer supporting her story and Bo can see that. There is nothing else that the kids have to share with Bo. They turn to leave and Bo asks Jessica to stick around for a second. She doesn’t want to be with him alone. She assures him that she is okay. Bo wants to make sure that she is okay. Bo tells her to close the door. She is not fooling him. Not at all. He asks about school and brings up Will feeling concerned about her. She is connected to Will in a special way. Sometimes love is about one person standing by while another does the work in the relationship. Jessica believes in Will. Bo believes in her. Bo thinks that the system failed the both of them when Will was sent away to Statesville. Bo promises her that whoever is responsible for Colin’s disappearance is going to get a good deal.

Antonio is trying to make Roseanne see that he had to tell the truth about Colin. Antonio reminds her that he had to tell the truth. She had money that was borrowed from RJ to get rid of Colin. She is involved with felons. He doesn’t want to see her dragged down with them. She tells him to get a warrant if he wants to question her further. As he is talking to her in the police station, Sophia walks by and hears them talking. He tells her that she needs his help now. She is in trouble and he just wants to know what else is going on. He can help her. Sophia listens for more information. He thinks that she is involved in something deep with RJ and Colin. She tells him that Colin has nothing on her anymore. Antonio wants to help her. She runs from him and walks away. Sophia has her back turned and Roseanne doesn’t see her. Sophia walks in and knows that he had a tough break. She heard part of the conversation. She thinks that maybe Roseanne can lead them to something big. Antonio wants to do this alone. He walks away from her.

Asa shows up at the police station. Asa jokes that she might have been arrested and that is why she is at the station. She tells him that he better hope that she wasn’t arrested or she will spill her guts about him and his hit on Ben.

Jennifer, Will and Cristian are discussing Jessica being in Bo’s office still. Jennifer is sure that Jessica is going to spill her guts. Sam comes up and wants to know what is going on. Jennifer tells her father that Jessica is blowing everything. Will covers for her and explains away Jennifer’s words.

Asa bursts in on Bo’s conversation with Jessica and demands to know what is going on with Ben and where he is. Jessica uses this as a way to get out of Bo’s office. He tells her before she goes that he is always there for her. They hug and she leaves. Asa thinks that he shouldn’t be questioning Jessica. Bo thinks that she is a smart young woman and might have figured out something. Asa wants to know where Ben is. Ben is missing. Jessica thinks that Ben is with Viki. Asa feels that Ben should be put under protective custody. Bo wants to know where Asa’s information is coming from. Asa thinks that Bo knows how the mob works and should understand why Asa is concerned. The mob only works because of their threats to kill people.

Jessica leaves the office and tells the other kids that they are going to go. Will tells Sam that they are leaving, but if they need him they should call. Lindsay is there and wants to know what Jessica told Bo. The kids try to leave and Antonio tells Cristian that they are not going anywhere. Cristian tells Jennifer that he will see her later. She thanks him for his support and Jennifer, Will and Jessica leaves the station. Lindsay wonders how long they can keep Bo from finding out the truth.

Roseanne is home and searches for the money. She doesn’t find it. RJ comes out of the bathroom and has the money in his hands. He wouldn’t have paid her all the cash if he thought that something was going to go wrong with their arrangement. He thinks that she is under too much stress and he is going to hold onto her money for a while. She demands to have her money. She is already betraying her relationship with Antonio and deserves the money. Antonio suspects that she is up to something else. Antonio thinks that she is covering up Colin’s disappearance. Colin is someone that they don’t have to worry about anymore. Outside, Sophia is at Roseanne’s door and she hears that Roseanne is having a conversation with a man… Inside, Roseanne is telling him that she only has Antonio. RJ is sorry for what is happening to her and he is going to let her out of her deal if she does her job one more time. She is a good kid. He returns the money to her. He trusts her to stay and finish their business. He walks out and Sophia happens to be there to see him leave.

Antonio takes Cristian somewhere private in the station to talk. They discuss what has been going on. Antonio wants to know if RJ has said anything that could mean that he is holding something over Roseanne’s head. Cristian thinks that Colin is scum and the police station shouldn’t be worrying about it. Nothing has been learned. Antonio reveals that Jennifer was wearing mud stained clothes and wonders if Cristian knows anything about that. Cristian explains that Jennifer got muddied from the party in the woods. Cristian thinks that Antonio should be checking out RJ and Lindsay. Antonio wonders if Cristian knows if Collin is dead or not. Cristian has to leave, but will let his brother know if anything turns up about Colin or RJ.

Jennifer, Will and Jessica are at RJ’s club and Jennifer is sure that Jessica is trying to get them all arrested. Jessica understands them wanting Colin dead. Jessica almost killed a lady for the death of her baby. She knows what they are going through. She saved Will from going to prison once and she won’t let that happen again. Jennifer thinks that is great, but what about her? Does Jessica have the same feelings of protection for her? Jennifer thinks that Jessica would see her out in a minute. Jessica thinks that Colin might have been killed because of self-defense and Bo is going to understand that. Will reminds her of what happened to him. Will is not sure if Jessica is with them or not. She tells him that she is with them.

Lanie agrees to keep her secret for now from Bo. Sam is relieved and so is Lindsay. Sam warns Lindsay to keep her mouth shut or she is going to endanger their kids.

Lindsay interrupts Bo talking with his father and tells him that there is something that he needs to know and it can’t wait. It is about Lanie. She tells him that Lanie has been a wreck since Colin has been missing. Just now, she told Lindsay that she was going to tell Bo something and Lindsay pretends that she told Lanie to tell him but she just ran out. Bo is not buying any of it. Lindsay leaves the office. Bo could see that Asa was scared that Lindsay was going to turn him in. He is sure that Asa dodged another bullet. Asa tells him to earn his title and get justice done for Ben.