One Life to Live Update Friday 4/6/01



One Life to Live Update Friday 4/6/01

By Tish

Bo has all the necessary parties assembled at the Llanview police department. jess is convinced that bo knows more than he is telling. rosanne says she hopes Colin is dead and buried, Will agrees. Will tells Jess to stick to their stories. Jess tells him she can't get colin's face out of her mind. Sopia overhears and tells Bo what Jess said.

Asa gets home to find Renee waiting for him. He tells her to send the divorce papers when she is ready. She wants to talk about Ben.

Ben is packing to leave Gina's and join Vicky in Albany. Gina tries to stop him. Vicky is watching from her hideout and pleads with Ben not to try and find her. Gina has threatened to kill Jess.

Will covers for Jess and tells Bo Colin came looking for him before he disappeared and when he couldn't find him he scared Jess. Cristian backs up wills story. RJ arrives aand accuses Bo of harressing Colins victims. Bo wonders why RJ was invited to colin's party. Bo intends to have answers before the night is over.. Linsey tells Bo that everyone heard Colin say he was leaving town. Bo telss them all he doesn't believe Colin left town, he checked. He questions Rosanne about her presence at the dinner party, but she palys clueless. The questioning starts. Lani, Lindsey and Sam are first. Jenn watches her parents through the window. They all voice their reasons for hating Colin.

Asa tells Renee that his last visit with Ben did not go well. Asa offered to provide protection fromthe mob for Ben but his son refused. Renee is concerned she hasn't heard from Ben. Asa just wants to stay out of Ben's life, but renn is afraid for her son's safety. Asa leaves.

Gina uses the mobs threats to keep ben in her home. She brings up Vicky, she wouldn't want him in danger. Ben remembers that a year ago Vicky had her surgery. Gina mentions Vicky's cancer and Ben wonder's how she knew. She covers by telling him she read Vicky's story in the Banner. Gina manages to talk Ben out of leaving.

Asa goes to see Rourke to get him to back off ben. He offers thw wiseguy political protection. Rourke knows Ben is Asa's son. He wonders what Bo would think of Asa putting out a hit out on his brother.

Back at LPD Bo is trying to get Lindsey to tell him what hold Colin had on her. Lindsey tap dances around the truth and paints herself as just another one of Colin's victims. Sophia interrupts to tell Bo forensics has indentified the prints found at Colins. The prints are from all the assembled parties and a few are unidentified. Sam and Lindsey have had enough of Bo's questions. Bo tells them he won't back down until he gets the truth. Lani, Lindsey and sam are excused.

Rosanne and RJ are next. RJ claims he doesn't know whyhe got an invitation to Colin's party. Antonio thinks Colin was trying to extort money from RJ. Bo bring up Volin's treatment of Nora and RJ is rattled. He let's it slip that Colin is never coming back, but quickly cover that the police are looking for him. RJ is excused.

Bo tells Rosanne that he knows she slept with Colin. Rosanne fells betrayed that Antonio told Bo something she told him in confidence.

Asa wants the hit on ben called off. Rourke laughs and tells Asa no one is after Ben. it's all just smoke and mirrors. Rourke intends to put a stop to the joke now.

Ben calls his friend jacky to find out what the word on the street is about the hit. Gina goes to see Vicky in her basement hideout. Gina is not concerned about what jacky will tell Ben. Vicky can't understand why Gina wants a man that doesn't love her. gina is convinced that ben will love her again. Gina reminds Vicky of her priorities, her family is in danger. She agrees to call Ben.

Antonio tells Rosanne he was trying to help her by telling Bo about her night with Colin. Rosanne is hurt and humiliated. She reminds Antonio that on that night he ahd just dumped her and she was drunk when she slept with Colin. Bo and Antonio try to justify his betrayal. Rosanne tells Bo to arrest her or she walks, she has nothing more to tell him.

Jenn, Jess, and Will are next. Sam insist on going with Jenn. Bo remonds Sam that Jenn is 18 and does not need a guardian. Does she need a lawyer? Jenn tells her dad to stop being over protective and goes into Bo's office. Cris insist on going with his friend and Bo agrees. Bo tells Will he knows what he did to Colin and why.

Asa returns home to find Renee still waiting for him. He denies having done anything to help his son. Renee persists and Asa tells her that he talked to someone. She wants more details, but he won't relent. he promises her he''ll take care of it. Renee realizes Asa does care about Ben.

Vicky convinces Ben not to join her in Albany, she is on her way to another city. he tells her he love her but before she can reply Gina take the phone away. Gina joins Ben. She gets a visit from Rourke. Ben knows something is up.

Antonio goes after Rosanne. He thinks she knows more than she is saying.

Lani insists on going back in to see Bo, she has something to tell him.

Will plays dumb, what did he do to Colin. Jenn almost give away their secret, but Will covers. Bo is talking about Will ruining Colin's investments. He had Colin where he wanted him. Why did he back off? Bo ask if Will went after Colin in a different way. Jess speaks up "Will didn't do it" she says.