One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/5/01



One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/5/01

By Tish

Kelly is in Blair's bedroom looking for her, instead she finds Todd having
coffee. She lets Todd know he is making things worst for Blair. She orders
him to leave Blair alone. Todd gives his usual answer, "No". He thinks he can
do for Blair what no one else can. And what is that, well, he's not telling.

Blair is in full seduction gear at the Buchanan mansion. She makes Max a
offer and he is finding it hard to resist. She paints a big wet one on Max's

Bo gets a call from the Mayor. He is not happy about the lack of progress on
the Colin disappearance.  The mayor wants to pull the plug on the
investigation. Sikes, and Antonio are with Bo.  Bo is convinced that someone
out there knows something, foul play may be involved.

Jess flat out ask Will if he killed Colin. She feels bad about the cover up.
Will ask her if she thinks he's capable of murder. Jess says no, but wants to
know why he won't answer her. She will understand if he did and do whatever
she can to protect him. She thinks he did it to protect Jenn.

Cris tells Jenn he went along with the cover up to protect her, and Nora and
Lani and every women Colin ever hurt. He wants to know what happened to her
the night Colin died.

Nora remembers Lindsey or someone in Colin's house last summer. She remembers
grabbing a woman's leg and the woman screaming. She knows it was Lindsey,
Lindsey denies it and calls Nora crazy.

Lani comes to see Bo. She has a date book full of future appointments with
Bo, including a wedding date. He can't join her for lunch because he has to
ask her some questions about Colin.

Nora remembers Colin telling her the women was Lani. She doesn't believe that,
she remembers looking up and seeing Lindsey. Sam comes in and accuses Lindsey
of hurting Nora again. Nora tells Sam she remembers.
Lindsey looks petrified.

Kelly wants to know why Todd is doing what ever he is doing. He tells her
it's for Blair. Kelly is curious as to why Todd cares about Blair now. Todd
reminds Kelly that Blair is Starr's mother. She was Starr's mother before and
he still betrayed her, Kelly reminds him. Todd admits he was mad at Blair
then. Kelly tells Todd you don't betray family even if you are mad at them.
She thinks Todd is setting Blair up to hurt her all over again, you are
supposed to love family not hurt them. Todd tells Kelly he loves Blair and is
more family to her than Kelly will ever be. He plans to prove it.  

Meanwhile Max ask Blair what she is up to, well, she is just giving him what
he wants she says, so he will leave her alone. He asks her about the snake,
but she denies sending it. She reminisces about the night Max proposed to
her, he denies that he still wants her.  Max looks tempted. Blair says she is
his if he wants her, he can have her. Max is obviously affected but, tells
Blair he is over her, she means less than nothing to him. Max wants her
behind bars. Blair tells Max that Todd will keep her out of prison. Max wants
to know if that is all Todd means to her. Blair wants to know why it matters
to Max. These two are far from over.

Will can't believe Jess thinks he is a murderer. She doesn't think he would
kill anyone on purpose, but he won't answer her question. What about trust,
Will asks. She tells him she loves him and he replies in kind. Jess asks who
he thinks did it, but Will wants to drop the subject and Jess agrees. She
tries to study, but just can't let it go. "Are you covering for Jenn" she
asks. Will goes ballistic, "Don't even think that", he yells and storms out
of their apartment.

Jenn tries to tell Cris about the night Colin died but can't do it. He
challenges her to a video game rematch to distract her from her thought. Cris
sees she is still upset and pulls her into a hug,

Nora tells Sam she can prove Lindsey was at Colin's that night. She remembers
details about Colin's bedroom. Lindsey says it's the hypnosis. Nora is sure
she can remember more if she concentrates. Nora wants to call Bo, but Lindsey
is sure there isn't enough evidence. Lindsey implores Sam to help and he
obliges by asking Nora to drop it.

Bo is questioning Lani about Colin back at LPD. Lani says she is no longer
afraid of Colin, he's gone. Bo wants to make sure and asks her to try to
remember anything that might help him find Colin. Bo wants to make sure Colin
can never hurt her again.

Nora can't believe that Sam wants her to forget what Lindsey has done to her.
Sam says he is just worried that Nora may be on the verge of a breakdown
because of this. He once again suggest that she go to Chicago to see Rachael
and Matthew. She agree to go so she will have time to think clearly. She
warns Lindsey that when she returns, she will have her memories back. Nora
leaves and Lindsey thanks Sam for his help. He tells Lindsey he didn't do it
for her, she knows why he did it.

Jenn thanks Cris for not asking her what happened, and for everything else.
Will shows up to talk to Cris. Will asks Cris how Jenn is really doing. Cris
tells him she is great. He thanks Cris for going along with the deal. Will
tells Cis he was wrong about him.  Cris tells Will he should be worried about
Jess, she ame to see him earlier and she was not okay with things. Will tells
Cris that he'll worry about Jess and Cris should worry about himself.

Todd shows up a Vicky's looking for his sister. Jess tells him she doesn't
know where to find her mom. Todd tries to get Jess to tell him what is on her
mind. Jess about Todd ratting out Blair to the police. Todd tells Jess if the
police ask her anything to lie like a rug.

Blair returns home to fill Kelly in on her plans for Max. She plans to
convince Max into admitting he drove her to shoot him but seducing him.
Poetic justice Blair calls it. Kelly can't believe what she is hearing.

Todd tells Jess there is no point in telling the truth if you lose the person
you love. If he had it to do over again he would not tell the police
anything. the truth will blow up in your face. It's more important to keep
someone's trust. Todd leaves. Sikes shows up to take Jess to LPD Bo wants to
see her ASAP.

Will and Cris are at each other about the secret, the pressure is getting to
them all. Cris remind Will he helped him for Jenn and Jess. Will says he will
deal with Jess. Cris asks will if he killed Colin. Antonio shows up to take
Will and Jenn to LPD to see Bo, Cris insist on going too.

Sam tells Lindsey it was hard telling Nora to drop everything. Sam knows
Lindsey helped kidnap Nora. Lindsey reminds Sam she can't go to prison now,
knowing what they both know. Bo comes calling to escort the two of them to
LPD for a little chat.

Renee sees that Max is upset. He wants to know if she still feels something
for Asa. She admits that she does but she can't keep making the same
mistakes. Max can understand how she feels.

Blair plots her next move on Max with Kelly.
Todd goes to the courthouse, he has a plan.
Everyone is at the LPD to talk to Bo about Colin.
Bo goes to work finding the truth, no one goes home until he gets answers.