One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/4/01



One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/4/01

By Tish

Jenn is having a dream that Colin is still alive. The phone wakes her up,
it's Cris, calling to see if she is okay. She pretends she is and hangs up.
Nora stops by to see Jenn. She is concerned at Jenn's appearance. Jenn is
still wearing the same clothes from the night before and they are covered
with dirt. Nora is curious and Jenn tells her about the party in the woods.
Nora tries to get Jenn to open up to her about what Colin did to her. She
offers to be a sympathetic ear since Colin hurt them both. Nora asks if Jenn
knows where Colin might be hiding.

Blair wakes up to find a sleeping Todd in bed with her and Starr.She wants
him out, but Todd refuses. He thinks they belong together. Blair and Todd
whisper to keep Starr from waking up, but the little spy is already awake.
Starr is thrilled to have her family back together again. Blair sends Starr
out of the room so she can deal with Todd. Todd won't go away, he thinks the
three of them belong together, maybe the four of them. He wants to make
another baby with Blair. Todd is very convincing and Blair starts to weaken.

Asa and Max share coffee and insults. Max reminds Asa of the sound business
decisions he made while running Buchanan Enterprises. Asa thinks Max will
sabotage his company now that he has been exposed as a pretender. Max thinks
he deserves to be a Buchanan. Asa says Max will get what he deserves alright.
Asa points out a package for Max. More manure from Blair? Max opens the box
to find a live king snake inside. Asa find the gift appropriate but he did
not send it. Max is terrified of snakes and grabs a poker. Asa just picks it
up and puts the poor creature back in the box. He likes snakes, they eat
Max leaves with the box. He knows who sent it.
Asa has a visitor with information that will help him give Max what he

Jess has a nightmare that Will and Colin are fighting and Will kills Colin.
Will wakes her up and comforts her, he knows what the dream was about. He
tries to convince Jess that everything will be okay, Colin got what he
deserves. Jess is concerned that a murderer is going to go free. Will has no
guilt about that, Colin probably brought it on himself. He wants to forget
about Colin and go to breakfast. Jess is not hungry. Will goes to shower and
Jess goes to see Cris.

RJ and Lindsey meet at the Breaks to discuss the threat of Colin's letters.
Lindsey and RJ both talk as if they know Colin is dead, but neither really
knows anything. Lindsey and RJ each imply the other may have killed Colin.
Lindsey tries to threaten RJ into finding the letters before Bo or Sam does.

Jess shows up at the Breaks to talk to Cris about their secret. She thinks
Jenn killed Colin and Cris thinks Will did it. Jess wants to know why Cris
went along with the pact last night. He says he did it to protect Jenn, why
did she go along, to protect Will?

Max barges in on Blair and Todd with a screaming Starr attached to his leg.
he dumps the snake on Blair's bed. He knows Todd sent the gift. Todd implies
that max should be afraid of him, Max is convinced. Blair tells Todd she will
deal with Max on her own. Starr lectures her dad about messing things up

Will goes to see Jenn while Nora is still there, he intervenes when Nora's
questions hit to close to home for Jenn.  Jenn leaves and Will tells Nora
there is something she should know. Lindsey interrupts just in the nick of
time. Will leaves to avoid a fight. Lindsey has been pushed to the edge by
Nora. She shoves Nora, who falls and hits her head. Nora grabs Lindsey's leg
to keep her from leaving. She remember's doing the same thing while being
held captive by Colin. Is her memory coming back?

Blair goes to see Max and strips down to her undies to seduce him. Is it for
real or part of her crazy act.

Jenn shows up at the Breaks to see Cris. Cris wants to know why she lied
about being okay, she looks terrible. She tell Cris about the dream. Colin
will never be out of her life.

Will returns to the loft and Jess confronts him. Did he kill Colin?